01 July 2018

1-to-1 Replaced My G603 at Challenger

Overall very smooth experience, no hassle, they just changed it, only question asked was the Logitech support case id and that's it. By the way I lost my receipt and their email support managed to retrieve it for me even though it was purchased more than 3 months ago, just give credit card last 4 digits and receipt price.

So I'm very happy with this replacement mouse, actually it's a brand new one, they took the new mouse out of the box and put into my box with the cable, receiver and batteries.

My G603 firmware version out of the box: 8.0.17

I'm not going to update the firmware, the version is currently 8.0.17 out of the box, I read online some people get the scrolling problems after firmware upgrade, so since it's already working perfectly I don't see a reason to upgrade. Maybe previously start to have problem is because I upgraded the firmware but then very strange, only after some time then start to go nuts.

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