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Government Say PMD Ban Not Needed Right Now


But I think recently there are quite a number of accidents and even fatal accidents that went on the news, who knows how many others went unreported, doesn't mean it didn't happen because the news didn't cover it.

Reminds me of a friend who works in a particular shipyard, he said there were accidents and even fatal ones that were only known to people who work inside the shipyard, well since the shipyard is a secured area, I guess the company is able to conceal from the public.

Speaking of PMD, my daughter is going to K1 next year and I'm thinking of getting one for wife so she can ferry baby to school. I'm also considering getting a bicycle for myself so maybe some days we can go ride around, I can also exercise a bit at the same time.

When I was younger, like 14+. I used to have a stunt bike, forgot the brand, bought it for S$350+ I think. Me and a couple friends used to ride around, night rides were especially thrilling haha, now older, not sure if I can s…

These Days Even a Stroll is Dangerous

With so many reports on PMD/PAB accidents in the news, when taking my daughter out for walks I have to be extra careful, I will look left, right, back and front, not just on the roads but even in my neighbourhood parks and walkways, actually I find roads to be less dangerous as long as we make use of zebra/pedestrian/overhead crossings, real danger are parks and walkways.
And not just PMD/PAB, cyclists can be going too fast sometimes, even when there is a dismount and push sign, these riders just speed past anyway, I thought it's illegal to ride where there are such signs but they do it anyway. I wonder how effective these signs are when there are no enforcement, well I haven't never seen any enforcement in my area ever, not in the 5+ years I have stayed here, yeah occasionally there will be police patrol car driving up and go one round and that's it. Pigeon feeding too, if we don't get killed by these riders maybe some day we will get poisoned to death by pigeon dropp…

Menya Musashi 04 Oct 2019

I added 2 more half eggs for only $1.00 i.e. $0.50 each. This is good, and one more good thing is the price shown on the ipad is already inclusive of the service charge and GST so what you see is what you pay, more shops should adopt this.

This Abraham Rock Very Daring and Clever


He made a S$3.77 million claim which includes CPF and a few insurance companies, by claiming his lao bu is dead, but only managed to get S$129,300 because some of the insurance companies found discrepancies in his claim which led to the discovery of the fraud.

I think the difficult part is the lao bu supposedly died overseas, so it is difficult to know for sure so can only rely on the documents this guy submitted. ICA and CPF is government body, don't care about anything just see paper black and white, paper say die means die, no need to verify.

It is hard to believe this is the only case, especially for these foreigners covert to Singaporeans/PR, how many lao bu or lao peh or wife or husband, daughter son uncle auntie, cousin or whatever died overseas, haha I think if now really go verify, for all you know these "deceased" people still well and alive and enjoying the Singapore currency that they easily illegally obtained, I mean all you need is just fake document…

Buddhist Chant to Calm Your Mind

Link to chant on youtube.

Found this chant on youtube, I think it's a thai buddhist chant but I'm not sure which one. The monk in the video seems to be Somdej Toh, a revered monk who lived between the 18th and 19th century.

By the way if you are interested in getting an amulet, please don't buy it, please visit the temples in Thailand, the monks will give you one for free.

Ajisen Ramen 22 Sep 2019

Taste good, the crispy garlic makes the soup tastier. But one thing is the bill shown on the ipad is before service charge and GST so just be aware. Good food though.

Salty Bet for Some Entertainment

Link  to Salty Bet.

Found the website through a youtube video, at first I thought they were playing with real money but actually they playing using Salty Bucks which is a virtual currency with no value. So when you create an account, you get $400 of the virtual money.

I think it's pretty good fun to pass some time, if you have nothing better to do at home, maybe you can create an account and place your bets haha.

McDonald's White Chocolate Strawberry Pie

Taste very oily, and totally don't look as advertised, one piece for $1.50. Previously they have this chocolate pie also kind of oily. I think the apple pie still the best, crispy and full of filling and don't taste so oily.

Golden Toilet Stolen


A solid gold toilet was stolen in England haha.

Getting Hazy Again

Today the haze seems to be the worse so far for this week, the burnt smell is stronger, I wonder where is burning, most likely our best neighbours are burning their forest again.

Every year is the same, the same thing keep happening, not very good for health, everybody gets sick, now I'm a bit sick sigh.

Starhub $25 Sim Only Plan Looks Good

You might be thinking why Starhub haha, not that I own their shares but I have been using their services since the 1.5 Gbps cable days and so far I'm satisfied so don't really feel like switching.

So when me and my wife's mobile contract expires, I will most probably switch to the $25 sim only plan, it will slash our mobile spending by slightly more than half, can save more money this way.

About the mobile phone, currently we are using iPhone 8, so far it's still working fine unlike the iPhone 6 not even 2 years the battery going weak. If phone still working then no need to buy also, can save even more money, one iPhone also not cheap, or maybe in future can consider using those Android-based phones but I don't really like Android interface, still prefer iOS which is more intuitive.

Watch One Punch Man Manga Online

While holidaying in Bangkok, and during free time in hotel room, I found this manga site to watch the ever popular One Punch Man manga, it's pretty good, managed to go up 101 chapters so far.

In case you don't know what is One Punch Man, it's a story of an ordinary man who somehow got super strong, so strong that he can beat anything with just one punch hence the name One Punch Man.

It may sound really boring with such a simple title but it's a really good manga, one of the funniest and epic. The anime is even better but it's coming out much slower than the manga so I decided to just read the manga instead.

So if you haven't watched the anime or read the manga, please do, don't miss out.

Back from Bangkok Part 3 of 3

Last hotel of the trip, Novotel Bangkok On Siam Square. Of the 3 hotels that we stayed, this is the most expensive.

Price: 2 nights including all taxes was S$312.92, that's S$156.46 per night.

For the price I think the Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom was way better overall and way cheaper. I guess Novotel is more expensive due to the really great location, it's all walking distance to the major malls and shopping areas, can even walk to MBK or the Erawan Shrine.

Photos below.

Not a great way to start the experience, see that black ant haha.

For the pricing, they actually only provided a queen-sized bed, how disappointing, furthermore I booked a non-smoking room and they only had a smoking room with double bed; the one available non-smoking room had twin beds. Even though I'm a smoker, I find the room a bit smokey, wife was complaining but well not much of a choice. More expensive doesn't mean good.

Overall the interior feels dated compared to Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom.


Back from Bangkok Part 2 of 3

So next two nights we stayed at Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom, I think it is the best out of the 3 that we stayed during this trip, just the lobby was really impressive.

Price: S$197.05 for two nights all taxes included, S$98.525 per night.

Photos below.

Managed to get this roasted pork belly rice at 7/11, only 3 boxes so must go in early morning.

Just look at the lobby, so nice and comfy, worlds apart compared to that Grand China Hotel.

Nice view of the city.

King-sized bed, really comfortable, makes me want to buy one, I think when I get my BTO I am going to get a king-sized bed.

Even have a work area, they have LAN cable too. By the way the power sockets are international sockets so no need for those stupid converters.

Their own tuk tuk haha.

Ate these at MBK, pretty good, I'm glad they brought their street food standard to the food court because I thought all that good taste will be gone but good thing it didn't happen. Compared to our food court, theirs is really better in te…