09 May 2011

Document Translation from Thai to English

Where to Translate

If I remember correctly, they charge around S$40-S$45 per page at Golden Mile but personally, I have not tried any of the above.

I had my wife's documents translated at Professional Thai Linguistic Services. They charge S$30 per page e.g. birth cert, S$20 for a page with not many characters e.g. front and back of Thai ID card. If you are interested, following is more information.

Professional Thai Linguistic Services
36B Hong Kong Street
Holly Building
Singapore 059675
Tel: +65 6774 2703
Fax: +65 6773 2778

Certification after Translation

Note that the certification part is not specified on ICA website, as of publication of this article.

Also note that according to one of my readers who did a translation recently, the Royal Thai Embassy in Singapore only accept submission on weekdays from 8am to 11am.

After you receive the translated copy, according to ICA hotline, you need to get it certified by a lawyer or at the Thai Embassy. I have not tried a lawyer but I can share with you the process of certifying at the Thai Embassy.

You need to bring along:
  • The translated document.
  • A photocopy of the translated document.
  • The Thai document
  • Two photocopies of the Thai document.
  • Total 5 pieces.
So for example you are translating a birth certificate, you need to bring along:
  • The translated birth certificate.
  • A photocopy of the translated birth certificate.
  • The Thai birth certificate, yes, the original one.
  • Two photocopies of the Thai birth certificate.
  • Total 5 pieces.
For every document, you need to pay S$30. They charge by per document, not by per page. For example, you need to certify birth certificate, Thai ID card and household census list so you need to pay S$90. Maybe you have 5 or more pages for household census list, don't worry, it's still S$30.

I had my wife's birth certificate, Thai ID card, household census list and name change certificate certified for S$120, a total of 8 pages.

Remember to bring along local identity cards if any or passport as the guard may require you to change for a visitor pass.

You also need to fill up a form in Thai, allow your Thai spouse to handle it and upon submission of all documents for certification, you will be given a receipt with a date and time to collect. The certification takes at least a day.

Note that when you are applying for PR or LTVP, ICA will not keep the translated copy, but still, a good practice is to make a photocopy and also scan it into your computer if possible.

Updated on 21 Oct 2013.


Legal Translation Services said...

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Anonymous said...

My husband sent me your blog and I found it is very useful. :D
Do you think getting document certified by the Thai Consular is also applicable? I still am in Bangkok, and it is much easier to get it done here.

admin said...

By Thai Consular, do you mean Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kingdom of Thailand in Bangkok? If so, good question, I just sent an email to ICA to enquire, will post an update once they reply.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the similar organization, but the name is different. Sorry, I cannot find English site.
Many thanks for sending email to ICA, hopefully they reply you soon.

admin said...

No problem, I think so too, they have the same logo, http://www.mfa.go.th/main/en/home.

Anyway, ICA will reply within 5 working days. Yesterday (09 Aug) is our national day so it's a public holiday, they will probably get back to me next week.

admin said...

Hi, ICA have responded as follow,

"As for translation done overseas, applicant can submit the translated version as long as it is done by an authorised authority in the issuing country for the specific purpose."

I am sure translations done and certified by a department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand is good enough.

Wish you the best.

Makz said...

Wonderful blog that provides all the information i needed. I will be going for my ROM with my wonderful girlfriend this coming June, I had alot of questions previously but after reading your blog, I had all the information I needed.

I am just worried about getting the LTVP though, as i am confused about the process.

1) After we ROM, how long will the process of LTVP take? I do understand that we can extend her social visit pass up to 90 days, will the process of LTVP take longer than 90days?

2) can i apply for the extension of social visit pass and LTVP concurrently?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Makz,

Glad you find it useful.

Don't worry, it's a simple process, just make sure you get ready the required documents in advance.

For question 1:

The processing time of LTVP application after submission and then making payment (S$30 processing fee) at e-VP can take up to 6 weeks, based on personal experience, 6 weeks is the max, there's one time my wife got it on the 4th or 5th week. 6 weeks is 42 days, more than enough time.

For question 2:

Yes you can and you should if her social visit pass is expiring before she gets her LTVP as it's very important to ensure that she has a valid stay. But don't worry, some examples for you:

Scenario 1

You ROM on 01 June 2013.
You submit LTVP application for her on 02 June 2013, let's say she will get it latest by 14 July 2013.
But her pass is expiring on 30 June 2013.
You managed to extend online (via e-XTEND) for her up to 30 July 2013.
This for sure no problem, by then she should already have received her LTVP.

Scenario 2

You ROM on 01 June 2013.
You submit LTVP application for her on 02 June 2013, let's say she will get it latest by 14 July 2013.
But her pass is expiring on 30 June 2013.
You only managed to extend online for her up to 01 July 2013, as it's the maximum.
No worries, before 01 July 2013, accompany her to ICA building and request for the extension over the counter, worse comes to worst, you only pay for the extension, should be S$40.

sneha singh said...
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makz said...

Hi Admin,

Thanks for your reply =) For myself, the final stretch is near and one thing that is hovering in my mind is that I am afraid my fiancee will be detained at the Immigration.

Her first time to Singapore,she was being called into the holding room for fingerprinting check. Luckily, everything was fine even though i waited around an hour.

This time I am helping her to move her stuff from BKK, hence I will go thru the Immigration with her. But somehow I am feeling paranoid of her being deported due to "unknown reasons".

On a personal note, 2 of my friends' thai girlfriends have been deported at Changi Airport. This gives me butterflies in the stomach.

Any advice on what to take note or anything i can do to smoother the process?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Makz,

I see you will be returning with her, then you can rest assured. You tag behind her, let her go to the immigration counter first, if anything arise, step forward and let the officer know she is with you, worse comes to worst, make sure you print out and bring along that ROM Notice of Marriage and show it to them, but I reckon you won't need to use it, but bring it along just in case.

The officer will probably ask whether she is with you and that's about it, they will check her embarkation/disembarkation card, so make sure she fills it up clearly, when they see that you are with her, they won't give her too much trouble.

And make sure her passport has more than 6 months validity.

So don't worry too much, not like we are doing anything bad :)

Chew said...

Hi Admin,

I would like to know what is household census? I'm trying to get my gf to find all these documents before coming here. Thanks!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi, actually I have made a post for that, you can read this,


Anonymous said...

Hi Admin,
Good morning! I think is a wonderful blog and I've found most of answer to queries here. Can I check this as my scenario is slightly different over here. I will be marrying my gf in Thailand first. Is the procedure still the same? I'm thinking of getting our marriage certificate there first because currently she is pregnant and couldn't fly to sg. We must get the marriage certification done first or else the child I couldn't apply for sg citizenship? Thank you very much

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

If you marry in Thailand, the procedure should be different, in this blog, I only talked about marriage in Singapore as I had the experience so for marriage in Thailand, I really can't advise much... sorry.

Anyway, yes, you must have a lawful marriage i.e. a marriage certified by relevant authority in Thailand before the birth of your child.

Read this page - http://www.ica.gov.sg/page.aspx?pageid=132#overseasbirth

Main things you must take note:
1. Male Singapore citizen by Birth who has a lawful marriage at time of minor's birth - IF you were born in Singapore i.e. you are a true blue Singaporean, you must have had a lawful marriage before the birth of your child in a foreign land.
2. Male Singapore citizen by Registration who has a lawful marriage at time of minor's birth and minor does not acquire citizenship of the country he was born by reason of his birth in that country - IF you were a naturalised Singaporean (upgraded from PR), you too must have a lawful marriage before the birth of your child in a foreign land AND your child must not take up citizenship of the country of birth.
3. The application has to be submitted within one year of the child's birth. Otherwise, a letter of explanation and additional documents are required for the late submission. - If your wife gives birth in Thailand, you need to submit the application for citizenship for your child within one year of his/her birth, otherwise more paperwork for you.

Hope it helps!

makz said...

Hi Admin,

I do apologise for the late reply but I really appreciate the kind words of support and advice you have given me in the past. Right now I am blissfully married to my Thai Wife and now moving onto the next phase is becoming a nightmare.

Its been already 4 weeks and there is no news on the LTVP. In fact my wife's social visit pass will expire on 26th July. I have contacted ICA but the response is to wait further T_T

I am not sure whether will another extension of the current social visit pass be valid. As i am afraid even when the LTVP gets in-principal approval, its already past 26th July and my wife has to go back.

Reading some forums ranging from the Chinese to the Filipinos doesnt give me any more hope either , as there are cases of LTVP approval taking more than 8 weeks =_=

I am losing confidence in this country already. The country I was once so proud to call home.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Makz,

I assume you have submitted the LTVP application with all the required documents, including translated documents if they are not in English.

The processing time can take up to 6 weeks, that means you still have 2 more weeks, which also mean you should be able to get the in-principle approval before 26th July as long as all the documents are in place.

LTVP delay from what I know is usually because of missing document(s), basically if you give them exactly what they ask for, there's no reason for them to delay your application.

So for the next 2 weeks, let ICA do their job, but if worse comes to worst and you still haven't got any response from ICA on 24th July, accompany your wife to ICA to request for an extension, and ask about the application, but I don't think they will take that long.

Don't read too much into forums, sometimes it can be helpful, but when it's not helpful, it may also bring un-necessary stress.

And by the way, when you said you contacted ICA, did you mean you called or email them? From my experience, their phone and email support is not helpful, they gave me the impression that they don't care, best is to go down to ICA building and speak to an officer with rank, they are more experienced and helpful.

Don't worry too much, enjoy the good time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Admin,
Thanks for the reply. My case is a lot more different. I'll check with the necessary stuffs with ica. Maybe Once I found out more I'll definitely share here as it might help more pple in this community. Btw do u have the ica authority email that I could seek help with? Sorry to trouble you again.

Many Thanks.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


You can try this,


makz said...

Hi Admin,

actually i didnt submit any documents to ICA at all in person. All i did was to submit the e-vp application online. Till now there is no indication from ICA when i need to submit the required documents.

from my understanding, it should be when i get the in-principle approval from ICA then we schedule an appointment for the document verification?

I raised this question when i called the ICA 2 days ago but the lady on the line said that there is nothing much showing on their system and that my application is "receiving attention".

I think by next week if ICA still no news, we will go down to ICA for help.

Anyway thank you very much for your support and advice all this time. I wish you and your wife happiness and congrats on the newborn coming your way!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Makz,

Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot, you are right.

When your application gets approved in-principle, you will receive an email asking for payment (S$60 issuance fee), after you make payment, you will need to print out:
1. Approval letter
2. Medical examination form (HIV and TB test)
3. Form 14 (don't worry, you can reprint once you login to their system)
4. Terms and conditions of long-term pass

The approval letter will specify how long the pass has been approved, should be 1 year, and it will list down again what you need to bring. And it will also say that you need to book an appointment using their e-appointment system.

Yeah, it's always best to ask them personally, their phone support is not very helpful.

Thanks and wish you the best too.

ryan said...

There is a lot to be said for community translations, especially in areas where companies do not deem it necessary to localize for other markets (such as fansubs of Japanese anime etc.) or there simply isn't a company behind a product (open source software anyone?). But if you are running a business and trying to make the most out of the opportunities presnted by globalization, using professional translation services is the only way to go.
Luckily, I can't see machines taking over the jobs of human translators in the near future, as they have done with so many other professions (remember telephone operators?)

Anonymous said...

Is that a validity date for these documents after translation and certified?

Anonymous said...

Does it expires?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi, there is no expiry date after translation, it's yours to keep. For example you apply PR using the translated document for the first time, let's say it got rejected, one or two years later you try to apply again, you can still use back the same translated documents.

Anonymous said...

I am coming back with my fiance next month for ROM and i have already filed for my notice of marriage with ROM. Is it still necessary to provide the return flight ticket for the ICA officers or we can just show them the ROM confirmation documents? Btw, i will be accompanying her.


marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi, when my wife flew here for ROM, I bought a return ticket dated one month later, but in the end the immigration never check so it was wasted, she came here alone by the way, so I think for your case should be fine since you are coming with her.

Congratulations and wish you the best!

parveen faiz said...

I have read your blog thoroughly and got mind blowing information. Please send me mail if you are going to improve something in advance. legal translation


Jovan Ruan said...

Dear admin,
Has been quite sometime that i last visited this forum. It has always been helpful. Fyi I've successfully got married in Thailand last year August and my baby was safely delivered this year Jan. Currently I am in the process of getting the citizenship for my baby. Hope everything goes well. Cheers :)

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Jovan,

Glad you find this site useful, and congratulations to your marriage and baby! Wish you the best!

Anonymous said...


I'm getting ready for the documents needed for my wife's PR application and is there a need to translate her Thai I.D card to English?

Found from your post that you had translated Thai I.D card.



marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Alvin,

The new Thai ID card have both English and Thai, I think by now most Thais should have the new one, unless it's the old one where there is no English.

As to whether it's needed or not, it's stated in the accompanying notes "(c) Identity cards of both applicant (if any) and
sponsor.", so if have then submit.

Actually I have called ICA before because I found it confusing, that time my wife have LTVP so that is considered her identity card too, so I asked ICA whether they are referring to the Thai ID card or LTVP, the lady on the phone told me just submit as many as possible.

So now you know, ICA style is always as many as possible, they don't give you concrete answers, then again no harm submitting more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Buddy, much appreciated! My wife and I will be returning to Singapore end of this month for her Sing PR application. :)

Jimmy Neo said...

Hi, Can I check why is there a need to translate the birth cert of wife? for what use?
For baby born in Thailand,what should we do to get him travel document? from thai or Singapore?
Best regard

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Jimmy,

For LTVP no need, for PR it is stated in the accompanying notes so if you have just submit, if don't have you can check with ICA.

As for baby born in Thailand, you will need to get him a Thai passport since baby is not a Singaporean. You can do so at any district office, check with your wife, she will know.

alex tee said...

Hi bro. Translation can be done at royal thai embassy itself ? Then follow by certification at royal thai embassy ? ..

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Alex,

Not sure if they offer the translation service, can check with them, but certify need them to do it.

Raj Ram said...

Hi. From my understanding, if a child born in thailand to a either a SG parents, SG citizenship can be applied for the child. Provided a legal marriage done in thailand prior giving birth. Sg citizenship can be applied thru SG embassy in thailand and once approved SG passport can be applied for the baby to travel. That means the child will hold 2 citizenship. The child can choose which ever citizenship he/she wants once at a certain age. Any one tried or can confirm if this methods work?

Alice said...

Dear Admin

Can you advise can I get my translated copy legalised by a lawyer for submission to ICA instead of Thai embassy? Thanks in advance.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Alice,

Yes, but I think it will be more expensive.

Carol J Loomis said...

Documents translation from Thai to English it is very difficult, but some legal adviser provide facility translation for different languages and charges depend on per page and full assignment.
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Wong Keith said...

Hi ,
does Thai embassy do certified document nowsaday as I only got this link when I browse the website http://www.thaiembassy.sg/visa-matters-/-consular/certification-of-notary-public’s-signature Not sure whether I can still send my translated document to them

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Keith,

Yep, they can do the certification for you, just go to the embassy and get the document owner to fill up a form and submit copies of the document(s).

Justin Tan said...

Good Evening!

I would like to translate my SG Marriage Certificate to thai. Can you advise me where in golden mile is this translation office?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Justin,

It's at level 2.

Bil Ruan said...

Hi may i know how long is the process for the translated document to be endorse by singapore thai embassy.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Bil Ruan,

You can check out this link for details: http://www.thaiembassy.sg/visa-matters-/-consular/certification-of-notary-public%E2%80%99s-signature

It should be 2-4 days, that time my wife I think 2 or 3 days.

Bil Ruan said...

Thank you very much

Carol J Loomis said...

It is very inspiration of the post, but more costly.
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Vincent said...

I have a question. I will be doing the in May and I have to go down to ROM for Verification of Documents & Statutory Declaration.

It is stated that if my partner do not understand English, I will have to arrange for a certified translator to be present for both days. My partner can speak ok English, quite similar to Singlish, but will have problem reading. Do I still require a translator to be present?

Anonymous said...

Hi I just want to try my luck here, i wonder if you know any place do translation for malay to english that is certified by ica??
many thanks! =)

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hmm, because I didn't do it so I better not give you wrong info. Maybe you can try to search online or ask friends or colleagues. But for certification, ICA is not the authority, you can try a law firm.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much!
by the way, i like you blog post!^^

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

No problem, I didn't help much ;)

Best of luck!

sanjay kumar said...

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V O N said...

Hi, Anyone know how to engage with a translator from Thai embassy, what are the charges and how long does it take to engage and confirm with one from there? Thanks in advance.

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Certified Translation Services in Singapore said...

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Ryan said...

Hello admin, can I check with since they said submit as many ID as you can, did they actually ask for the Thai ID specifically during your appointment??

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

For PR application yes.