06 October 2012

Withdraw Money from PayPal to POSB Account

POSB Info for PayPal

Country: Singapore
Name on account: This must be exactly the same as the name under your POSB account, the name order must also be the same e.g. Tan Ah Kow, not Ah Kow Tan, if order is wrong, click Switch name order.
Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd
Account Type: Whichever you wish, if not sure, check your booklet, usually is savings account. Current account is usually used for issuing cheques.
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 081
Account Number: POSB account is 9 digit, exclude the dash, put only numbers.


Anonymous said...


Sorry to have to ask a dumb question after you posted the detailed info here. But, have you successfully withdrawn from Paypal?

I think I have to create a new Paypal account because my Name in Paypal is different (missing one name in Paypal) from my Bank Account name. Also, is it DBS Bank Ltd? Which means, my usage of 'DBS' only is wrong. No wonder my withdrawal failed.

Thank you for helpful post. Would really appreciate a reply.

admin said...


Not dumb at all, aren't we all learning new things all the time :)

Yes I have successfully made a withdrawal.

And your right, your PayPal account name has to be the same as your bank account name. And yep, it is DBS Bank Ltd.