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Updated on 10 Jul 2018

Health InsuranceNameMedisave PremiumRiderRider Cash PremiumCash Premium Payment Month
MeNTUC Enhanced Income Shield Advantage438Plus Rider244Every Aug
WifeMediShield Life310
DaughterMediShield Life130

Life InsuranceNameMain Plan Sum AssuredMain Plan Cash PremiumRiderRider Sum AssuredRider Cash PremiumCash Premium Payment Month
MeNTUC iTerm100,000317.3Living Rider50,000244.6Every Jul
MeNTUC iTerm100,000809.75Living Rider50,000319.6Every Jan
WifeApplication for term insurance rejected by NTUC Income
DaughterApplication for term insurance rejected by NTUC Income

Received notice that wife and baby application for shield and term plans all rejected, good thing there is still MediShield Life.


Tim said…
What could be the potential reasons for rejection?
Or is it because of the type of insurance you were attempting to get for them?
Because wife and baby have heart condition.
NaMoPutTaYa said…
prudential have longer post hospitalization claim 365 days.and if top up rider plus can pay by installment while ntuc have to pay 1 shot and only 90 days a day some appt may take very long unless go private.
chaang said…
Hi, if you qualify for MINDEF term Insurance Do consider it. It is really cheap at $4.10/mth for $100k coverage and no medical underwriting is required below $300k coverage. Most importantly you can cover your dependants too.
chaang said…
Also, you may consider shield plans from Aviva for your Wife/child. They can issue plans under morantorium underwriting (ie: you don’t need to declare any pre existing condition. you will be offered full cover if no claims are made within 5 years).

Ps: I am not an Insurance Agent, so pls call their hotline for more details. Good luck.
Hi chaang,

Thanks for sharing, actually I looked before but forgot about it, got time I check again.
xiao said…
hi MTGS,
i just happened upon your blog and saw this page.
Unfortunately, Moratorium Underwriting will not be available to your wife and child already because they had the rejection from NTUC before. (You will need to declare the rejection on the application form, then Aviva wont let you apply Moratorium already.)

Like what chaang said, you can consider to apply MINDEF term insurance for your wife. But depending on the severity of her heart condition, she may not get accepted as well. Worth a try though!

Btw, I have thai wife with baby coming, I have heart problem as well. :) If you want to know how I do planning for them, you can email me.

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