Left Knee Seems to Feel Better I've been applying the "URAH Bone Health plus Bio-Calcium and Omega-3" for a week now, can feel some difference, no more weird clicking in the knee, jumping and jogging feels alright but when jogging felt a bit of new sensation which is not painful but odd, felt like hair standing so weird, so end up I decided not to jog for now and just walk, but overall my knee does feel better. I keep having the idea that jogging will hurt the knees, but after researching online, that does not seem to be true. Anyway wife's mother also have knee pain, if December can go Thailand, will some for her.

Left Knee Feeling Weird

My left knee has been feeling weird for quite some time, I think it's because of sitting down for long period of time, can feel the joint clicking, was made worse when I went to play badminton, all that jumping and stretching was kind of too much. Then last Saturday morning went for a walk of around 2.8 KM, after that feel some swelling but from outside can't see. After that I was thinking of getting Glucosamine to eat, then I remembered last time when my mother knee ache, I bought the URAH cream for her, after that I think she got better. So I went to Watsons and bought this "URAH Bone Health plus Bio-Calcium and Omega-3", applied from Saturday until now around 3 days, seems to feel better, don't know real or not, one cream so powerful, monitor for this week see how. By the way now Watsons selling one tube for S$28.

Ichiban Sushi, Always Good!

The tuna and egg inari sushi are really good. For the tendon, can't tell what is what but taste really good anyway haha.

Cannabis Legal in Thailand Long time never post, but when I see this news, wah seh what the heck, Thailand not just open up they even legalise Cannabis. Cannabis also known as Marijuana, long long ago more than 20 over years ago my friend let me try a bit, can't remember the feeling but I remember it makes people happy or smile a lot, no idea how they even smuggle into Singapore. "If there is clear evidence of current use of drugs, Singapore authorities will take action, regardless of whether the consumption was in Singapore or overseas , the minister said in a Facebook post earlier on Thursday about national swimmers Joseph Schooling and Amanda Lim." Maybe if I was younger, I would probably travel there to smoke lol, but now, nah, now that I think of it, in my wife's hometown, they put Cannabis in chicken soup and eat as if it is vegetable. All the getting high aside, I think Cannabis

Kudos to RoyalCDKeys

Yesterday my PC was behaving strangely, I was doing nothing and the CPU fans started to spin and CPU utilisation went up significantly, funny thing is when I opened the task manager, it stopped, I close task manager, fans started spinning again, I tried a few times and even restarted PC also same behaviour, damn fishy sia. To play safe, I backup my data and then reinstalled my OS, after that it was back to normal, probably some bad programs doing something naughty, well I did install a lot of weird stuff so not very surprising haha. After reinstallation, everything works except my Office 2019, getting invalid key error when I try to activate it. I emailed the RoyalCDKeys support, didn't expect them to respond so fast, they told me that when reinstalling Windows I should uninstall the Office first otherwise I won't be able to activate using the same key, and they gave me a replacement key and i

Ichiban Sushi, Always So Good

Standard always consistent, satisfying as usual haha.

8th Day of Going Back to Work So far everything seems to be great, but have a feeling my current supervisor a bit not happy because my headcount is under this supervisor's department but I'm currently helping out another project in another department. And I tend to be quite serious at work so people who have not worked with me might not be used to it and think I'm anti-social haha. Also never join the department for lunch, so far only lunch with ex-project members from other departments, aiyah but I think all these small matters, in future if get to work closer then can lunch together, they surely have their own lunch kakis anyway. Today a guy from this "another department" told me this month end or maybe early next month have to travel overseas, I think good chance to go out and gain more experience, it will be my first overseas assignment, feel a bit sua ku, but still don't know go there do what or go how long.

Back to Work I rejoined my ex-company this week, feel as if never left, it's as if I just came back from a long weekend, obvious difference is have to start all over again in terms of year(s) of service and bonus/leave pro-rated but that doesn't bother me at all. But I'm quite surprised that colleagues are all very nice and welcoming especially the bosses are super nice, I guess the good thing about this company is the people, which I think is very important, not much internal politics, mostly external politics. Now I'm under another supervisor but same big boss, cool, easy-going, doesn't put on airs or anything, previous one was equally good too, people are nice in this company, just the customers sometimes overbearing, and the projects too jia lat, but I heard my past projects are doing better now, maybe it's because I left lol. And now that Covid is kind of endemic in Singapore, a lot of

Sheng Siong have Very Impressive Employee Benefits

Saw their recruitment poster last weekend and I was very impressed by their employee benefits, so much so I took a photo of it. Note that the salary is "Up To", not sure what's the salary for inexperienced folks though. Just looking at bonus, they have 4 types of bonus, Variable, Performance, AWS and Monthly, still got Monthly bonus, first time I see this bonus. The staff discount is very interesting, I wonder how much or how many percent, any cap or not. I remember long long ago I worked at NTUC Fairprice also got staff discount, maybe like 15 or 16 years ago, just part-time only. I think it was quite a small percentage, so small I didn't even realise until someone told me staff have discount, then I see like no difference or too little to notice. Meals provided, this one power, these days one meal outside getting more expensive unless someone can cook at home for you and bring to work. Birthday voucher, interesting, I know of birthday leave, first time I see birthda

Kurt Tay vs Loh Jia Hung at Void Deck

Image Actually Kurt Tay is same gang as me, Singaporean with foreign spouse. His wife is from Vietnam, now holding PR and they have a son and a daughter. I watch his YouTube videos sometimes, his videos are quite unusual, but so far I see he's just doing his own stuff and not disturbing anyone. Some of the comments can get very nasty, not sure why some people find enjoyment disturbing him. I think this led to the fight: "Speaking to AsiaOne, Tay said that Loh had been repeatedly taunting him and challenging him to a fight. " I found Loh Jia Hung's profile on Linkedin, he is a student at Republic Polytechnic, I see under his "Skills", clearly he is physically very skillful: I also found Kurt Tay's profile on Linkedin, by the name of "Tay Foo Wei", clearly he doesn't have any of those skills that Loh have. So why would a young