29 January 2013

SingPost Still Going Upwards

My last update on SingPost if anyone is interested.

Currently SingPost is trading at S$1.215, I can choose to sell at S$1.21 and take a profit of S$273.01. By the way, it's currently trading with dividend until 6 Feb.

The question is, how high can the price go? Let's look at the following table:

Date Target Price Call Source
28 Jan 2013 1.23 HOLD OCBC
28 Jan 2013 1.21 HOLD Maybank Kim Eng
28 Jan 2013 1.14 HOLD DBS Vickers

Now who should I believe? Actually I think SingPost can go above S$1.22 no problem, even after dividend, it will probably stay around S$1.2x or more, it's a good place to park money. And STI seems to be a bit high, some people are expecting a correction to come soon, but then again, it's hard to say, the US economy seems to be quite stable for now as they have avoided the fiscal cliff by pushing the deadline to March plus they have unlimited borrowing until 19 May.

So from now until March, I expect SingPost to steadily go up.

28 January 2013

Path of Exile (PoE) Open Beta

I downloaded this game yesterday and played for a few hours, this game reminds me of Diablo 2 (D2), the dark and evil feeling, the map looks like D2 map, but especially the many different kinds of build that I can possibly try out, just look at the skill tree, ahem, skill FOREST to exact.

I'm playing a summoner witch, now at level 9 and having fun so far, still thinking of how I'm going to play it out, there's just so many possibilities, I can choose between having more health or more energy shield because some items provide a boost to energy shield, and I'm thinking of whether to go full summoning or a balance between damage dealing and summons.

Then they have this skill gem system, instead of learning skills or getting it through level-ups, you get your skills through gems from drops or questing rewards, I'm not sure of other ways but I got a skill gem off a monster that I killed, and a couple more through questing. There's also support gems that modify your skills, so far I haven't gotten any yet, and there's also totems, I found a taunting totem but I can't use it yet because it requires 16 strength, I'm only at 14.

I like customization, I like playing with different kinds of build, I like my builds to be viable for the content if I spend enough effort to research, I don't like a single over-powered build that rules it all.

In D2, I remember playing a firewall sorceress, a hydra sorceress and a frozen orb sorceress, each build has its own kind of fun and play style. Then there's also a nova sorceress and some other exotic builds like meteor sorceress or even a melee sorceress, there's no single answer to the content, it's just a matter of how I want to play it.

But in Diablo 3 (D3), for a wizard, I think the only build people play with nowadays is the critical mass spam build, every other build seems to be mediocre, or even completely useless, especially at later part of the content, a wizard simply cannot survive without critical mass, very lame.

Just look at hydra, in D2, it's about kiting and it's possible with teleportation and running, but in D3, sorry no, it's all about gear if you want to play a hydra build because teleport has a cooldown and you can't run faster than most of the mobs, so you need really awesome gear to be able to take hits, then it's all about gear, so no matter how much effort you put into researching the ultimate hydra build, it's useless without awesome gear.

For D2 players, PoE is a must have, and it's free-to-play, even when it goes live. So go download it now, just create an account and you should see the download link. I'm using a Starhub 50Mbps connection and it took me about 1.5 hours to download and install.

And to be fair to D3, yes, I had my share of fun for a while, I also earned 166.07 USD through the real money auction house, but still, it was a major disappointment, I had expected so much more, for me it's take the money and move on.

26 January 2013

SingPost Announced Dividend of 1.25 Cents (S$0.0125) Per Share


Date: 25 Jan 2013 (Fri)
Time: 17:42:08

Interim: S$0.0125

Date: 13 Feb 2013 (Wed)
Time: 17:00

Include Dividend (CD)
Now until 6 Feb.

Exclude Dividend (XD)
7 Feb (Thu)
8 Feb (Fri)
13 Feb (Wed)

Note that 11 (Mon) Feb and 12 (Tue) Feb are holidays according to MOM website.

Date: 28 Feb 2013 (Thu)

25 January 2013

Eligibility to Purchase Public Housing in Singapore for Married Couples

Residency Status

There are 3 main types of residency status in Singapore:
  1. Singapore Citizen (SC)
  2. Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)
  3. Foreigner (F)
Based on the 3 main types, there are 6 possible groups of couples:
  1. SC/SC
  2. SC/SPR
  3. SC/F
  4. SPR/SPR
  5. SPR/F
  6. F/F
For clarity purpose, SC/SC is a couple who are both Singaporeans, and SPR/F is a couple made up of a Singapore Permanent Resident and a Foreigner.

Public Housing Eligibility

Out of the 6 groups of couples, only 4 are eligible for public housing as illustrated in the following table:

New Flat Yes Yes No No No No
Resale Flat Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

SPR/F and F/F couples can only purchase private properties in Singapore.

24 January 2013

SingPost Hits S$1.20

As mentioned in my earlier post, I had expected the price to go above S$1.20 when it is trading CD, but today, the stock is already trading at S$1.20, and it seems like the buying volume is still increasing, I think probably before it even go CD, the price would have gone over S$1.20.

If I sell now at S$1.195, I would have a slightly higher profit of S$198.04, tempting, but I wouldn't know what to buy next if I sell now because it seems like the other counters that I'm looking at are all at quite a high price, plus there is still potential for growth.

Actually SingPost is a decent 5%+ dividend stock if one wishes to hold for a long time, even if buying at S$1.20 per share, it's still a 5.09% yield, not bad at all.

ICA FAQ - Appeal for Visit Pass (for long term stay)


1. How can I appeal if the application is not approved? Do I have to fill up any form(s)?

You may appeal in writing. No verbal appeal will be accepted. When writing in, please indicate applicant's full particulars (i.e. name, date of birth and Foreign Identification Number) and our file reference number in the letter.
You do not have to fill up any form if you are sending your appeal letter via post, email or through our Information Counter. However, if you wish to obtain a queue ticket to submit by hand at our counters, you will then be required to fill up an application Form 14 and attach your appeal letter together.

2. What should I write in my appeal letter?

You may include any information that you deem relevant in supporting your appeal for the pass that you wish to apply for (e.g. relate your needs to the application) and enclose any additional supporting documents that you think might be beneficial in justifying your case.

3. How long does it take to process the appeal?

The processing time is approximately 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the case. Your sponsor will be notified of the outcome via post once the appeal is finalised. Please note that there is no guarantee that your appeal will be successful. All applications are subjected to our officers' assessment based on our existing policies, guidelines. Any reason of rejection/approval is to our discretion.

4. If my appeal is rejected, can I appeal again?

If your appeal is rejected, you may submit another appeal when there are additional information or documents to be furnished.

5. Will I be allowed to remain in Singapore while the appeal is being considered?

All application for extension of stay is subject to approval. This office is not obliged to grant any extension of stay to the applicant while the appeal is being considered.

6. What should I do if I do not hear from you after 6 weeks?

As your appeal is taken very seriously, we need time to review your case. Please do not call this office to check on the outcome of your appeal within the normal processing time. Your local sponsor will be informed of the outcome by post as soon as we have finalised your case. You may call us at 63916100 if there is no result after 6 weeks.

22 January 2013

There's No Need to Set a Price to Everything

Last year, a co-worker asked for my help with her printer at home, she said she bought it and installed according to the manual but she had no idea why it's still not working. She asked me what can go wrong, and I told her that I cannot advise further without taking a look at the printer, the connection and etc, so I offered to check it out during my lunchtime, and good thing is that her house is only a few bus stops away from our workplace.

So we took a bus to her house together, when I was about to swipe my EZ-Link card, she offered to use hers instead; she had two cards, I think one is for backup.

When I arrived, I did some basic checking, plugs checked, driver installed checked, and found that there was no problem. Actually her default printer is some other printer, maybe it's her old printer, I asked her to try to do a printing like what she would normally do, and yeah, she just printed without selecting the printer, which means she was trying to print to a non-existent printer. I set the default printer to the new printer and asked her to try again, problem solved.

Well, she did everything correct except the default printer thingy.

Then she asked me to wait in her living room so I waited and she went inside her room again. When she came out, she took out a S$50 note and wanted me to take it, then I was thinking wow, S$50 to set the default printer, real easy money huh. But I rejected it, I told her it's a very simple issue, not really a problem; she didn't ask me what was the cause so I didn't say.

I've worked with this lady for almost 6 years, she can be a bit tough to deal with sometimes but she's quite nice to me so I really don't mind helping her for free, even if it was something more complex.

M1 Announced Dividend of 8 Cents (S$0.08) Per Share


Date: 21 Jan 2013 (Mon)
Time: 17:31:05

Final: S$0.063
Special: S$0.017
Total: S$0.08

Date: 15 Apr 2013 (Mon)
Time: 17:00

Include Dividend (CD)
Now until 10 Apr.

Exclude Dividend (XD)
11 Apr (Thu)
12 Apr (Fri)
15 Apr (Mon)

Date: 25 Apr 2013 (Thu)

21 January 2013

Bullish SingPost Stock Price

On 20 Dec 2012, I bought 5 lots of SingPost (S08) at S$1.145, after factoring in all the fees involved, it costs S$5,747.17.

Reason why I bought it is simple, it's stable, even if the US were to fall into the fiscal cliff, I'll just collect that neat 5.4% yield and average down whenever I have spare cash; SingPost have a history of paying constant dividend of S$0.065 per share per annum, even during the 08/09 financial crisis.

Today 21 Jan 2013, SingPost is valued at S$1.18, what I will get after fees is S$5,870.25.

S$5,870.25 - S$5,747.17 = S$123.08, small little profit.

But I'm not going to sell, I expect the price to go above S$1.20 when the stock is trading on Cum-Dividend (CD) because by the end of this month, they should be announcing their dividend payout. Let's see whether my prediction is accurate ;)

18 January 2013

DBS Vickers Cash Upfront Comission-Free Trades Promotion

In Dec 2012, I made 3 DBS Cash Upfront trades, the total commission that I paid was S$18 * 3 * 1.07 = S$57.78.

Yesterday I received a letter stating that they refunded exactly S$57.78, I checked my cash upfront account and indeed the refund has already been credited, great, extra moola.

Google Chrome Causes System to Freeze for a Short While

I can't remember when I started having this problem but sometimes when I open up a new tab, my Google Chrome browser will cause my computer system to freeze for a couple of seconds and I can't see nor move my mouse cursor. But lucky for me, I found a solution by Gautam Doddamani and it worked for me.

Just want to highlight a slight difference in Step 2, it stated to disable the following item,
But it's quite different from mine,
C:\Documents and Settings\userName\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\24.0.1312.52\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll

But what is similar is the NPSWF32 thingy, so what I did was disable pepflashplayer.dll, install the latest flash player, restart Chrome, viola, problem solved!

17 January 2013

My Financial Master Plan

My wife is not working and I intend to keep it that way because she's not very healthy like most people are, and to achieve that, I need to be very clear of where I'm going financially. One thing for sure is, I'm not cut out to be an entrepreneur so I'm better off just working for others instead.

My ultimate 4-steps plan!

1. Have a stable job with a steady stream of income

I have already achieved this as my company does not have any history of retrenchment (at least none that I know of) even during the last 08/09 financial crisis; what they did was freeze hiring and annual increment, but bonus was not affected though. Prospect-wise, I believe anyone in my company who is willing to put in extra effort will be rewarded, I have personally experienced this as I got slightly more bonus (and some other stuff) than my peers. And this company pays accurately and on time. My only complain is that they pay noticeably lower than other companies, but then again, job stability is what kept me from hopping.

2. Save part of my take-home salary every month

Right now I don't really save a specific amount every month because some months I don't save at all (occasionally), then some months, I save a lot. This happens because of my wife's medication, immigration pass renewal, festive season spending, paying stuff for my mom and sister and etc. But when I get my bonus, I do put aside a significant amount though. Currently I have about $2600 cash flow but of this amount, $2000 is to be set aside for our Thailand trip in coming April.

3. Invest all spare cash in stocks

I have to be very clear on this part, spare cash means money that I don't need to touch for at least a year or more as I don't want to end up having to dump my shares at the wrong time just because I need cash. From Nov 2012 until now, I have invested a total of $5800, and yes, I only started dabbling in stocks for about 2 months, so far so good, haven't lost any money yet and I intend to keep it that way by buying the less risky stocks with at least 5% dividend yield annually.

It's not my first investment though, previously I invested in unit trust, but I didn't do it myself, my first agent did it for me (he's a good friend of mine), made some money during China boom in 06-08, but before 08/09 financial crisis, my second agent (my friend left, this guy took over) actually advised me to buy and I foolishly bought at peak price without doing any research (investment was still a strange concept to me at that time), and almost 3 years after the crisis, the price never fully recovered, I sold it and ended up breaking even with my China boom profit after factoring the interest I could have gotten if I left it in my CPF account, I'm considered very lucky for a fool. A good lesson learned though.

4. Be insured

Currently I have a total of 3 insurance policies; 2 life insurance (term insurance and Dependants' Protection Scheme) and 1 health insurance. In the event when something bad happens to me, at least I have money to help, and if I'm not around, my parents and wife will have money to help them. I pay about $138 in CPF and $$661.90 in cash per year, it's purely protection, no investment component, I think it's a small amount to pay  for peace of mind.

16 January 2013

Tiger Airways Singapore to Bangkok Sale Fare

Damn it! Just a few days after I bought my tickets (travelling 09 Apr) at Early Bird price of S$50, they came out with a Sale Fare of S$33.50! I could have saved at least S$60 because I bought 4 tickets! Anyway, if your seeing this and your thinking of dropping by Bangkok for Songkran (13 to 15 Apr), make your booking now! Have fun!

09 January 2013

Thailand Household Census List

First of all, I'm not sure for other countries but in Thailand, they do have this document; it's actually a booklet. So what is inside this booklet?

In the first page of the booklet, it will contain detailed information of a house i.e. the house address, registration number and official verification (signature and stamp).

In the following pages, it will contain detailed information of persons living in the house i.e. identity card number, birth date, date when this person started living in this house and official verification (signature).

When applying for Permanent Residence (PR) in Singapore, you need to bring along this document, don't forget.

05 January 2013

Cost of Applying or Renewal of Long-Term Visit Pass for Foreign Spouse

1. Processing Fee
After successfully submitting application or renewal of long-term visit pass online via e-VP, you need to make payment of S$30 as processing fee. Note that the processing time can take up to 6 weeks.

2. Issuance Fee
Within 6 weeks, your application should be approved in-principle, you will then have 14 days to make payment of S$60 as issuance fee.

3. Medical Check-up
Once you have made payment for the issuance fee, you will need to print out a medical check-up form, the foreign spouse is required to go for Tuberculosis X-ray and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) testing. This can be done at any General Practitioner (GP) clinic.

My wife as example, the HIV testing was done at our neighbourhood GP for S$38, the X-ray was referred by the GP to a nearby clinic with X-ray equipment, and done for S$12.80.

Note that before submitting the results to ICA, it's valid for 3 months, after submission, it's valid for 2 years, what this means is that for all new application, the applicant must go for check-up, whereas for renewal, usually the first renewal, there is no need for medical-check-up since the result is valid for 2 years, but the applicant will need to go for check-up again on the second renewal.

4. Passport Photo, Copies of Marriage Certificate and Applicant Passport
The passport photo can be taken at ICA Level 4, S$5 for 4 pieces. Or during submission of the application, you can also submit your own digital photo.

You can also make copies of your marriage certificate and passport at the same location, I'm not sure how much they charge though, let's just say S$0.10 for a copy, so S$0.20 total.

Total Cost
Processing fee 30
Issuance fee 60
HIV testing 38
X-ray 12.80
Passport photo 5
Copies of marriage certificate and passport 0.20
Total S$146