This Two Wings Really Bastard

Their website stated pay $3 more to get a side dish and a drink, so I paid the premium and ordered two sets from foodpanda, end up the sides never arrive, so I paid an additional $6 just for two soft drinks, wtf.

Then report to foodpanda they say cannot reach the store, so they processed a refund for the $6 with cash voucher + 10%, so it's like $6.60 refund. Knn $6.60 to ruin my mood.

Then see the chicken wing even more du lan, knn it's actually one chicken wing cut into two pieces then count as two pieces, like that also can. I cut a $1.80 popiah into two pieces and sell each piece for $1.80 can? Knn this kind of bastard tactics.

Local company some more, owner also look like local some more, wah, this kind of local crooked shop should shut down like right now.

Eh but seriously, maybe I should consider open a popiah store, then I sell on foodpanda, I put One Piece $1, then someone see wah so cheap and order 5 pieces, when deliver to house open up wah really 5 pieces but actually is one popiah cut into 5 pieces.


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