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Qualified for CPF Housing Grant

Somehow still managed to qualify for $22,500 of housing grant for the new flat that I applied in May this year , not sure how they calculated but they probably deducted the $15,000 singles grant which I took when I bought my current 2-room resale flat. I think the grant will help a lot, probably don't have to take too long of a loan, hopefully don't even need to take any loan, but also depends because my current 2-room flat is depreciating fast, past 6 months prices range from $185K to $218K, I think by the time I sell, if can sell $180K already laughing. Looking forward to new house, hope by 45 years old can pay finish.

Hades Canyon CPU Temperature 100 Degrees (Celsius)

Recently whatever games I try to play seemed to run very badly, I thought it's just wear and tear, as time goes by hardware gets less effective. Today Sunday nothing better to do so I randomly booted into BIOS to take a look, happened to notice that the CPU temperature was 100 degrees, thought that was definitely abnormal, the casing feels so hot especially the bottom is almost like burning, don't remember this kind of temp when I bought it last year. Since nothing to do, I found the following video and opened up the casing, wah the dust so damn thick, no wonder running at 100 degrees lol. The casing a bit challenging to open, it's like trying to open a laptop casing, I think I may have somehow bent the fins a bit but I guess it's ok sinc

HDB Haven't Contact Me to Sign Lease Agreement

On 22 May 2019 , I applied for the Tengah BTO together with my parents under the "Multi-Generation Priority Scheme (MGPS)". On 26 Jul 2019, I booked a flat and also paid the option fee. My parents also did the same thing on the same day since we are under the same scheme so must book together. In the option to purchase document, HDB will invite me to sign the lease agreement within 4 months from the date of the option, by now already past 4 months but no news yet. I also checked the HDB portal, also no date assigned for the lease agreement appointment. Anyway I dropped them an email to see what they say. By the way on the day of signing the lease agreement, I suppose to pay 5% of the purchase price of S$240,800, which is S$12,040, and my CPF OA can fully pay for it. As for my parents, I think they don't even need to pay until they collect the keys because they are eligible for the deferred downpayment scheme since they are right-sizing i.e. downgrade from 3-ro

Sudden Toothache Since Yesterday Night

Yesterday when I went to sleep, the upper and lower teeth on my right cheek started to ache, not sure what happened, maybe because I drank some orange juice which I left in my bag for a few weeks, don't think it is expired but I guess the acid caused the ache. Whole night all the way till 4-5am cannot sleep, then fell asleep and woke up at 6am+ due to the ache, then sleep again until 8am woke up then go see the dentist. The dentist found cracks on my teeth, the one on upper right cheek is most severe, so she gave me an injection and then filled the crack. Also took x-ray, seems like teeth structure is ok. She say the crack is due to grinding at night, same diagnosis as my last dental visit. Last dental visit in Apr 2018. Then she recommended getting a night guard to protect my teeth, custom-made one for S$350, I think if two doctors give me the same advise, it's definitely time to do it. She said think of it as an investment, I have to agree with her, especially when sh

Wah This Amos Yee, Now PhD in Child Predatorial Science

Source He went to overseas to make Singapore proud, now he become so (in)famous in US, even the major online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Tweeter had to shut him down because he is simply too (in)famous. "I really love the thrill of voicing a controversial opinion that’s right and creating a huge buzz and discussion around it. You obviously see that from me when I decided to criticise religion and the Singapore Government while I was in Singapore, so paedophilia just seems like a natural extension of that in the US" Actually he can just say he is an attention whore, no need to talk until like so chim. He can also say he pleasure himself by pcc to children pictures, no need to use chim words like "paedophilia". "Now I know some of you might accuse me of ‘betraying’ Singapore, but that applies only if one has the obligation to care about a country just because they were born there, which they don’t, so sayonara friends" Good for him lor, k

LTA Reply on PMD Ban

Previously I dropped enquires to NParks and also LTA as my estate don't even have cycling path nor park connector network (PCN) so I asked them how my wife can make use of the PMD to send our daughter to kindergarten, NParks say they are working with LTA and will update me again. Today LTA replied, they pretty much just copied certain parts of the transcript of what Lam Pin Min said in parliament on 04 Nov 2019, the full transcript is here: Like that I might as well just read the transcript right. These government bodies really don't know doing what, just copy and paste without addressing citizen concern. I already provided postal codes of our home, the kindergarten and told them my estate don't even have cycling path nor PCN and they still reply to tell me can ride on cycling path and PCN, wah kin nan na like talking to wall. Sigh, ban also good la, if one day my family also kena knocked down then

Changed Wife's Starhub XS Plan to $25 Sim Only

Today is her mobile line's last day of contract so we went to change to the Sim Only plan. For the XS plan I am paying S$49.8598 per month, the Sim Only plan is S$25 but not sure is inclusive of GST or not but still it is much cheaper, have more data 5+10=15GB, the XS only 3GB, the rest is the same, free 100 minutes outgoing call, free incoming calls, free caller number display, send SMS is 5 cents but these days hardly use SMS. Too bad my own line will only end next year, my broadband contract end same day as my mobile, so next year can change together, probably will downgrade my broadband to the lower speed plan, now they giving me 1Gbps for S$39.90, I thinking of downgrading to 500Mbps for S$29.90, 1Gbps is just overkill for me.

Touting in Singapore

Diners scolded by drink stall assistant I read this article with good interest, this brings into mind the times I was persistently approached by sales people on the street, and whether those encounters were considered touting, and whether touting is legal in Singapore. From this link, looks like if someone tries to sell something for a business in a public place "persistently or in any manner as to cause or be likely to cause annoyance", it is considered touting: If that's the case, many sales people currently on the street are actually guilty of touting, especially when they tell you they are not selling anything and they will take only 5 minutes, end up they take more than 5 minutes and trying to sell high premium insurance policy. Touting is a seizable offence, which means police officer have the power to detain for up to 48 hours: But I'm a nice guy, as long as

My Samsung Syncmaster 2494hs is Dead

If I remember correctly I think I bought this monitor between 2009 to 2010, it served me well, it's a good monitor, have built-in speakers but kind of heavy though. I think I bought it for $3xx. So just now I threw it away, went to Courts to buy a new monitor. This time bought LG, model is 27MK430H, S$249, these days monitor really cheap. This model have so many features so I think it is a steal. And also, these days monitors don't seem to come with built-in speakers, no wonder it's so much lighter. So I also bought a Creative Pebble speaker for S$39.90, it's wired so a bit messy but whatever la, have sound is good enough, but the sound quality is pretty good. Update: Just an update after using the new monitor and speaker. I like the monitor so far, great value for money. The speaker sound quality is good also, but one problem is when turned on, it will produce a noise which sounds like harddisk spinning, I think last time my cheap Logitech speakers also hav

Settled Baby's Kindergarten GIRO

The kindergarten only accept GIRO for the monthly school fees, and the GIRO application was rejected by OCBC, the rejection was because my signature was irregular, worse still cannot setup the GIRO through internet banking, seems like the option is not available for CDA, maybe because CDA is a special account unlike the usual deposit account so it also comes with more restrictions. Oh by the way, CDA must use signature, cannot use thumbprint. Then today deliberately took half day leave to go kindergarten to settle this matter once and for all, then the staff told me to better get a chop from OCBC, wah piang eh reach there then tell me, lucky the bank very near within walking distance, so I immediately walked to the bank, weather damn hot, smelly and sweaty in my office attire. So reached the bank, took a queue number, the staff took my ID card and the kindergarten GIRO application form which I already filled up and signed, they went to check for a while, finally asked me to

GST Hike Coming

Source Looks like GST is going to increase from the current 7% to 9% soon, not sure exactly when but definitely coming, according to the source, between 2021 to 2025. I remember the last time when GST went up to 7%, from 5%, everything in general seems to have increased by 20% or so from a consumer's point of view, it felt as if a product has been taxed, and when it changed hands, it got taxed again, don't know how many times but when it finally reached the consumer i.e. people like me and you, we ended up having to pay 20% more, weird. I also heard of stories where some unscrupulous business owners exploited the hike and further increased the prices, not sure how true or if there is any point for them to do so because if products suddenly become more expensive, people would just find alternatives, but then if all the businesses do this, then we won't have much of an alternative. I wonder how all this will fall into place, it's like the movie 2012, we know the e

Cannot Ride PMD Outside, Ride at Home! Haha!

This is call make full use of it lol.

PMD Owners in Singapore

Delivery Riders From this link looks like there are about 7000 delivery riders who are affected by the PMD ban on footpaths: I think if the number is provided by the delivery companies, I suppose it is reliable since they would know which of their riders are using PMD, in fact when a person registers as their partner, they are required to indicate the mode of transport. All Other PMD Owners From these two links looks like there are about 100000 registered PMD, of which 20000 are UL2272-certified: As for the 100000 registered PMD, of which 20000 are UL2272-certified, I think at this point it doesn't matter whether they are certified or not, the point is money has been spent on the device

Wow $7m to Help Delivery Riders

Source This government implemented a ban so suddenly in the name of the greater good which resulted in breaking people rice bowl, but at least never leave them in the lurch, otherwise I would have thought our government is run by a bunch of robots with no emotions. Then again if you think about it, actually the government screwed up badly, just look at the stopgap measures that they are throwing out, it's just ridiculous and embarrassing. Screw up already then now trying to clean up. And the sudden ban leaving people with no reaction time only goes to show that they did not engage most if not all stakeholders or at least representative groups who can actually decide for the rest, that's why people are so shocked and frustrated. Reminds me of my project managers in current workplace, they just commit dates to users without engaging all stakeholders, end up date come cannot deliver, malu as fuck, everybody looks bad. Bunch of overpaid clowns. Brainless decisions anyone ca

Register PMD with LTA

Just checked out the registration of e-scooter at LTA website, have to pay $20 and also fabricate an Identification Mark which costs around $3. But what's the point, can't even use at all, surely park at home to collect dust no need to waste $23 to register right, this is so silly, still can't believe they just banned it overnight, damn fast and furious. Update Looks like I don't even need to register at all, because for people who wish to ride on cycling path and PCN, they need to register, for me since there is no cycling path and PCN at my area, my wife can't even use it at all haha. Registering Your E-scooter To encourage greater rider responsibility and improve safety for all path users, owners who wish to ride their e-scooters on cycling paths and PCNs must register their devices with LTA.

Cannot Refund/Exchange Fiido Q1

Today the shop got back to me and told me they are unable to refund or exchange, well at least I tried and have a closure with the shop, anyway this is not their problem, goods sold are non-refundable and not exchangeable is a very common term and condition in Singapore. But I'm not done with LTA yet, I have sent them an email about the sudden ban, I think everyone affected should send them an email, otherwise they might not know the impact they are causing. Anyway since cannot refund/exchange, might as well try to make use of it even though we can't really legally make good use of it, so told wife to open up the box and play in living room or the grass patch at our block lol. I think the Fiido Q1 is a great product, looks really cool, well-made and sturdy, but the alarm feels a bit wonky. I saw on youtube if someone move the handle bar it will sound off the alarm but mine doesn't do that, it will only sound the alarm if I kick the rear part of the device, or carry an

PMD Banned from Footpath

Source Just now while taking a break at work and happened to read this news, got a huge shock because I just ordered a Fiido Q1 last Saturday  and already paid for it. It was only yesterday that they announced the ban, just two days after I ordered and paid for the PMD! So banned from footpath means my wife cannot use at all, because our home to daughter's kindergarten don't even have cycling path or park connector network! Wtf! Anyway I dropped the shop an email, just trying my luck to see if I can get a refund or swap for other products, but this is not their problem really, how can a ban just suddenly pass like that without any regards for existing PMD owners and retailers who have probably invested quite heavily into the products, not to mention the UL2272 certification which I suppose is not cheap. But then again, the accidents and deaths caused by PMD is indeed a big concern, even I also fear for my daughter's safety when PMD rode past, and some really go very

Ordered Fiido Q1

Previously. Now there is the 11/11 sale, Fiido Q1 is $799 instead of the usual $899. So I ordered a black version, paid via PayNow, waiting for them to confirm and then send to my home. Delivery is free by the way. The DYU D1 also on discount, now $499, I think last month or so was $699 then dropped to $599. I'm now eyeing a foldable bike, not sure which one should I get but the Bickerton looks really nice and comfy.

Security team at Eight Riversuites replaced

Source Wow, whole security team got replaced after the incident, hopefully it is really unrelated to the incident. But anyway this is not strange because in places I worked previously, I see a different team of security officers probably every half a year or one year so I am not surprised, so maybe it is just coincidence. I also spoke to some of the SOs that I know, they told me their company is very big and have many sites, so if one site gone, they will just get redeployed to other sites. Anyway, wondering when JPM will fire that asshole.

Ramesh Erramalli "apologised many times"

Source Looks like the subhuman has apologised to the security officer whom he had berated for no good reason, and the creature "was very remorseful", but I wonder if it would be as remorseful if this incident didn't went viral, nonetheless, being able to display humility is a virtue. So I guess we don't need to hang it, we can forgive it when it gets fired and deported back to its beloved India so it can give lessons there about its great Indian culture. Do your part here to send this motherfucker home:  Get Ramesh Erramalli fired from JP Morgan Singapore "In a Facebook post, honorary secretary of the Association Of Certified Security Agencies Gary Haris added that Mr Erramalli had known Mr Heng "quite well" and always addressed him as "uncle Steven" . The two have also chatted before when they bumped into each other around the condo, he said." It appears that the creature personally knows the security officer, addressed him as

Ramesh Erramalli, Executive Director at JPM with Fake/Dubious Certs?

Source The very first line immediately caught my attention: "Ramesh Erramalli did not graduate with a Bachelor Degree from Hull or any university." So does this also mean that he does not possess an MBA from University of Hull? Next, his postgraduate diploma from a Uptron ACL, he probably also bought, oops sorry, attained his degree at this same place. But regardless, as someone who don't really care about cert, ok la cert is like a key to open a door, the rest depends on the individual, so I only believe in capabilities, paper don't mean anything if one cannot deliver. Looking at how he spoke in the video, his Indian slang is too heavy, seriously I cannot imagine him with that kind of slang trying to convince anyone, I know of really nasty customers who will tell him off if he comes with that kind of slang, I am serious. I also personally know some India Indians who can speak way better than him, and with the respect and humility that he lacked. So thi

Ramesh Erramalli, Congratulations, You are Officially Infamous

After I saw the video and learned more about the story, I decided to sign the petition to get rid of this stupid Ramesh Dumesh Dumbass, see how it rhymes lol. If you are interested to sign the petition for good riddance, you can click on the link below: Get Ramesh Erramalli fired from JP Morgan Singapore So henceforth we shall just call him Dumbass or subhuman. Seriously even a dog knows how to behave and respect people. So at first I thought it was just another silly video of people arguing over silly things, but after looking at the security officers who remained calm and professional throughout and yet the subhuman continued to berate them, it makes me angry. Paid $1.5m for the condo but don't want to pay $10 for parking, seriously how cheap can he be. Still want to give lesson about his Indian culture lol, maybe in India you can do this, but now you are in Singapore. Seriously who let this worse-than-a-dog into our country. Best part is his employer seems to condone

Eyeing the Fiido Q1

I'm comparing Fiido Q1 against the DYU D1, both are pretty popular, but Fiido Q1 looks more comfortable and can carry more load, imagine my wife with daughter + groceries and school bag. By the way DYU D1 is now $599 at, usual price is $699. Fiido Q1 is $899 across all sites, looks like it is the standard, hopefully there is an offer coming soon. I think we might get either the black or white, but most probably black.

Government Say PMD Ban Not Needed Right Now

Source But I think recently there are quite a number of accidents and even fatal accidents that went on the news, who knows how many others went unreported, doesn't mean it didn't happen because the news didn't cover it. Reminds me of a friend who works in a particular shipyard, he said there were accidents and even fatal ones that were only known to people who work inside the shipyard, well since the shipyard is a secured area, I guess the company is able to conceal from the public. Speaking of PMD, my daughter is going to K1 next year and I'm thinking of getting one for wife so she can ferry baby to school. I'm also considering getting a bicycle for myself so maybe some days we can go ride around, I can also exercise a bit at the same time. When I was younger, like 14+. I used to have a stunt bike, forgot the brand, bought it for S$350+ I think. Me and a couple friends used to ride around, night rides were especially thrilling haha, now older, not sure if

These Days Even a Stroll is Dangerous

With so many reports on PMD/PAB accidents in the news, when taking my daughter out for walks I have to be extra careful, I will look left, right, back and front, not just on the roads but even in my neighbourhood parks and walkways, actually I find roads to be less dangerous as long as we make use of zebra/pedestrian/overhead crossings, real danger are parks and walkways. And not just PMD/PAB, cyclists can be going too fast sometimes, even when there is a dismount and push sign, these riders just speed past anyway, I thought it's illegal to ride where there are such signs but they do it anyway. I wonder how effective these signs are when there are no enforcement, well I haven't never seen any enforcement in my area ever, not in the 5+ years I have stayed here, yeah occasionally there will be police patrol car driving up and go one round and that's it. Pigeon feeding too, if we don't get killed by these riders maybe some day we will get poisoned to death by pigeon dro

Menya Musashi 04 Oct 2019

I added 2 more half eggs for only $1.00 i.e. $0.50 each. This is good, and one more good thing is the price shown on the ipad is already inclusive of the service charge and GST so what you see is what you pay, more shops should adopt this.

This Abraham Rock Very Daring and Clever

Source He made a S$3.77 million claim which includes CPF and a few insurance companies, by claiming his lao bu is dead, but only managed to get S$129,300 because some of the insurance companies found discrepancies in his claim which led to the discovery of the fraud. I think the difficult part is the lao bu supposedly died overseas, so it is difficult to know for sure so can only rely on the documents this guy submitted. ICA and CPF is government body, don't care about anything just see paper black and white, paper say die means die, no need to verify. It is hard to believe this is the only case, especially for these foreigners covert to Singaporeans/PR, how many lao bu or lao peh or wife or husband, daughter son uncle auntie, cousin or whatever died overseas, haha I think if now really go verify, for all you know these "deceased" people still well and alive and enjoying the Singapore currency that they easily illegally obtained, I mean all you need is just fake doc

Buddhist Chant to Calm Your Mind

Link to chant on youtube. Found this chant on youtube, I think it's a thai buddhist chant but I'm not sure which one. The monk in the video seems to be Somdej Toh, a revered monk who lived between the 18th and 19th century. By the way if you are interested in getting an amulet, please don't buy it, please visit the temples in Thailand, the monks will give you one for free.

Ajisen Ramen 22 Sep 2019

Taste good, the crispy garlic makes the soup tastier. But one thing is the bill shown on the ipad is before service charge and GST so just be aware. Good food though.

Salty Bet for Some Entertainment

Link  to Salty Bet. Found the website through a youtube video, at first I thought they were playing with real money but actually they playing using Salty Bucks which is a virtual currency with no value. So when you create an account, you get $400 of the virtual money. I think it's pretty good fun to pass some time, if you have nothing better to do at home, maybe you can create an account and place your bets haha.

McDonald's White Chocolate Strawberry Pie

Taste very oily, and totally don't look as advertised, one piece for $1.50. Previously they have this chocolate pie also kind of oily. I think the apple pie still the best, crispy and full of filling and don't taste so oily.

Golden Toilet Stolen

Source A solid gold toilet was stolen in England haha.

Getting Hazy Again

Today the haze seems to be the worse so far for this week, the burnt smell is stronger, I wonder where is burning, most likely our best neighbours are burning their forest again. Every year is the same, the same thing keep happening, not very good for health, everybody gets sick, now I'm a bit sick sigh.

Starhub $25 Sim Only Plan Looks Good

You might be thinking why Starhub haha, not that I own their shares but I have been using their services since the 1.5 Gbps cable days and so far I'm satisfied so don't really feel like switching. So when me and my wife's mobile contract expires, I will most probably switch to the $25 sim only plan, it will slash our mobile spending by slightly more than half, can save more money this way. About the mobile phone, currently we are using iPhone 8, so far it's still working fine unlike the iPhone 6 not even 2 years the battery going weak. If phone still working then no need to buy also, can save even more money, one iPhone also not cheap, or maybe in future can consider using those Android-based phones but I don't really like Android interface, still prefer iOS which is more intuitive.

Watch One Punch Man Manga Online While holidaying in Bangkok, and during free time in hotel room, I found this manga site to watch the ever popular One Punch Man manga, it's pretty good, managed to go up 101 chapters so far. In case you don't know what is One Punch Man, it's a story of an ordinary man who somehow got super strong, so strong that he can beat anything with just one punch hence the name One Punch Man. It may sound really boring with such a simple title but it's a really good manga, one of the funniest and epic. The anime is even better but it's coming out much slower than the manga so I decided to just read the manga instead. So if you haven't watched the anime or read the manga, please do, don't miss out.

Back from Bangkok Part 3 of 3

Last hotel of the trip, Novotel Bangkok On Siam Square. Of the 3 hotels that we stayed, this is the most expensive. Price: 2 nights including all taxes was S$312.92, that's S$156.46 per night. For the price I think the Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom was way better overall and way cheaper. I guess Novotel is more expensive due to the really great location, it's all walking distance to the major malls and shopping areas, can even walk to MBK or the Erawan Shrine. Photos below. Not a great way to start the experience, see that black ant haha. For the pricing, they actually only provided a queen-sized bed, how disappointing, furthermore I booked a non-smoking room and they only had a smoking room with double bed; the one available non-smoking room had twin beds. Even though I'm a smoker, I find the room a bit smokey, wife was complaining but well not much of a choice. More expensive doesn't mean good. Overall the interior feels dated compared to Holiday Inn Ba