How to Marry a Thai in Singapore

You should refer to here -

Please spend some time to go through and understand the information on that section (legal provision, other information, filing of notice, solemnization and etc), if your still not sure, feel free to drop a comment here or you can use their FAQ.

The ROM website did a really good job of putting together the information that you need in a well-organized manner. I've done it once and I think the guide is very easy to follow.

The only hiccup I've had with my marriage is during the Appointment for verification & Statutory Declaration where both of us were required to read out a wall of text and my wife had difficulty getting past the first few lines and the counter guy got fed up and told my wife to stop.

Definitely my oversight as I didn't arrange for an interpreter beforehand but luckily, there was a licensed interpreter at the scene and we managed to get her to do the interpretation for my wife and that was a S$200 interpretation. Damn good money for a less than 10 minutes interpretation. So better make sure both of you can read English, Mandarin or Tamil quite well, if not, get a licensed interpreter beforehand.

And you might wonder, what is Appointment for verification & Statutory Declaration, as it's not specified on the ROM website. It's an appointment at ROM to check both your documents and do some swearing and you cannot choose the date as it seems to be automatically allocated. It should take place 3 days before your date of solemnization.

Example, your solemnization day is 29 Jul 2011 (Fri), so your Appointment for verification & Statutory Declaration will on 26 Jul 2011 (Tue).

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Updated on 20 Aug 2014.


Anonymous said…
Hi there,
May I know, how did you bring your Thai wife into SGP, at the first visit, before your marriage?
Im curious to know, as I'm planning to marry my Thai girlfriend in SGP. I do not mind her whether she can get PR or not, as long as she able to stay here, on a
social visit passd or LTVP.
But I do not know, the proper procedures, get her to SGP on what pass? Then plan for ROM?
Can advise me what steps do you recommend me?
What I did:
1. Make sure her passport has validity of 6 months or more.
2. Asked her to print out a copy of ROM Notice of Marriage, in case the immigration officer needs to know why she's here.
3. Bought a one month later return ticket for her, it's also just in case, but she never had to use it though.

When my wife arrived for our marriage, she was detained for almost 2 hours at the immigration office, together with a couple of other Thai ladies. I checked with the airport information counter and they gave me the immigration office number, I called and talked to them a few times to tell them about my situation and they finally let my wife out, and for that 2 hours, they didn't even ask her why she was here, didn't even check that notice of marriage.

Maybe it's just a random check, the other times when she came was okay.

Anyway, as long as your girlfriend has a valid Thailand passport and it's not going to expire within 6 months, she should be able to enter Singapore and stay for 30 days (usually 30) on social visit pass (stamped on her passport and white card), but if you don't see her coming out even after an hour, call their office.

You have to plan your ROM first, determine which day you wish to solemnize before you book any ticket, then she has to be in Singapore before the appointment for verfication and statutory declaration. You also need to determine whether she needs an interpreter for the declaration.

And also, check out this page,

Those are the documents required to apply for LTVP, make sure she brings along her educational certificates (need to translate if not in English), the rest should be easy.

So basically, after you solemnize, you will get your Marriage Certificate, with this, you can start to apply LTVP for your wife, but you have to take note, if her social visit pass is going to expire, remember to extend for her.

Hope it helps!
Anonymous said…
Hi, thanks for the info
I got a clearer picture now. Have another query, what if after marriage, my Thai wife wants to work? And I understand, only LTVP+ allows her to work. If she not eligible, can she still work, for those jobs not required CPF contribution?
After marriage, let's say ICA reject her LTVP application.
Will she able to stay in Spore? What are the options here?
Thanks in advance!
Regardless of LTVP or LTVP+, she will still be able to work in Singapore, difference being it's easier to find employment with LTVP+ because:
1. LTVP+ holders are not counted in employer foreign worker quota.
2. Employer need not pay foreign worker levy.

For LTVP holder, employer need to apply work permit for her, that means when your wife gets her LTVP and if she wishes to work, she will have to find an employer willing to apply a work permit for her, that employer will also have to be willing to add one more foreigner headcount to its foreign worker quota, and also pay for an additional foreign worker levy.

If ICA does reject her LTVP application, she will still be able to stay up to the date stamped on her passport and white card (the embarkation/disembarkation card), or as specified in the short-term pass extension if you have extended for her, up to 3 months.

And also, you can write an appeal letter to ICA, can read this post, I copied the important parts from their FAQ,

One thing to note, a current or previous work permit holder need to seek MOM approval for marriage, please check with her to be sure.
Hi, sorry a correction regarding this,
"For LTVP holder, employer need to apply work permit for her, that means when your wife gets her LTVP and if she wishes to work, she will have to find an employer willing to apply a work permit for her, that employer will also have to be willing to add one more foreigner headcount to its foreign worker quota, and also pay for an additional foreign worker levy."

Please refer to here,

"If they are a spouse or unmarried child of the sponsor, there is no need for foreign worker levy to be paid. Their employment will not be counted towards the company's dependency quota. They do not need to be from an approved source country."
Anonymous said…
hi i am planning to marry a foreign wife. just to check how much income you must earn per month in order to apply for the LTVP?
Hi, there's no specific amount of income specified by ICA, they will only assess when you submit the application, so just go for it and try.
Anonymous said…
currently my salary is 1800 monthly only. so I am afraid if ii marry a foreign wife and i apply the ltvp for her and rejected. then she is not able to stay in singapoe
Don't worry, 1800 is fine, if you read the following link, there is a case where the man earned 1500 but still managed to get LTVP for his wife, and he still had to support two children.
Anonymous said…
Hi just to check, after solemnization and all the things have been done, I understand that i can apply for ltvp for my wife already. However roughly how long would they take to approve that ltvp via online. If they reject what should i do? Thanks.
ICA may take up to 6 weeks to approve, and if they reject, you can appeal in writing, you can refer to this post for more info.
Anonymous said…
Hmm that means if ICA rejects, my wife still needs to fly here n there very often? Normally in your circumstances what would u do? Thanks.
Yeah, that's what I read about other such couples, but can try to extend her visit pass as long as possible, and if writing in appeal doesn't work, you can look for your MP to help with appeal.

But don't worry, as long as you have a job with stable income, I think should be okay, unless you are unemployed then it will be a problem.
Anonymous said…
hi, I have been working for around 2 year plus and the requirement of income tax to submit is 3 year in order to apply for LTVP. if I apply will it be rejected?
Hey, don't worry, when I first applied LTVP for my wife, I also don't have 3 years of tax papers, it's okay, just submit whatever you have, actually nowadays you can authorize ICA to access your tax records, no need to submit anymore.
Anonymous said…
My girlfriend in china will visit Singapore for about 30 days. let said I help her apply the visa for 30 days and after 30 days she go back. my question is after she go back to china when she can come back again? I heard from my friend said have to wait for about 6 month before can enter Singapore again. is it true?
Anonymous said…
Hi, do you have any idea if its possible that my wife give birth in thai and within a year bring the child back to apply for singapore citizenship?
Yes, that's possible, many people do that too because it's way cheaper than giving birth here.
Anonymous said…
Who can I approach to find out more about this?? ICA?? Or do you have any first hand info that I can directly ask you from?
Actually it's on ICA website,

Look at "Child born outside Singapore where at least one parent is a Singapore Citizen", all you need to know is there.
Anonymous said…
Thanks alot. Btw do you have any idea if it is possible that they might not approve my application?
I only know of this story where a Singaporean man with Thai wife, their first son did not get our citizenship because the man and wife married after this son was born, so the lawful marriage part is very important i.e. make sure you are married before the birth of your child.

"Mr Lim, a Singaporean, had not registered his marriage in Singapore when Itthiphat was born in Thailand. A Singapore marriage registration at the time of birth is one of the conditions that has to be fulfilled for the child to be eligible for citizenship."
Mic said…
Hi admin, can I know the procedure for registry of marriage at thai embassy after the rom done in singapore registry of marriage?
Hi Mic,

You can refer to the instructions here:

If the instructions are not clear, please contact them directly to clarify so you won't waste your time:

Personally I have not register so I can only provide links.
mic said…
Thanks for your prompt reply. Im sorry cos I am having my rom with my thai partner soon. Just wish to ensure everything will go smoothly. Can I check with u on the documents required for Appointment for verification & Statutory Declaration part? Both of our ic / passport, the letter from solemnizer, copies of witness passport or ic. And the print out of filing instructions only right?
Hi Mic,


I still have the instructions for the appointment, but I'm not sure whether it's outdated, copied below for your reference, but best is to view the latest, you should be able to see the instructions after you file your notice of marriage at ROM website.

What to bring for Verification and Statutory Declaration

a) Filing Instructions (to reprint a copy, go to:, 'Retrieve Filing Instructions').

b) Original NRIC (Identity Card) for citizen / Passport for non-citizen

c) Your witnesses' identity documents (NRIC if he/she is a citizen/PR and passport if he/she is a noncitizen).

d) Solemniser's Consent Form (need not be original)

e) Final divorce papers or death certificate of spouse if applicable (this document is strictly for your own reference).

f) Click here to download a copy of the Immigration Notice

If a party does not understand the English, Mandarin or Tamil language, please arrange for a Certified Interpreter (from the respective Embassy) to be present at Statutory Declaration and Solemnisation.

Documents are to be in the English language.

Hope it helps!
Unknown said…
just went for VD/SD yesterday ...

my appt was 3 - 4pm ... but since my wife-to-be's visa extension was rejected, i went ealier at 2:15pm to ROM and managed to get it done in 15 mins !!

then straight went down to ICA with the papers to appeal the rejection.

however, after waiting for 2 hours, the ICA office told me that at the most he can give me about 3 or 4 more days only; but if i return with the completed marriage cert, then can get 30 days, after which i can use this time to apply for LTVP.

btw, are you guys very sure that LTVP can find work here ? anyone can CONFIRM that and what is the process ?
mic said…
Thank u so much for your help!
Hi Mic,

You are welcome.

Hi Unknown,

I hope it works out fine for you.

And yes, foreign spouse of Singaporean on LTVP can find work in Singapore, but need a valid work pass, can refer here:

I think not many of us is aware of this, most people think need at least PR before the foreign spouse can find work, that's not true.

Employers should also understand that it may be lower in cost to hire foreign spouse on LTVP because they don't have to pay for foreign worker levy.

And also, the foreign spouse does not need to be from an approved source country, that means any nationality of foreign spouse can find work here.

If possible, help to spread the word, especially employers, they should really keep themselves updated on this kind of policy, it can help us and help them.
Unknown said…
just wondering do you open a bank account for your foreign wife here ? if you do, do you open the a/c with her foreign details (extra fees) or open another one under your own details for her use ?
Hi Unknown,

I don't open any account, every month I just withdraw a sum of money and give it to her directly.

Nowadays the new bank accounts have the fall-below fee thing, my POSB account was opened long before this new policy so it's not affected, furthermore, if I open a new account for her, I see no point since every month she will use finish, that means every month must pay the fall-below fee.
Anonymous said…
I saw 1 of your replies and was rather confused.
The correct procedure is to ROM first then go to the Thai embassy to do another Rom?

I think you are referring to my reply to mic, he was going to register his marriage in Singapore, but he also wishes to register this Singapore marriage in Thailand, so I referred him to Thai Embassy website on the procedures.

It's optional, I only register with my wife in Singapore but never register at Thai embassy.
Anonymous said…
Yup i was referring to that.
I was planning to have my baby to be born there, do you think registering at the Thai embassy is required? Or the Rom cert will be sufficient for the Thai hospital?
I haven't try but I can tell you what I think.

I don't think it's necessary because if my wife is Thai, they will charge her Thai rates for the ward and procedure, as to filling in the birth cert, I don't think a marriage cert is required, it's very common for Thais who are unmarried to have children, they can go ahead and fill in the father and mother details anyway.

My brother-in-law is not officially married to his current wife, they have a daughter, birth cert shows his details.

My wife's parents are also not officially married, my wife's birth cert also shows his father's details.
sk said…
btw thanks for all the info you provided me from the last few weeks..
deeply appreciate that you reply to some of our questions..
Unknown said…

Before we marry our our Thai girlfriend, is it compulsory to go for medical check up?
Hi Jeffrey,

There is no such requirement to ROM.

The check-up is only required when you apply LTVP for her.
Unknown said…
i am getting abit restless ... did an online application for my wife's LTVP on 4 oct ...but website reports still getting attention.

so how long does it take for the principle approval to be approved ? extended her visa for another 30 days since 2 Oct ... so dunno will there be any other issues.
Hi Unknown,

It takes up to 6 weeks, if your lucky maybe less than that, but depends on how busy ICA is.

If 30 days not enough, just bring her down to ICA to extend again, maybe 1 or 2 days before expiry is ok.

If something bad really happens, you can always appeal, so don't worry too much.
Unknown said…
i read some where that the principle approval will take about 2 weeks only ? so if i get it, do i still need to get visa extension for the following 4 more weeks ?

she is already on an extension visa ... no issue to get further extension if required ?

btw, one more thing, where she goes for the med checkup for the ltvp, what does the medical checkup check for ?
Hi Unknown,

When you submit the LTVP application, be it new or renewal, it can take up to 6 weeks approve. Once approved, they will ask you to make payment, after you pay, it will be approved In-Principal.

For new application, she will need to go for checkup, for renewal, I think every 2 years have to check once.

While applying for LTVP, she must have a valid visit pass, if expiring, you must extend for her no matter what, even for visa, worse comes to worst, you have to bring her down to ICA to request for extension.

For the checkup, they will check 2 things, one is Tuberculosis chest x-ray, the other is HIV testing, all can do at any GP i.e. neighbourhood private clinic.
Unknown said…
seems that i'll just have to apply for another extension for her to wait for her ltvp results.

is there a time frame for her to go for the checkup upon principle approval/payment ?
Hi Unknown,

Once she has the In-Principal Approval, she has up to 2 months to do the checkup (the approval is valid for 2 months), you will also need to help her book an appointment at ICA to complete the formalities.
Unknown said…
i just need to cfm that once she gets the principle approval and payment made, i do not have to do anymore visa or extension for her right ?

of course she will proceed with the checkup within the period of time.

any idea if she can leave SG once she gets the principle approval ? or must wait until she completes the formalities ?
Hi Unknown,

The In-Principal approval does not give her a valid stay, she still need to extend if needed, but when it is approved, ICA might auto-extend for her, you will see when you receive the approval email. They auto-extended for my wife because her short-term visit pass was expiring soon.

For leaving SG, you have to check with ICA, I haven't try that, if you know can also update me too, thanks.
Unknown said…
hi !

thanks for the replies ... at least i now know what will happen until the ICA makes their move.

its just weird knowing that since the ltvp needs 6 weeks, they only give you 4 for the extension ?? just want to make more money from us.

again, thanks for setting up this page for ppl to ask serious questions and get serious answers ... if we were to have posted on other websites, sure got alot of uncalled for comments and replies.
Hi Unknown,

I think the short-term visit pass i.e. the extension, maximum they can give at once is 30 days, a lady at ICA once told me that, and she says if finishing soon and not yet approved, make sure I personally bring my wife to ICA to extend. And don't forget to bring her passport and your identity card.

I've been there, imagine fellow Singaporeans also attack me, saying all sorts of nonsense, I don't understand why Singaporeans need to be so unkind to Singaporeans, sigh, but don't let these people ruin your mood, some people are just immature.
Gan said…
Hi. Came across ur blog. provide me with very useful informations. thanks!

I saw this 15 days rule. Would like to clarify abit on it. Does it means I have to be physically in Singapore before I file for notice OR after I have file for notice.

Then can my spouse-to-be arrive in Singapore just 1 or 2 days before verification of document stat declaration? Thx for the help
Hi Gan,

It is before the notice date, and either you or her also can.

"one of the parties to the intended marriage must have been physically present in Singapore for at least 15 days preceding the date of the notice."

Yes she can arrive 1 or 2 days before the VD/SD appointment, that's what my wife did, I think your doing what I was doing, trying to get as much time as possible, good move ;)
Unknown said…
guess Gan is trying to beat the 6 weeks waiting period for the LTVP ?

I was hoping for a 4 week principle approval but ICA just could not do it. In the end, went down to ICA last Wednesday and got the last queue number for the day at 4:20pm and managed to get a further 30 day extension.

I kinda dun understand how the extension thing works though ... i went down twice in person and got two extensions for FREE. I did an extension online for my wife and MIL previously and had to pay $30 each.

anyway, this next 2 weeks(5th and 6th week) are the crucial period as i must get the paperwork done before 13Nov as i will be going overseas for a week.
Hi Unknown,

Best of luck!
Anonymous said…
Hi, I'll be getting married with my Thai partner this coming week and wish to know more about the

Electronic Visit Pass (Long-Term)

I just ran a "trial" from the website just to see what am I supposed to fill in when I finally engaged to my Thai partner so that I can apply the LTVP (first-timer) for her.

I saw on this particular column whereby I need to fill in her Occupation and monthly gross salary, however currently she is not working here in Singapore so may I know what should I fill in in this case? or what did u first did when u marry your Thai partner in the first place.

Furthermore can I have some guides or steps to follow after I ROM with my Thai partner, what should I do in order for her to stay here long in Singapore before she gets her PR.

I am quite new and young to this so a more precise or definite guide would be helpful to me. Thanks and sorry for this long post. Hope you can help.
For application's Occupation you can put Unemployed, as for salary, just put $0, it's fine if she's not working because you will be the sponsor i.e. it's assumed you will be the one supporting her financially, so your Occupation and salary is more important.

After you ROM, you will get the marriage certificate, with that, you can apply LTVP for her, that should enable her to stay here, just need to renew it yearly. Note that there are some documents that you may need to translate, for example her education certificate, please ensure you get that ready before applying for LTVP.

Aim for the LTVP first, that's the most important if both of you intends to settle down in Singapore.

Anything else you can ask, it's ok to ask here, I will try to answer if I can.
Unknown said…
other than education cert, what other docs need translation ? also, most importantly, where can we get the translation done and roughly how much $$ ?
Hi Unknown,

Mainly is the education cert, but if the Thai spouse was divorced before, he/she will also need to produce the divorce certificate.

For translation, check out this link.
Anonymous said…
What if she lost her education cert already?
Is it possible to get the school to reproduce it? If it's not possible or too much hassle, I think just tell ICA she doesn't have it, unless it's a degree or some significant educational level.

I also don't think it will affect the application because ultimately you will be her sponsor.
Unknown said…
quite true ... coz the immigration officer i was talking to also told me to prepare our educatinal certs ... but if we can still find it ...else also nevermind.
Unknown said…
re the medical examination(for HVI and TB), how much did you guys pay at the neighbourhood clinic ?

recently my wife had some bacterial infection on her legs and i spent about $500 at SGH for her case. when she was there, SGH did a xray for her for TB already ... wonder if i can use that ? else got to do a double take for the LTVP application.
Unknown said…
continued from above, i just received my principle approval ... and i need to get all my docs in place and the med report as well.

so after preparing everything, i will need to make a e-appt to go down to submit for verification ... so will i get the LTVP card during the same appt or another day ?
Hi Unknown,

I paid $38 for the HIV test and $12.80 for the TB x-ray last year December when I renewed my wife's LTVP.

You can check with the GP, you should be able to reuse it if the doctor is okay with it because he just need to certify that a check was done and attach the scan result, so remember to bring along the x-ray and scan result for the doctor to see.

Actually my GP did not perform the scan for my wife because his clinic does not have the equipment, so he referred us to another clinic nearby, after the scan, that clinic sent the result to him after 1-2 days, we go see him, he signed and ticked on the medical examination report and attached the scan result, that's it.

And yes, you will get it on the day of appointment, only once, no need to go again, but make sure you prepare the documents as instructed so everything can go ahead smoothly.

I hope your wife is fine.
Anonymous said…
hi Unknown, how much is your salary? I am worry as my salary is only 1900.I am afraid ICA will reject my wife LTVP application.
Unknown said…
i think salary will not be a very big issue, else there will be many bachelors left around ...:)

$1900 should be good enough to secure your wife's annual LTVP. Just have to make sure that you have all the documents in order and also photograph for her LTVP-card when you go for the formalities. btw, teh medical check-up must be original, the rest can be copies but original for verification.

however, i think pay will be a bigger issue when applying for PR for your wife.

my colleague has a vietnamese wife and told me that best not to have a child before getting PR ... else will be hard to get PR with child.

btw, my colleague also declare $50k/year income.
Anonymous said…
hi Unknown,how come it is hard to get PR with a child?? I thought is it easier with a child?
Unknown said…
frankly, i am just as stumped as you ... however my colleague said that it was becoz with child, you expenses will go up and so the auth will have to see if you can maintain a fanily or not. if you got no $$ to upkeep a family, then they might not give your wife PR in case your wife becomes a liability for SG.

anyway, i would also like to hear from others out there who have applied and got PR for your wives ... so i can also prepare myself.
Actually once you have a Singaporean child, PR is not very necessary anymore, because the foreign spouse will be eligible for LTVP+ which provides lower healthcare costs, easier access to employment and longer term of stay.

As for housing, you as a Singaporean can apply with your Singaporean child and foreign spouse for a BTO flat which is much cheaper than resale.
Unknown said…
but LTVP got to renew every year right ? whereas PR is 5 years once ?

as for healthcare costs, care to elaborate ? coz LTVP are still considered foreign visitors right ? i only see subsidized rates for PR/SC at polyclinics.
There are 2 types, the normal LTVP and LTVP+. LTVP+ first time is 3 years, after that can renew up to 5 years.

For healthcare with LTVP+, I think only for government hospitals, and only for in-patient services, so for polyclinics I think not included.
Unknown said…
seems the LTVP+ is just as good as the PR ... except that PR got subsidy at polyclinics ... anyway, i'll just buy health insurance for her to cover that.

but just for everyone, how long you took to get the PR and when did you start applying for it ? right after the LTVP ?
Kelvin said…
Hi there,
I have read your guide on how to marry a thai girl in singapore it very handy thanks alot, just wondering i saw on the ica website there is a security bond to pay for LTVP, any idea how much is it? Another question is when i apply LTVP for her can she return to thailand and wait for ICA results of the LTVP application? Sorry post so much questions.
Unknown said…
my wife got her LTVP end Nov 13 ... no bond to pay. Approval will come in about 6 weeks, so if can, better wait here in SG ... else if go back, then re-entry visa into SG not approved later, will have big headache.
Kelvin said…
Hi again,

Thanks so much for the reply. Noted I will heed your advice. Have a good weekend
Anonymous said…
Hi. Is it faster to apply LTVP online or visit ICA straight.
Unknown said…
you CAN ONLY apply online.
Unknown said…
anyone of the men here sent your foreign wives to study here ? I am thinking of sending my wife for English course but the fees are around $1.5k for a whole course.

anyway to work around it when they are still on LTVP ?
Jeremy said…
Hi just wondering for the interpreter do you need to hire just for the verification & Statutory Declaration day or need an interpreter on solemnization day itself as well?
Hi Jeremy,

Depends on whether you solemnize at ROM or outside, if ROM, I think you better prepare because the solemnizer is arranged by ROM, those people are very strict, but if outside i.e. you find your own solemnizer, you check with him/her whether okay not to include interpreter, I think most likely they are okay with it.
Jeremy said…
Thanks very much for your reply, i will take note of that and i will prepare an interpreter because i will be doing it at ROM.
Unknown said…
anyone applied successfully for PR for their foreign spouses ?

just filled up the form last night and when I went to the e-apt website today .... the appts were full right up to SEP !!??

anyway to work around this ? coz my wife's LTVP up to Nov14 only. If not how or when to start extension/renewal of LTVP ... since appts are hard to come by.

another thing, once you get your PR application appt, how long will it take for the approval / rejection to come ?
My wife's PR still pending, already more than 5 months.

Just book whatever date that is available and convenient for both of you.

Based on my experience, the first time we applied, took 6 months for ICA to reject, they will also send a letter by post to your address saying that it's rejected.
Unknown said…
Hi there, thanks for sharing some much important information. Would like to ask, is it possible after ROM, applied online for LTVP (in order to let wife stay in Singapore longer) and straight away try applying for PR? anyway to jump to PR straight? I read from the ICA website regarding PR, they only state spouse, you can apply already. But surely there must be some hidden eligibility for them to consider right? Any idea?
Hi William,

Yup, you can do that, as long as you have the ROM cert, you can apply.
Unknown said…
just an update ... initial date of appointment was in Sep14 and i was pretty stressed that it was so far away ... but i was pleasantly surprised when i logged into the system on Thursday (1 may)night and saw almost 8 days of open slots in May !! but when i refreshed my screen, only two were left and so i quickly changed my appt to the next day, 2 May ... and i saved 4 months of waiting !!

anyway, after submitting the docs, was told by the officer that AVERAGE waiting time is between 4 to 6 months but may be longer. And that I can check online after 4 months or just wait for letter.
Haha, good for you, saved so much time, but nowadays have to wait until Sep then have slot? That's about 4 months later! I guess ICA must be super busy!
Unknown said…
yup, at least my wife's ltvp still got 7 months ... so if lucky, no need to extend the ltvp ...

at first i did not believe that got chance even if i were to check back on the website ... but after the public holiday ... i guess many people could not make it back to SG in time for their appts so they had t resched last minute and left so many openings.
Keep me updated on her PR, my wife's PR still pending, I will post update once I have news.
Anonymous said…
Hi there, thanks for the useful info in your blog..just need your advice, as I will be having my ROM next month in June with my Thai wife, I know normally couples tend to apply LTVP a day after ROM ..just wan to know will there be any impact on the result of LTVP if i only apply for her LTVP say around August/Sept or even later as she needs to return to Thailand after our ROM next month to prepare for our customary wedding to be held in Nov after which she will come to SG for good..lokking forward to your advice :)

Actually you can apply LTVP anytime you wish to, people tend to apply on day of ROM or a few days later because they want to get it early.

Or you can apply after ROM, because it also takes time to process, can take up to 6 weeks to approve, then they will give in-principal approval, you will need to make payment and then book an appointment for completion of formalities, that can take maybe another few weeks, and the only time she need to appear at ICA building is when collecting the LTVP so prior to that you can do it online and just wait.
Anonymous said…
Hi, thanks so much for the advice...that means to say the processing time from submission of application to the day of LTVP collection will be around 2 months?

LTVP application can take up to 6 weeks to approve, once approved (in-principal approval), you have up to 2 months to book and go for an appointment to complete formalities (also to collect the LTVP card), so roughly it's between 2 to slightly over 3 months, depending on when you go for the completion of formalities.
Anonymous said…
Understood, thanks again !
Anonymous said…
Hi can i ask you that if should marry my thai girlfriend in Thai or Singapore? I heard its eaisier and cheaper over there. Also if i choose to marry her in thai (so she can enter Singapore with less trouble), can i marry her again in Singapore? Thanks for reading

It's up to you, if you find it more convenient in Thailand then go ahead, it's more of a personal preference thing, and as long as your partner is okay with it.

You can choose to marry again in Singapore, but there really is no need because your Thai marriage certificate is recognized in Singapore, you can use it to apply for LTVP, PR, Housing and etc, only thing is you have to translate into English.
Anonymous said…
How about vice versa? Is Singapore Marriage Certificate recognized in Thailand ?

Yes, for example in future maybe you wish to move to Thailand, you can use your Singapore marriage certificate to apply for the Non-Immigrant Visa-O (THAI SPOUSE).
Anonymous said…
oh ok! thanks again!
Anonymous said…
Hi there! I refer to my queries dated "May 8 2014 1:47:00", you mentioned that i can booked appointment for completion of formalities once i received the in-principal approval via letter from ICA,does that means that my wife MUST be present in Spore from the time I received the in- principal approval to the time of appointment of formalities OR she only needs to be present on the day of the appointment for formalities only? just want to clarify this again as she needs to go back to bkk for our wedding preparation in Nov'14...

No need for her to stay until the completion date, just ensure she is in Singapore on the day of appointment.
Anonymous said…
ok got it ! Thanks so much!
Anonymous said…
Hi there, i got a slight problem here...i refer to my past queries dated "May 27, 2014, 1:42:00 AM"...if my Thai wife is not in singapore, and when i apply LTVP online for her, there is a must to fill in "Disembarkation/Embarkation (D/E) card "..what should i fill as she is not in Singapore..does that mean to say she must be in Singapore when i submit the LTVP application online ? please confused...
Anonymous said…
Oh..and one more question...what are the things we need to fill up in the E-VPs for we need to prepare all the forms and attached completed Appendix/V234/V39I etc with marriage certs etc etc online as stated on the website under documents required? Or this are only required when we go for the appointment for submission of formalities ?

I just tried and it seems like for new application the DE card is required, maybe you can call ICA and see what can be done.

For renewal it's not required to fill in the DE card number.

As for the documents, you will only need to submit it during the completion of formalities, some cases they may ask you to submit early so better to prepare first.
Anonymous said…
oh ok...will check with ICA about this...starting to get worried ..
Don't worry, worst case is you bring her here and then you apply ;)
Anonymous said…
Hi there, i have just checked with ICA..just to share on this blog..she has to be here upon submission of application for LTVP..after submission online is done..she can go back and wait for reply on principal approval :)

Thanks for coming back to share the information, I'm sure it will help many others.
Anonymous said…
Don't mention..this is a good place to share and help one another :)
JrmJay said…
Hi there,I am worried on the verification and collection of documents day before the ROM.
May I know what they will ask my thai fiancee to read or the type of questions to expect? Is it really necessary to engage a certified thai translator or can I get a Thai friend to follow? Thank you.
Hi Jay,

Your spouse-to-be will need to read out a long declaration unassisted but if she needs help, then only a certified interpreter can help her, your Thai friend will probably not be allowed to help unless he/she is certified.

So before you go there, make sure she can read by herself or else just get an interpreter beforehand.
Anonymous said…
Hi there, i found your blog really helpful but the situation i have on-hand is rather "unique". I am worried about the whole process after reading through some of the concerns here, and i hope that you could advice and guide me along the way.

I am currently studying full time for my degree, however i am not employed. And throughout my life, i have only worked part time and i barely contributed to my CPF. My thai fiancee is pregnant for about 10 weeks now, and i am currently looking at ROM dates to marry her ASAP. Will i come across any problems apart from those who have clarified their doubts here?

After reading through everyone's queries, i realized i am f***ed because i have no income for now? I have exactly one year left until my graduation, and let's say that i actually get a part time job, will it be considered?
What other advices do you have or steps should i take? Oh, and regarding the ICA forms, (eg. FormV107) from the ICA link you've provided. Do i print it out and ask my fiancee to fill it up first, or can i do it after the ROM?

I apologize for the long post.
Anonymous said…
One more thing to add to the above post.
I read a brief portion in the ICA website stating that visitors or foreigners need to seek permission to give birth in Singapore and something about depositing a security fund. But what if i have booked the ROM date already? Am i missing something here? I'm confused....

If you intend to have your child take up SG citizenship, you should try to marry her before your child is born otherwise the child will be considered born out of wedlock and will not be automatically granted SG citizenship.

Income-wise, part-time employment is usually quite difficult to get approval for LTVP, you can try speaking to your parents to see if they are willing to speak to ICA, and whether they can sponsor for your wife's stay temporarily, at least until you graduate and get a job with regular income.

As for the forms and documents for applying LTVP, you can start to prepare after your ROM as you will need the marriage details, cert number etc.

As for the permission to give birth here, once you ROM, you can apply LTVP for her, together with the application you will also need to submit the form V107 since she is pregnant. I assume you will ROM 3 months later, by then your gf should be about 22-23 weeks pregnant, still plenty of time for you to do the necessary since a typical pregnancy is 40 weeks.

Don't worry, do it one step at a time, but plan in advance. Marry first, apply LTVP, decide whether you want her to give birth here or in her country (could be much cheaper in her country), and ultimately don't neglect your studies. Also ask for your parents support, it's not going to be easy to juggle all this alone, especially since you are still studying.

Best of luck!
Anonymous said…

So even if i work part time and do contribute to my CPF, (it will be little but at least something). I will still stand a higher chance if anyone from my family sponsors my wife temporarily?

I did read your other blogs, and you did mention going over to thailand to give birth instead. Since i am still a studying, will my chances be even lower if she gives birth in thailand? By the way, i am sorry for your lost of your first child.

I have discussed with my fiancee, and we have planned to give birth here in Sg, she will source for work here after giving birth. If she still can't get a job, i don't mind going back to thailand with her and i will work there after i graduate. I have spoken to my family, and they are supportive of this. I just need to gather as much information and advice as i can from experienced personnels like yourself, before i make my final decision.

Provided ICA allows your parents to be the sponsor, I remember reading of such a case where ICA granted such approval, if your family is supportive, then I think should be fine.

The main thing about giving birth in Thailand instead is the much lower cost, as for applying LTVP, ICA will look at the sponsor's job and income, usually they will reject if the sponsor has no, unstable or very low income. But don't give up, you can always appeal if they reject, tell them your family is supportive, that you will graduate in one year's time and etc.

And thanks for your concern.
Anonymous said…
I will consider having my wife give birth in Thailand if all else fails. I can't thank you enough for taking time out to read and understand my situation.I appreciate your kind words and advices, it means a lot. Take care.

Anonymous said…
Hi there, got a question, i have got a appt date for completion of formalites on 28Nov'14 for my thai wife's application of LTVP ...just want to know if we are able to get the LTVP on that day or do we need to wait for a few days after the formalites are done?Fyi, this is a new application...
You can get it on the day of appointment.
Anonymous said…
oh ok, which means to say the effective start date of the LTVP card is also on 28 Nov'14 right?
Anonymous said…

I'm a Singaporean girl about to marry a Thai guy who will come here on a tourist visa.

As per your mention "then she has to be in Singapore before the appointment for verification and statutory declaration" --- will we be given a list of dates to choose from? We want to incur as little expenses as possible, so I want to plan his arrival date close to the verification, and solemnization dates.

Also, thanks for all this info. Your blog has been a tremendous help!
Yep, the effective start date of LTVP is the day that you collect.

The appointment for verification and statutory declaration is fixed at 3 days before the solemnization date, cannot choose it. As for solemnization date, you have to decide if you want to solemnize at ROM or outside, if outside then more flexible, if at ROM then you have to book a date, might not be easy to get a date you like. If solemnize outside, you can check with the solemnizer, any day any time is okay as long as the solemnizer is okay.

Glad it helps!
Anonymous said…
hi sir, thanks for your blog, its amazing and full of information. My name is ken, and i know my thai girlfriend from a thai disco 3 years ago. She had been to singapore for around 5 times during the last 3 years. But last year, during august and latest in november, she was denied entry at changi airport with no reasons given. I was with her at the last trip, explaining to the custom officers she was a VIP, invited for my sisiter wedding. i even had showed a original wedding invitation card, but to no avail. So she was left in a cold room, enduring all 10 hours before flying back to bangkok.
I hope to go through a proper way to bring her over so she can stay with my family. Marriage is on the line, but i have not sound out to her. So really will like to check for your opinions;
1) can she apply for a student pass ? I will like her to study for a proper english certificate so in the future she can get a job. She can converse in english at 50% and chinese at 80%.
2) or i straight away apply for Long Term Visit Pass + for her ? The only drawback is i had lived in bangkok in 2014 for 10 months, so there no income for me in 2014.I only started work in my new company for only 7 months, currently earning around 4.5k. I heard there a requirement from ICA to furnish at least 1 year income statement.
I really look forward to your recommendations as i cannot take care of her while she is bangkok. Please provide a light for me on my next step. Thanks for your help sir.

Well ICA is the authority so really nothing we can do about it if they want to deport a person.

Yes she can apply for a student pass, but she must first find an institute that will accept her, you can find more information here:

Take note that courses at these kind of private institutes can be quite costly.

If you are married to her, you can apply LTVP for her, don't worry about the income statement, just provide whatever you can, most important thing is you have a stable job with regular income.

Best of luck!
Anonymous said…
Hi Bro,

Can I just check with you, if i get married in other country (eg. Vietnam) then come back with my wife to SG, normal visit pass is 30 days stay, so during this 30 days, we will have to go to ROM and get married in SG then apply for LTVP?

Also the waiting time for LTVP is 6 weeks, so the normal visit pass can extend?

Thanks for answering!
Unknown said…
once you show them the singapore marriage cert, and your partner got no legality issues, you WILL get the necessary extension.

anyway, normally your visa application will last for 30 days ... after which you can seek an extension for another 30 days; so 60 days easily.

for my case, the immigration officer did not even think twice to give me another 30 days (after 60 days) when i produced my SG marriage cert.
Ed said…

I have been going through your thread and found a lot of helpful information.

Can I clarify with you what is "Filing of Notice?"

Hi Ed,

When you apply to get married in SG, you need to file a Notice of Marriage, in which during this period of notice (day of registration to day of marriage), anyone may object to the marriage by providing valid reason to ROM.
Ed said…
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my query. Bless you
Ed said…
Hi again

I was reading through the whole list of queries and comments and was wondering if you can clarify my doubts.

1. You mentioned translation is needed during the reading of long declaration for the Verification and Collection of documents. I understand the declaration is in English and Mandarin right? Because if my partner understands Mandarin should not be an issue.

2. Do you know of any tranlation services for chinese documents?

Unknown said…
I'm Vietnamese and we book ROM on 3feb will sign marry but the custom stop me when me arrived(I having preanant amost 6months now)
The custom said my husband must send an appeal letter to ica,when I get the letter agree I can enter Singapore
But my husband said some one told him hard to get it bcs the ica very difficult
So he give up
Do u think easy for me to come to Singapore to sing married after send letter to ica?
Unknown said…
I'm Vietnamese and we book ROM on 3feb will sign marry but the custom stop me when me arrived(I having preanant amost 6months now)
The custom said my husband must send an appeal letter to ica,when I get the letter agree I can enter Singapore
But my husband said some one told him hard to get it bcs the ica very difficult
So he give up
Do u think easy for me to come to Singapore to sing married after send letter to ica?
Unknown said…
I'm Vietnamese and we book ROM on 3feb will sign marry but the custom stop me when me arrived(I having preanant amost 6months now)
The custom said my husband must send an appeal letter to ica,when I get the letter agree I can enter Singapore
But my husband said some one told him hard to get it bcs the ica very difficult
So he give up
Do u think easy for me to come to Singapore to sing married after send letter to ica?
Hi Ngoc Thanh,

Sorry for late reply.

Ask your husband to look for his Member of Parliament (MP) and tell the MP about your situation. The MP will then write a letter of appeal to ICA. If you are pregnant I think higher chance.

Best of luck!
Gary said…
Thanks for the advice.

Another question...

While reading up the ROM website, there is something that I do no really understand.

"for couples where at least one party is not a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident, one of the parties to the intended marriage must have been physically present in Singapore for at least 15 days preceding the date of the notice. (Please note that the day of arrival in Singapore is not included.)"

Does it apply to us Singaporeans wanting to marry foreigner spouse?

Could anyone help me clarify on the 15 days thing?
Because I intend to fly over to pick her up before our ROM.

Could you briefly explain what procedure is required for applying ROM?
Hi Gary,

Yes, but since you are already living here so you should have met the 15 days, unless you have been living overseas and come back here just for marriage.

You have to decide whether to solemnize at ROM or outside ROM. Once you are sure, you can file the notice of marriage. And if you solemnize outside, then you have to find a solemnizer.
Gary said…
Because I am flying over to pick her up and fly over together.

So for example, me and my gf arrive on 4th Feb in SG together. Do we have to wait for 15 days before we can do the notice of marriage?

Just afraid that there's any screwups if it applies to me as well.
Hi Gary,

I see, I think better to file the notice before you fly over, that's what I did, only a few days before solemnization then bring her over.
Gary said…
Thank you so much for your advice.
Gary said…

Is there anyway to expedite the ROM? Because my GF is due in June, and I had initially wanted to arrange my ROM on 4th March. But I was shock when I went into the ROM website and saw that the earliest available date for ROM within ROM to be 1st April. What should I do now? really hope that there is a way to expedite the ROM cos I am afraid that my GF will not be allowed to fly into SG in April by airline or any authorities.

Please advise.

Will appreciate if you could email me at
Hi Gary,

Or you can solemnize outside of ROM, you can look for a solemnizer here:

Details of marrying outside ROM here:

If you marry outside, you can solemnize after 21 days of filing notice.
Unknown said…
I believe Gary is asking about the date of collecting the blank marriage certificate from ROM.
Unknown said…
hy I'm restya from indonesia and my boyfriend singaporean. in february imigration refuse me come to singapore and then my boyfriend go to ica for appeal with reason we want to register marry. If ICA rejected my boyfriend appeal he will register marry in ROM. can I come to singapore after my boyfriend register marry because appeal rejected with ICA ??? could imigration hold me and refuse me again in changi ??? thx u so much
Unknown said…
@restya : unfortunately, marriage will not guarantee you entry into Singapore. It might "help abit" but cannot guarantee. ROM and ICA is different department.
Anonymous said…
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Our team of professionals are equipped with the neccessary skills and knowledge to provide suggestions and assiatance throughtout the whole process to enhance the possibilities for the approval of the visa, within the shortest time frame possible.

The whole process may be tedious and time-consuming, but not to worry, our team will be there to assist you throughout for reasonable fees. This will help you save time, costs and effort, thus minimizing problems and ensuring a smooth process throughout.

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3. Thai to English translation services

4. Documentations for all of our provided services.
Welcome to Majestic Tiara SGTH Consultancy & Services.

I have been reading this post for quite sometime and I would like to seek your advise if the things I'm going to do are correct.

My fiance is in Chiang Mai so I will be going over in April to pick her up. Then we will go to Bangkok and then come to SG.

For ROM, we will do it a week after we come back from Thailand which is somewhere in end April so I should register the date for ROM exactly 3 months prior which is in January 2017?

I know of my fiance will need to read a long declaration unassisted, where can I apply for interpreter for the ROM?

Then after we get the marriage certificate, I can go online apply for LTVP for my wife?

I read that the approval may take up to 6 months to process. It should not take that long right and if it really is that long, where can I extend my wife visit pass for 6 months or does has have to back to Thailand?

Yeah, if you are going to solemnize at ROM, then better go check out their calendar to see if the date you want is available.

You can hire an interpreter at the Thai Embassy in SG.

Yes, once you get the cert, you can immediately apply online for the LTVP, just make sure you prepare all the necessary documents and translated in advance.

Did you go for the pre-marriage LTVP assessment? If yes then should be up to 6 weeks, if no then up to 6 months.

All the best!

Could you provide me guidance on where I can hire an interpreter at the Thai Embassy in SG as I could not find it on their website.

Is it really the only documents needed to translate is the highest qualification? If not, what other document you suggest I should translate it?
I think it's not stated on their website but they provide interpreter service. You can call or email them to enquire.

Yes, only her education cert will do. Her passport have both English and Thai so no need.
Anonymous said…
Hi all,

FYI, Just to share the Interpreter Contacts after I had call up Thai Embassy... they Recommended Khun Adisak Foo - +65 96755566. I think he charging $120 per Trip. He Advise 2 days need Translation - Documentation Verification & Actual ROM Day.
Thanks for sharing, by the way I think he is the one who helped me with my wife's translations, very friendly.

just to check. if my wife want to take my surname after we get rom. what is the procedure?

You need to get a lawyer to do a deed poll, change your wife's surname to yours. After that whatever document/place/system that shows her old surname will need to be updated, ltvp, blue ic, singpass, mobile bill account etc, and her thailand documents, her passport, thai id card, household census list etc.

I think those thai documents can do later if she is staying here, most important are the sg ones, because some by law require must update within certain period, the lawyer will let you know.

Thanks because I will be getting rom in the coming weeks. So the flow will be:

verification, rom, apply ltvp. Once ltvp approved then I go find lawyer to do deed poll?

Once I have the deed poll, I find ICA to do the surname change for my wife. Do you know how much they charge?

Then for the change name of Thai passport, this can only be done in Thai embassy? Do you know how much they charge?

Do you also have any lawyer to recommend to do the deed poll and how much they charge? Or just any lawyer is sufficient?

Thank you.
Have you done the pre-marriage LTVP assessment?

If yes then just ROM and apply for LTVP with the marriage certificate.

With the marriage cert, you can also find a lawyer to do the deed poll.

I'm not sure about the charges as I have not done it before.

For the deed poll, you should also translate a copy into Thai because you will need it for updating her thai documents.

You can try calling a law firm to enquire, I guess any registered law firm should be able to do it.
Jac said…
Hi do you know what docements do I need from singapore before I could married my wife in Thailand? Thank
Anonymous said…

Thank you so much for all your sharing!!

My wife is Thai too and she has her ltvp and has already applied for PR and we are just waiting.
Now for my part..
how did you and your wife update Thai authorities after your ROM in sg?
And as for your sg child, how did you and your wife update thai authorities or apply for pass for your child(or yourself) so you guys can stay in Thailand for longer periods?

Thank you!!


We didn't register in Thailand, only ROM in SG. Actually don't really need to, because the SG marriage cert is also recognized in Thailand. Really depends which is more convenient.

Currently we are staying in SG, didn't apply for pass in Thailand. But for you is the Visa-O:

For your child can check with Thai embassy as I am not sure, but I think certain age don't need visa, better confirm with them.
Unknown said…
Hi. Got some question to ask, hope someone can help. My fiancee is a Vietnamese. She is 3 months pregnant now. We have went to the gyne in Vietnam and get document to proof that she is pregnant and had translated it to English. We are going to rom on the 25 sept and vd/sd appointment is on the 20 Sept. We had printed out this as well. My fiancee and I will be going to Singapore tonight. Will she have problem coming in to Singapore? She had came twice this year already, once on feb for 2 months and once on May for 10 days. On the second trip, the immigration only chop her 10 days on passport as her return flight is 10 days.
Hi kelvin,

Maybe don't come so early, September then come. And when she come, buy return ticket should be ok.
Unknown said…
If come now will have chance to get reject entry? If really reject entry, what should I do?
Unknown said…
just wondering ... why still fiancee ? already 3 months pregnant somemore ?

i am not trying to be funny ... but if you are serious and will be getting married, just get it done over with. Once you get the marriage cert, you can apply for extended stay and then apply LTVP within the next two months.

but thing is your wife cannot leave Singapore in the short term again ... but if the baby is born in SG and takes citizenship here, her chances of getting PR will be greatly expedited.

if you face any problem in extending here stay during this period, go see you MP and Immigration will also extend more help to you.

and when you go immigration office, be a dear and talk nicely to the officers there - they can help you more than you think.

anyway, this is my past experience... and i did get some help with my questions here in this website also although my wife is from China.
Hi kelvin,

If come too early then later may need to extend.

If you buy return tickets for her should be safer.
Anonymous said…
Hi first all very informative blog ...thanks for taking the time to do it ....

Need advise if possible ...some history first... got to know my wife a couple of years back

Before marriage, applied pre marriage ltvp assessment ... was rejected ... so just went ahead and registered for marriage .... arranged for her to come ... stopped at airport ... same as people encountered .... required me to go ica to appeal for her to come in but before this i emailed ica asking anything i can do to guaratee her entry to sing but say dun have the discretion of customs at airport.. argued with ica at the airport over the phone ..told officer you say must go ica but ur ica people say at ur discretion then i how.. in the end gave her special pass to come in .. took 4 hours of waiting at the airport.. but she had to leave on the day of ROM. No go on extention as on special pass .... appealed immediately for her to come again ... took abt a month to get approval but again say at the discretion of customs at airport whether she can come in..... duh .... like wtf ....

Anyway i will fly over to return to sing to apply ltvp

So my question is

1) is it really necessary to have education documents ? I asked her but say dun have .. will it affect ltvp application? Seriously doubt will be able to get any education documents as she never even completed primary school

2) will she be able to return to vn upon submission ?? I have heard conflicting stories .... some say die die must be in sing because ofbteh embarkatiob card number .... and now i read can go back and if approval come ... come back for appt ...,

3) in ur opinion .... my average in come is abt 3k plus rental income frm my spare bedroom .... hdb is in my name .... which i bought before i knew her .... what are my chances like

4) is it necessary to buy a return ticket ... since i will be travelling with her .... trying to save some $$$ here ... lol ... every cent counts ... in the event that she is rejected .... i am there to buy the ticket for her to return

Thanks .... hope to hear from u soon

Unknown said…
i know you will feel anxious and angry when you face troubles at immigration. There is no difference between airport immigration and ICA at Lavender.

however, one of the worst thing you can do is to argue with the CIQ officers - regardless where they are.

try to be as humble as you can and blame yourself for everything and hopefully you can get their "pity" and then they might turn around and help you instead.

when i brought my wife to ICA to extend her stay, we have not enough time also .... but the officer managed to squeeze us in at an earlier date instead and it solved our problem.

last but not least, approach your MP for help.

I also did that when applying for extension of LTVP ... also time not enough ... but after the MP letter, i got a rely from ICA within 3 days !
Anonymous said…
No argument with them ... explained .... they insisted that i go ica .... luckily i had the email from ica which i forwarded to my spouse and showed it to them that they stated entry to singapore is dependent on them. Wierd questions they ask ... how come my spouse dun have data plan when come to somgapore like duh !!
Unknown said…
what I meant is just give in to them for that few mins of your life .., make them feel as if they rule your life ... act dumb and as if you really need their help.

they will help you when they see you are helpless. any officer can do anything ... as long as they feel "happy".

but if you play black and white with them, then it will make life very difficult for you and your wife.

once you get what you came for, then just wipe them from your memory !!
Unknown said…
But just don't do anything stupid.

ICA officer charged with accepting bribes to grant social visit passes
Vince said…
Hi, very informative read from this site. Thanks in advance. Just like to seek some further advises. I've booked my Solemnization on this date 20th Nov and the VD/SD is on the 6th Nov. I will be flying over to Vietnam to bring my fiancee back to Singapore on the 3rd Nov. I have done the pre-marriage LTVP assessment and is successful. I have also gone down to ICA to apply a visit pass, together with all the necessary documents, ie Summary of Notice of marriage etc. Due to her previous refusal of entry. (No legal issues of her with Singapore immigration) And I've received ICA's reply thru post and it only indicates that my spouse to be may visit Singapore as a normal visitor, subject to her meeting the usual entry requirements. Nevertheless, visit pass is accessed by immigration officer at point of entry.I know this reply is like no reply. Her arrival date is on 3rd Nov and I'm planning her return a week after our solemnization on 20th Nov. I understand that she needs to have sufficient funds for her period of stay . Can you guide me on the amount she needs to carry with her? What is more worrying for me is that if she is being brought in to immigration holding office again for hours and me waiting outside. What can I do and what number to contact the immigration office? Kindly do advise from all these experienced fellow bros. I don't want to mess up my ROM. Thanks alot.
Hi Vince,

Not sure if they change the number but you can enquire at the information counter at the airport to get the latest, the counter staff should be able to provide.

Since she is not staying here long, just get a return ticket for her, with short stay and return ticket very good chances of getting through smoothly.
Vince said…
Thanks, will follow your advise.
Anonymous said…
Hi bros,

Kindly advice me on what i should do. i have registered my ROM on the 12th DEC 2017. my gf previously came SG one time before for 26 days in January this year. But when she was at airport before departing. The officer actually checked her bag and saw she had $2k on her. Officer said she was working in SG and departed her for 2 years. Currently i have submitted the LTVP pre-assessment and waiting for an response from ICA. May i know what i should do next? Thank you in advance!
So they banned her from entering SG for 2 years? When does the ban end? I think just wait for the results, nothing else you can do.
JWNY said…
Thank you for sharing this informative blog.

I was just wondering, if we are not based in Singapore currently. Is there any need to apply for the LTSVP?

LTVP is for long-term stay in SG, but if there is no need for that then you don't have to apply. You can apply anytime you move back to SG, can be done online at:
Anonymous said…
Hi,i just need some advice,im currently long term pass holder,waiting for the loc to approve,is there anyone experience waiting the loc for 30 days?
Unknown said…
Hi all,

I need an advise, current my partner is here on a short term 30 days pass, the pass will end around 8th May, but we applied for ROM the signing date is 6th July, is there anyway to get extension or stay for 2 months or she need to go back and fly back sg again nearer to rom date?
Hi Kenneth,

As a foreigner it is not easy for her to get extension of 2 months, I suggest for her to return first and come a few days before your VD/SD.

Anyway after your ROM she most likely need extension for her LTVP to approve, in the meantime get ready all the documents first.
Unknown said…
Thank you very much!
maharishii said…

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Intern said…
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Intern said…
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Black Bean said…
Hi bro ...

I'm Chinese from Malaysia working in Singapore (PR not SC). I wish to marry with my Thai girl friend and living together in Singapore .

What is the step to getting married ?
Eric said…
Hey bro . Any guide if my spouse is below age 21 but above 18?
Hi Black Bean,

You can check out the latest info on getting married in SG here:

Hi Eric,

If you are marrying in SG, you can check out this link:

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