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Tried Out Deliveroo

A few days ago decided to try out Deliveroo, found that their menu is way bigger than Foodpanda, I guessing Deliveroo may be better at attracting merchants to use their service, I noticed some shops that used to sell on Foodpanda is gone and appears in Deliveroo instead.

Anyway my first time went well, I ordered from Old Chang Kee, food was fresh and hot when it arrived, pleasant surprise.

I think if this goes on, Foodpanda will close shop soon, their menu is getting worse, delivery standard also not that good, overall standard drop.

Baby and Punjan (ปั้นจั่น)

Last month when wife and baby went home to Udon Thani, she told me met a superstar named "Punjan", looks like a really cool guy, usually I thought famous people would be quite snobbish but he seems really nice.

IKEA Markus Swivel Chair S$249

Decided to get a proper chair instead of the lousy chair which I think is causing my lower back to ache.

This chair feels very comfortable, hope my back gets better.

Back from Phuket Trip (Patong)

4 nights.

Spending Money
Changed S$800 for 18,640 Thai Baht @ 23.30, end of the trip still left with 3k++ Thai Baht.

Cost of Air Ticket and Hotel
See this link:

For hotel we stayed at Millennium Resort Patong Phuket, location is very convenient and well-known, it's connected to the Jungceylon shopping mall.

On day of arrival we took an 800 Baht taxi to hotel, on the way the driver stopped at their office and the sales lady offered same price to book return trip to airport, I just booked without thinking much, after that a bit regret because at hotel also can book, they even have a taxi counter at the hotel lobby. One bad thing about booking in advance is say you fix the time at 4:30pm, the driver will only arrive around that time, we tried asking for early pickup on the day of departure but somehow that didn't happen. So if you want flexibility, don't book in advance.

For our…

Sneaky Foodpanda Riders

I notice quite a few times that the foodpanda rider like to click sold earlier because they are late, some even power, 15 minutes before actually arriving they click sold already.

Today this rider is 7:34pm click sold but actual arrival time 7:40pm. Come late no sorry nothing and he look like sibei sian, not the tired kind of sian, just plain bo chup kind of sian.

People always like to find ways to workaround, for the good never mind, already late still want to do sneaky things like this.

Don't want to complain also, after all he still working for a living, but he should buck up, this kind of practice and attitude won't last long, someday someone who is not as nice as me is going to complain, just a matter of when. Good luck to this guy.

Renewed My Fire Insurance for $2.50

I received a letter from HDB saying that my fire insurance will expire this May so I went to renew online, only paid $2.50, pay by MasterCard, kind of bo liao lol. First time I bought this insurance I paid $3.10. Lol.

Anyway this also mean that I will be staying in this flat for 5 years by the time the insurance expires, which means I can apply for BTO. Yes, finally.