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Long-Term Visit Pass IRAS/CPF Statement

Source Not sure when it was updated but from now onwards, when applying or renewing Long-Term Visit Pass, the sponsor can choose to sign a form to allow ICA to obtain sponsor's Income Tax and Central Provident Fund information so that the sponsor don't have to print out and bring along both. "Local sponsor's Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the last 3 years and CPF Statement showing monthly CPF contribution for the last 12 months. Alternatively, the sponsor may choose to complete Appendix VP to give consent for ICA to obtain and verify financial information provided in respect of this application with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and Central Provident Fund Board (CPF) directly instead. "

Decisive Call By Mr. Obama

Source It sure took a lot of time for the republicans and democrats to work on a best package but unfortunately, until now, they still cannot fully agree with each other. But I'm glad Mr. Obama called for a stop-gap measure, yeah damn right, it's late already, these politicians should just think of the bigger picture for now, there is no way they should ever allow their country to blindly walk over that cliff. "There is absolutely no reason, none, not to protect these Americans from a tax hike. At the very least, let's agree right now on what we already agree on. Let's get that done," the president said. That's why I like Obama.

Food Paradise Series on YouTube

American food! A word of warning though, it will make you feel hungry! Manliest Restaurants Hamburger Paradise State Fair Foods Bacon Paradise London Food Pasta Paradise Bar Food Big Beef Paradise Pie Paradise Steak Paradise And more! Check out the uploader's channel! Enjoy!

Exercising Financial Prudence Tip #4 - Don't Spend More Than You Earn

I have this relative whose gross salary is close to S$4000, after CPF deduction, he takes home about S$3000+. He owes money to a few banks, totaling more than S$50000, all credit card debts. I have no idea how he managed to chuck up all that debt, right now,  Credit Counselling Singapore  is trying to help him negotiate with the banks on installment repayments at a lower interest, I hope one of those banks will help him. And if one of the banks does help, what I understand from him is he will need to pay about S$700 a month, for 8 years. As for me, I don't think I will ever get a credit card, I still prefer to spend whatever amount there is in my bank account. No money? Don't buy, it's that simple, I can't imagine myself slogging 8 years just to pay that kind of money. And actually that relative didn't even know that there is such an agency in Singapore that provide advise and assistance on credit card debt, so another purpose of this post is to create awa