27 March 2012

Condolences to Madam Samai Chatthahan and Family of Mr. Lim Wei Kwan, Jason

I only learned about the whole story today and I feel shocked, and very sad for the family but I'm glad that help has been swiftly offered by NTUC and MCYS, and also very glad that Mr. Lim's eldest son, young Mr. Lim Itthiphat has finally obtained his citizenship after 10 long years of trying. My heart feels heavy when I realized that the late Mr. Lim is unable to share the happiness with his family, but I'm sure he will be happy now, wherever he is.

Now that I think back, let's look at the new LTVP+. One of the eligibility criteria is that a foreign widow of a Singaporean is allowed to apply, provided she has a Singaporean child. Doesn't that ring a bell? The incident happened around mid Dec 2011, and ICA is introducing the new pass on 01 Apr 2012. I also understand that the late Mr. Lim tried applying for permanent residency for Madam Samai, 3 times but was all rejected.

With the introduction of the new pass, Madam Samai will be eligible for LTVP+ and that means she does not have to return to her country when her LTVP expires. She will be able to continue staying here and bring up the kids.

I applaud ICA for the quick introduction of the new pass but it's a shame that such a pass, one that is necessary to bridge the huge gap between PR and LTVP statuses, one that will help to keep families together, has to come at the price of a man's life. I think he is the hero of every Singaporean who has married a foreign spouse, and who will be benefiting from the new pass.

Salute and Rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

Hi, as you said applaud to ICA for a quick introduction of the new pass n Madam Samai will be eligible for the LTVP+. May I know has she gained the LTVP+ yet?

admin said...

Hi, I can only hope that she has obtained as I am not sure myself. But there is a clause in LTVP+ that says, "Couples who have at least one Singaporean child from their marriage will be eligible to apply for the LTVP+.", and also following Q&A from ICA:

Q17: I am a foreign widow of a Singaporean and have a young Singaporean child. Am I eligible to apply for LTVP+?
A17: Yes, you are eligible to apply for LTVP+.