09 July 2012

Get Rick Quick Playing Diablo 3

It depends on how one defines rich, but by my standard, I can't get rich by playing Diablo 3.

I have been playing since launch on 15 May but I'm no hardcore player. I played for a total of about 300 hours from all my characters combined, farmed up quite a bit of items to sell on the RMAH but as you can see here, I'm not earning much. Over the course of 20 days of selling, I made 191.56 Singapore Dollars (less 6 SGD; 2x$3 refunds for confirming paypal account info), which works out to about $9.55 per day. It's not much because my job actually pays me way more than that.

For a entertainment product, I think I got more than what I paid for. Just want to say this, just play this game as a game, don't play it for the sake of making money, the amount of time invested just doesn't make any sense.

As I have always said to in-game players, good luck and have fun!

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