8th Day of Going Back to Work So far everything seems to be great, but have a feeling my current supervisor a bit not happy because my headcount is under this supervisor's department but I'm currently helping out another project in another department. And I tend to be quite serious at work so people who have not worked with me might not be used to it and think I'm anti-social haha. Also never join the department for lunch, so far only lunch with ex-project members from other departments, aiyah but I think all these small matters, in future if get to work closer then can lunch together, they surely have their own lunch kakis anyway. Today a guy from this "another department" told me this month end or maybe early next month have to travel overseas, I think good chance to go out and gain more experience, it will be my first overseas assignment, feel a bit sua ku, but still don't know go there do what or go how long.

Back to Work I rejoined my ex-company this week, feel as if never left, it's as if I just came back from a long weekend, obvious difference is have to start all over again in terms of year(s) of service and bonus/leave pro-rated but that doesn't bother me at all. But I'm quite surprised that colleagues are all very nice and welcoming especially the bosses are super nice, I guess the good thing about this company is the people, which I think is very important, not much internal politics, mostly external politics. Now I'm under another supervisor but same big boss, cool, easy-going, doesn't put on airs or anything, previous one was equally good too, people are nice in this company, just the customers sometimes overbearing, and the projects too jia lat, but I heard my past projects are doing better now, maybe it's because I left lol. And now that Covid is kind of endemic in Singapore, a lot of

Sheng Siong have Very Impressive Employee Benefits

Saw their recruitment poster last weekend and I was very impressed by their employee benefits, so much so I took a photo of it. Note that the salary is "Up To", not sure what's the salary for inexperienced folks though. Just looking at bonus, they have 4 types of bonus, Variable, Performance, AWS and Monthly, still got Monthly bonus, first time I see this bonus. The staff discount is very interesting, I wonder how much or how many percent, any cap or not. I remember long long ago I worked at NTUC Fairprice also got staff discount, maybe like 15 or 16 years ago, just part-time only. I think it was quite a small percentage, so small I didn't even realise until someone told me staff have discount, then I see like no difference or too little to notice. Meals provided, this one power, these days one meal outside getting more expensive unless someone can cook at home for you and bring to work. Birthday voucher, interesting, I know of birthday leave, first time I see birthda

Kurt Tay vs Loh Jia Hung at Void Deck

Image Actually Kurt Tay is same gang as me, Singaporean with foreign spouse. His wife is from Vietnam, now holding PR and they have a son and a daughter. I watch his YouTube videos sometimes, his videos are quite unusual, but so far I see he's just doing his own stuff and not disturbing anyone. Some of the comments can get very nasty, not sure why some people find enjoyment disturbing him. I think this led to the fight: "Speaking to AsiaOne, Tay said that Loh had been repeatedly taunting him and challenging him to a fight. " I found Loh Jia Hung's profile on Linkedin, he is a student at Republic Polytechnic, I see under his "Skills", clearly he is physically very skillful: I also found Kurt Tay's profile on Linkedin, by the name of "Tay Foo Wei", clearly he doesn't have any of those skills that Loh have. So why would a young

Nice Pork Ramen

Yummy lol.

Monday Sign Letter of Offer Tomorrow late afternoon go office sign the letter of offer from my ex-company, so fast so furious, this ex-boss damn powerful, say offer really offer the next day; met him on Thursday night, then Friday afternoon the HR called me to confirm the offer, sent me email and I acknowledged via email. No need interview, no need probation, only first 3 months take leave will be counted as no-pay leave, pay a bit higher than before, other than that the benefits all same as before, pretty good I guess. The HR will most probably ask me when I can start work, actually I can start anytime, rest too long also starting to get a bit bo liao.

22nd Day of Looking for Job Yesterday went for the second interview for "Interview 1". It went well. A few hours later while on the way to meet my ex-boss, the recruiter called me to confirm that it is positive, and also the HR of the company will contact me soon, ask for my certs and whatnot, then they will make an offer. I told the recruiter I meeting my ex-boss for dinner, maybe he interested to rehire me, she told me if ex-boss offer, don't accept too fast, compare "Interview 1" vs ex-boss offer. Went for dinner with ex-boss, turned out to be 2 hours Omakase dinner, catch up, talk about new trends, some history, pointed out my strength and weakness, discuss why I left, what will happen if I rejoin, overseas assignment, at the same time crafting and polishing the offer on the spot and asked me how much I want lol. I thought he should be asking what is my expected salary like every other recruiter, I a b

20th Day of Looking for Job Due to the very bad Glassdoor reviews on the company of "Interview 2", I went to LinkedIn to search for the company, LinkedIn have this feature where it will show the current and past employees, and one of the past employees happen to be someone I know and get along pretty well from my previous company. So I messaged this ex-colleague to find out more about the company, this ex-colleague told me the company in a mess now don't try. That explains why the Glassdoor reviews are so bad. Not that every other company don't have its fair share of bad reviews but this one is particularly glaring, I actually got a bit frightened. After that we chatted a bit more, then this ex-colleague happen to have a position for me, and it's something that interests me, so I thought no harm trying. Then this ex-colleague went to speak to my ex-boss, the one who gave me a huge increment out of nowhere,

19th Day of Looking for Job Yesterday I went for the "Interview 2", the guy called me up and scheduled a session. He was nice to take the time to explain how their organisation is structured, I think he is looking for someone to help his company do a transformation to keep up with current methodologies so that they can provide faster and cheaper service, told him I'm not suitable as I don't have that kind of experience, it sounded like a huge undertaking like a director level kind of job but I don't think he is going to pay me director level salary, it's way above my head. I must concede that looking for job is no joke, when I was holding a job, I thought looking for job is easy as pie, but the reality is totally different, it's actually quite stressful. Back in Apr, May and Jun very carefree, but when my brain switch to "looking for job" mode in Jul, the stress and self-doubt started to se

Thermal Throttling on 3060Ti

Recently I noticed that my mouse cursor will lag a bit, and when I run Dota 2, and when there is too much activity on screen, it will crash to desktop. I thought a 1050 or 1060 would be able to easily run Dota 2, not to mention 3060Ti. Oh by the way it's the first time I try Dota 2, I actually played a lot of Dota 1 back in the day. Today I flipped over my CPU casing and saw a thick layer of dust at the bottom. I thought I cleaned it a couple of months ago, didn't expect the dust to accumulate so fast, I think every month have to clean once, where the heck did all the dust come from anyway.