24 February 2011

Property Agents in Singapore Must Display Agent Card

24 Feb 2011 AsiaOne

Starting from 01 Mar 2011, all property agents in Singapore must display their Estate Agent Card when representing their agency.

Estate Agent Card
  • Agency Logo
  • Agency Name
  • Agency License Number
  • Agent Name
  • Agent Registration Number
  • Recent Photograph of Agent
  • Agent Registration Expiry Date

Agents can be fined up to S$10,000 and/or imprisoned for up to 6 months.

Verify Agent Card

We can visit CEA's Public Register to verify agent card information.

For more information about CEA, you can visit http://www.cea.gov.sg.

17 February 2011

Buy HDB Flat with Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) Spouse


You are a Singaporean Citizen (SC) and you are planning to buy a HDB flat with your SPR spouse.

What Can You Buy

For a SC/SPR household, you can either go for subsidized housing or a Resale Flat.

You can purchase under the following schemes
CPF Housing Grant

As a SC/SPR household, you are eligible for a Family Grant of S$20,000.

14 February 2011

Buy HDB Flat with Foreigner Spouse


You are a Singaporean Citizen (SC) and you are planning to buy a HDB flat with your Foreigner Spouse (FS) who is holding a social visit pass or work permit.

What Can You Buy

For a SC/FS household, you are not allowed to purchase subsidized housing. Subsidized housing refers to any housing that is bought directly from HDB.

List of subsidized housing
  • New flats from Build-to-Order (BTO).
  • A flat from Sale of Balance Flats.
  • Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS).
  • Executive Condominium (EC).
But you can buy a Resale Flat from the open market and you must buy under Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme.

Note that you can buy a subsidized flat if your spouse is a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR).

CPF Housing Grant

As a SC/FS household, only the Singaporean is eligible for housing grant i.e. Singles Grant of S$11,000.

UPDATE: For resale applications received on or after 15 Aug 2011, the grant amount will be S$15,000.

10 February 2011

Make Cheap Calls from Singapore to Thailand

Use Callback Card
It's the cheapest way to make an international call if you have a number with free incoming calls. You can use either pre-paid or post-paid sim cards.

Where To Buy
For a card with a value of S$10

Buying at phonecard.com.sg
S$8.50 for fund transfer
S$9.70 for eNETS

Buying at phoenixcomms.com.sg
S$10 for eNETS

Buying at mycard.sg
S$8.72 for eNETS

Buying at handphone shops
Around S$8 to anywhere below S$9. It really depends on which shop you go to.

There's a shop (actually it's just a outdoor counter) at Tampines Central Block 503 that sells at S$8.20.

Which To Buy
Why Callback Card
We shall compare Skype, Phoenix Callback Card, Phoenix Card, Starhub IDD 018 and Starhub IDD 008, and assuming we are using a Starhub post-paid line with free incoming calls.

Calling Rates S$/Min
Skype: 0.09 for landline and 0.17 for mobile
Phoenix Callback Card: 0.023
Phoenix Card: 0.016
Starhub IDD 018: 0.40
Starhub IDD 008: 0.95

Calling Rates S$/Min Plus Starhub Local Airtime Charge (S$0.15)
Skype: 0.09 for landline and 0.17 for mobile
Phoenix Callback Card: 0.023
Phoenix Card: 0.016 + 0.15 = 0.166
Starhub IDD 018: 0.40 + 0.15 = 0.55
Starhub IDD 008: 0.95 + 0.15 = 1.10

Note that when using Skype or Callback Card, you only need to pay for the calling rate, you do not have to pay for local airtime.

Comparing 10 Hours (600 Mins) Talktime
Skype: 0.09 x 600 = S$54 for landline and 0.17 x 600 = S$102 for mobile
Phoenix Callback Card: 0.023 x 600 = S$13.80
Phoenix Card: 0.166 x 600 = S$99.6
Starhub IDD 018: 0.55 x 600 = S$330
Starhub IDD 008: 1.10 x 600 = S$660

Note that I have not included the dataplan charge for Skype, so expect Skype to be more expensive unless you already have a dataplan.

Final Notes
  • Do not confuse Callback Card with International Calling Card.
  • Phoenix Callback Card is a Callback Card.
  • Phoenix Card is an International Calling Card.
  • Make sure you are buying a Callback Card.
UPDATE: I added mycard.sg as a online purchase, the site looks phony but I decided to try, well, works better than expected, don't judge a book by its cover.

Buy Cheap Air Tickets To or From Thailand

Budget Airlines

There are 4 budget airlines in Singapore that fly to Thailand and back:

  1. Tiger Airways - http://www.tigerairways.com
  2. Jetstar Airways - http://www.jetstar.com
  3. AirAsia - http://www.airasia.com
  4. Scoot -  http://www.flyscoot.com

Buy Early

The earlier you buy, the more you save because ticket prices increase over time as more people buy.


  1. Determine which day to depart and which day to return.
  2. Check out the one-way ticket prices for each airline for the depart trip.
  3. Then check out the one-way ticket prices for each airline for the return trip.
  4. Buy the cheapest fare for both depart and return.
  5. Save.


No matter which airline you decide to take, remember to sign up for their offers mailing list to receive their latest ticket offers.