Next Prime Minister? Seems like Mr. Heng is not going to be the next PM of Singapore, so I wonder who will replace Mr. Lee. I think we have many smart people in Singapore capable of leading this country, and I don't think it should always come from one place, if possible I would prefer the PM (and other key positions) to be chosen by the people, anyone who has the courage, the willingness to serve and the capability should be able to step forth and take up the challenge. Why I say need courage is because this person will be both loved and hated by the people, as a leader, it is impossible to make everyone happy, a lot of time tough decisions need to be made for the greater good and not everybody can see it or benefit from it. The reality is that if you are only loved by the people, then something is wrong and vice-versa. Balance and forward-looking is the key. There's probably someone

Comfort's Pay for Street Hail Pretty Cool

Today finally tried this pay for street hail feature, very easy to use, just use the comfort booking app and scan the QR code inside the taxi, it's actually a sticker pasted on the rear passenger seat window, I think in front should have too. So after scanning, it will "pair" the ride and the taxi vehicle number will appear in the app. Receipt below for example. Note that there is a small admin fee, not sure how it is calculated but it is about 2.78% of the metered fare.

NParks Directors Took Bribes Sometimes I see this kind of news, I wonder if it is just the tip of the iceberg, only those that are caught then you will see in the news, how about those that are not caught? How many? Nobody knows. Then the funny part about this news is that the benefit involved is so little, S$258 hotel stay and some transport services, like wtf, so how many our our civil servants also took this kind of small little bribes here and there, who knows, nobody knows, until someone report. Not sure what is the actual story but this case sounds like a deal went sour, then the person giving the bribes go sabo? Or maybe somebody whistle-blow? Anyway when this kind of news appear, I tend to lose confidence in our civil service, I tend to wonder how many of these garbage we have in our civil service, maybe it's time to do some spring cleaning? I hope our government will take action and

Torque Crypto Scam? Put life savings into the platform and then the money just suddenly disappeared, wow, shocking, how come the employee can suka suka make trades and then magically disappeared too? Super fishy sia. Anyway their website have that Sunshine Empire feel to it, check it out here: Jia lat, so much money might as well just put in CPF better.

Man Born Without A Collarbone

He can put both his arms together, eww, scary.