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Crystal Jade 25 May 2019

Standard still there, I love this roasted chicken, great value and really nice and fragrant. The fried kway teow also very nice.

Have to Renew Wife's Re-Entry Permit Soon

She got her PR in 2014, so fast coming to 5 years this Aug 2019. Good thing e-services these days are so advanced, can do it anytime anywhere, so I think I'll renew online maybe early Aug, probably can get results within a week or so, ICA very efficient so I trust them to get things done fast.

Registered Baby for Year 2020 K1

Today went to register baby at PCF, have to go down to the centre of your choice to register, by the way today is the last day for Singaporean children, so if you haven't register might want to quickly go now. Anyway can call first to check if there is any vacancy so you don't make a wasted trip. You can get the contact and address of their centres at their website: Monthly fees is S$171.20, have to pay full 12 months for the year, even Jun and Nov/Dec holidays also need to pay. By the way I am eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS), so probably can get S$30 off, so only pay S$141.20. It's best to prepare everything, go down fill up the form (quite a few pages, may need 15-20 mins) and be done for now, and wait for their phone call, still need to pay deposit. There's also some other fees, like buy uniform, the miscellaneous stuff like study material and whatnot, probably around S$1xx+. Following is a copy of the documen

Baby Completed Childhood Development Assessment

Childhood Immunisation & Development Assessment Schedule Today baby went for her childhood development assessment appointment at polyclinic, nurse said that this is the last one and no need to go back anymore, any follow-up will be through school. As for immunisation, she already completed all of the required vaccinations for her age, so also settled. Now baby is 4 years old, how time flies.

BTO Sales Launch May 2019

Link to apply here. Priority Schemes here. 26 May 2019 I would have met my MOP for my current flat, so they open this week just nice. So I applied for a 3-room unit at Tengah, together with my parents under the "Multi-Generation Priority Scheme (MGPS)". Parents applied for a 2-Room Flexi unit. Quite surprising still can be eligible for a priority scheme, hopefully can get. By the way application fee is just S$10, if can get good, cannot then just lose S$10, machiam like buying 4D lol. Pricing below.

Ichiban Sushi

I think the set menus are the best, good variety and eat until full. Now I know why this restaurant so popular, usually it will be quite packed.

DBS Internet Banking Down 19 May 2019

DBS website seems to go down quite often, previously their uptime is like 100%... These days not so reliable anymore. Well at least their digibank still works so it's not a total loss.

Changed My Blog Theme (Again!)

My previous theme feels kind of lacking, not sure where to start but it doesn't feel right. So today I decided to try another theme, this flowery one looks nicer, more pleasant, even the mobile mode looks cool. Anyway if you are wondering which theme I used, it's the middle one under "Contempo". Looks really nice.

Kungfu Roast @ IMM Building 12 May 2019

One duck for $18, what a steal, but if want to cut add $1.80 lol, might as well just sell $19.80, who would buy one whole duck and bring home to cut. Anyway even if $19.80 also a steal, normally one whole roast duck is $36-$38.

Sushi Express @ IMM Building 12 May 2019

Still good, fresh ingredients, good variety, seems like they have a few new items. The mochi is really good, with a bit of cream inside, but forgot to take photo. Anyway ate 34 plates @ $1.50 each, total paid about $60 including GST and service charge.

Home-Cooked Thai Noodle

Pretty good, the radish is very nice, soaked in the broth.

Update on IKEA Markus Swivel Chair

Previous post. After trying out this chair for the past week, I found that this chair is really good for people like me with lower back pain, the lumbar support really helps, I always thought of it as a gimmick. But then even with a good chair, sitting posture is still very important, that explains why old people like to tell youngsters to sit upright, it is because if you don't maintain a good posture, you will probably start to get lower back pain by your 20s. And always invest in a good chair and a good bed, although good ones are more expensive, it will be worth it, bad chair or bed can lead to back problems. And Happy Labour Day!