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Payphone is Such a Rare Sight

In 2018 quite strange to see a payphone, I was at Tiong Bahru Food Centre and saw this payphone just behind the POSB ATM.

Nowadays even kids also have a mobile phone, I remember long ago there was this orange colour payphone, one call 10 cents for one minute.

Bought Two IKEA Thyge Desks

One for $139, bought 2 with delivery $35 total $313.

It's a sturdy desk, not shaky and easy to assemble, everything needed to assemble is already in the package, only need a hammer.

The leg part a bit tricky, to loosen need to twist anti-clockwise, to secure is clockwise, but after securing have to ensure all four legs are same height, good thing there is a length guide on the legs.

And also it's better to secure it with the table top on the ground and the legs pointing up, otherwise difficult to get all four legs to be same height, I had trouble with the first one but finally realised that if I try to secure with the legs downwards, the alignment will run.

Ordered a New Computer at Amazon

After 9 years, I'm finally going to get a new computer, a replacement for my bulky and old desktop CPU. To be able to last for 9 years with a few small upgrades considered very worthwhile. Actually it's still working but a bit siao siao, most annoying is the space that it takes up.

What I'm getting is the Intel® NUC Kit NUC8i7HVK, it's very small and powerful, comes with casing, motherboard, i7 processor and graphic so I only need to buy RAM and SSD. The graphic is built-in with RX Vega M GH, it is comparable to GTX 1050 Ti which is what I'm looking for.

The only thing that stays is my Samsung SyncMaster 2494HS monitor which is still working well, 1920x1080 and 60Hz is good enough for me so I can't find any reason to justify a replacement, this way I also get to save on the price of a new monitor, anyway nowadays so many different types of monitors, also don't know which one to get.

In order for the NUC to work with this old monitor, I also purchased two ca…

Logitech G603 Scrolling Go Nuts Again!

I replaced the mouse almost 3 months ago, now the scrolling problem come back again, wah this mouse really cannot make it, but to be fair other than the scrolling, everything else is working fine, freaking hell feel like wasted $109, only used for about 7 months, even an $11 mouse also more durable.

But wired mouse have one wire quite annoying, then again it is cheaper and more reliable, but the click quite prone to failure, or maybe I click too much.

Day 23 at New Job

It's true about the saying that the more you do something, the more you get used to it, now my 23rd day into the job and I think I'm getting more proficient already, so far many interesting and new things, even though mostly are older technologies but I think still have many things that I can learn.

So far the overall experience is good, boss nice, colleagues nice, but come to work all very serious which is a good thing but I notice a subtle division among my colleagues, like left hand and right hand don't talk to each other, cannot communicate or not interested, who knows, but for me I don't really care about this kind of things, I'm the focus on work type so it doesn't bother me.

Anyway I got my first full month salary, the company paid me last weekend, very early payday and they go by calendar month which means even though I haven't really worked for the full month of Sep they still pay me in full, nice.

Want to Buy Laptop (Part 2)

Last week I was thinking of getting a laptop for mobility, for gaming, and for work. Gaming-wise I'm not playing any hit title, the most graphic intensive game is just Path of Exile, the rest are just Indie or MOBA games which the likes of GTX 1050 Ti can easily handle.

After searching around, the Apex-15 from Aftershock seems to be the most value for money, anywhere else this kind of specs for a laptop can easily go over S$3000 which is just too much.

Aftershock APEX-15 laptop - S$2534
Intel® Core™ i7-8750H Processor (Six Core 8th Gen)NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050TI 4GB GDDR515.6 Inch FHD IPS wide color gamut display (1920x1080)32GB DDR4 2666MHZ (16GB X 2)Brown Tactile Mechanical Switches (Silent Linear Feedback)500GB SAMSUNG 970 Evo NVMe M.2 SSD (Read up to 3,400 MB/sec, Write up to 2,300 MB/sec)Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 9560 (High Performance Wifi)Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit But I realised that for a laptop especially one with a dedicated graphics card, there is one haunting issue which i…

Got $20 Ang Pao from DBS

I signed up for the multiplier account in Jul this year, didn't know I qualified for a promotion where they give $20 to people who open new account.

So this morning when I checked my bank account, noticed extra $20 referenced as "Online Acct Gift", thought who send me free money lol, actually is from DBS.

Anyway the multiplier account not bad la, interest is good, for me I like all in one bank, since I already use their services so might as well just continue, any problem just look for one entity.

Want to Buy Laptop

Thinking of getting a laptop, now looking at some of the more popular brands, did a comparison and seems like Aftershock laptops are the most value for money.

The worst is Acer Predator, expensive and lousy specs, see the last one is 128GB SSD, personally I find that minimum for primary drive need to be at least 256GB regardless of SSD or HDD, but nowadays SSD is cheaper so I might as well make it the de facto for primary drive, so I won't even bother to consider laptops using HDD as primary drive.

As for operating system, laptops running on Windows 10 Home also can forget it, because I want to run Docker so Windows 10 Professional is mandatory, so the last four confirm out.

Graphics card I think 1050 Ti is good enough, 1050 can forget it, but I hope the new 2050 can come out soon, not sure when Nvidia is going to release it but so far no news on it.

Right now I'm liking the MX-15 ELITE, it's just right for me. The MX-15 PRO and APEX-15 also nice. Hmm.

Collected Passport at iCollect

This morning went to ICA building to collect my passport, the collection mode is iCollect, but very strange that I still need to book appointment for it, even though it is fully self-service.

Anyway when I reached there so many people at the eLobby, now they have so many kiosks there but not sure those are for what purpose. The iCollect kiosks only two, only wait for one couple to collect then my turn.

The procedure same like my first time, only difference is now need to do iris enrolment, it's just a new piece of device to scan for eye images, need to scan 3 times, quite fast. Overall I think less than 3 minutes done, technology is awesome.

Day 15 at New Job

Today marks the completion of 3 weeks into my new job, so far so good, noticed that this week passed by really fast, maybe because I'm starting to blend into the new place, getting to know the people more and understanding more about the the work processes so now feel quite comfortable, which is a good thing I suppose.

But so far my job scope seems to be first level support like sifting through emails related to my scope of work, then log case for developers to fix bug, file request for back end data or log retrievals, tracking cases, replying to enquiries and liaise with users to check stuff. My mentor did code walk-through and gave some briefing on the infrastructure, but other than those, nothing much technical. So now I feel like I'm a helpdesk support lol.

I find it quite strange that they pay me quite well to do these low level stuff lol, I mean a fresh grad or intern can do all these stuff too, but I don't mind, all these are just very repetitive stuff, do for a whi…

Nice and Simple Dinner

Simple home-cooked meal is the best, cheap and good.

Day 11 at New Job

Today is the 11th day at my new job, so far two hiccups, one was I accidentally deleted quite a number of files in a google drive shared folder via the google drive file stream, but luckily managed to recover, phew, got a warning from the big boss though but I suppose it was well deserved. Another one was the sudden stomach pain last week, but good thing my project manager was very understanding and he covered for me so end up no need to take MC, because now I'm on probation so if take MC is considered unpaid leave.

Other than the hiccups, so far so good, but today got a surprise because the guy who is showing me the ropes tendered his resignation, phew, so now a bit of pressure to quickly pick up more from him before he go because he is the only one who really understands this particular back end functions, but good thing is that most of the stuff that he showed me are stuff that I have worked on previously so technical-wise not too much of an issue, just that the business proces…

Windows 10 Superfetch More Like Superslow

My new office laptop is running on Windows 10 Home edition, I find it a bit too cluttered for my taste so after tweaking and removing all the crap, it finally is decent to use.

Then today when I was setting up some stuff, found it super slow, disk usage was at 100% even when I'm not even opening any program or clicking anything! Wtf?!? So I googled and found this "Superfetch" windows service which runs in the background, a lot of articles were telling me to disable it, and so I did, and now the laptop is so much faster.

Anyway out of curiosity I checked my home computer which is running Windows 7, it also have this service but somehow it doesn't cause any slowness.

By the way what the service does is just to act smart and pre-load your frequently used programs into the RAM, I find it quite stupid, I rather just click on the program that I want to use rather than have some program guess it for me, so it's actually safe to disable it.

Sudden Abdominal Pain

Today early morning around 3 AM+ suddenly woken up by an unbearable pain at my abdominal area, pain until cannot go back to sleep, woke my wife up to see if she have any medication, she gave me some pills to try but no help. Previously I also experienced similar pain and she gave me some liquid Antacid after that was ok, unfortunately ran out of this magic liquid, she bought it during our Phuket trip.

So I quickly went to the 24 hour Sheng Siong, bought one pack of Actal tablets, ate two but still pain. Then really no choice, I took taxi to NUH A&E, reached there around 6 AM.

Now A&E price increase to $115, used to be $108, but for my case I think quite ok because they did quite a number of stuff, see the Total Charges $342.30, and I only paid $115.

They did the following:

Oral medication to stop the pain, a combination of liquid Antacid, Gaviscon and 3 pills.Blood test.Pain killer via 2 injections, one is painkiller another is to counter the vomiting side effect of pain killer…

Update on Usana

My last post on Usana.

So I consumed for about one week, the sore pain on my lower left back is gone within the first few days, this sore pain haunted me for a very long time so I am glad that it's finally gone.

But other than that, overall my lower back still aches on and off but recently was worse, not sure if it was due to drinking too much coffee or my bed getting softer so it is not supporting my back sufficiently.

So since a few days ago, I have cut down on coffee consumption, I also changed to a harder bed, I also stopped taking the Usana, and my back seems to feel better.

I think what I can gather here is that Usana is useful I guess since it got rid of that long running sore pain for me, but it's not a miracle pill which can solve every problem, good lifestyle habits is more important.

Submitted My Utilities Meter Readings

Last month saw my electricity bill suddenly so much higher than usual, thanks to one visitor for pointing out that it's due to estimation which results in less consistent billing, so I decided to take the readings myself for this month.

So electricity Sep 1475 minus Aug 1200 is 275. Last month was 361.

As for water is Sep 428.9 minus Aug 418.4 is 10.5. Last month was 10.7.

Now this month looks more normal, I guess I'll be taking the readings myself, actually it's super easy to do it, especially using the "SP Utilities" app, instructions very clear.