21 January 2013

Bullish SingPost Stock Price

On 20 Dec 2012, I bought 5 lots of SingPost (S08) at S$1.145, after factoring in all the fees involved, it costs S$5,747.17.

Reason why I bought it is simple, it's stable, even if the US were to fall into the fiscal cliff, I'll just collect that neat 5.4% yield and average down whenever I have spare cash; SingPost have a history of paying constant dividend of S$0.065 per share per annum, even during the 08/09 financial crisis.

Today 21 Jan 2013, SingPost is valued at S$1.18, what I will get after fees is S$5,870.25.

S$5,870.25 - S$5,747.17 = S$123.08, small little profit.

But I'm not going to sell, I expect the price to go above S$1.20 when the stock is trading on Cum-Dividend (CD) because by the end of this month, they should be announcing their dividend payout. Let's see whether my prediction is accurate ;)


marrythaigirlsingapore said...

(originally posted by Anonymous on Jan 22, 2013, 2:01:00 PM, I hid part of the contact info, not really a good idea to let everybody see..)


I'm Caleb. I'm interested in stock investment but i'm pretty new towards it. And i'm not so sure how does singapore stock market work. Looks like you've just started your investment too. Can you let me know where did you start learning all the information that you know?


marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Caleb,

For a start, you can check out this link, http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/stocks-shares-indices-92/how-open-stock-trading-account-singapore-updated-2012-a-3628498-10.html

And if you have any questions, you can ask in that forum, many people will be glad to help.

And basically you just need to decide which broker you wish to use, and look for them to open a trading account with them, and they will also help to open a CDP account for you. When both trading and CDP account are ready, your good to go.

Alan said...

Now it has climbed really really high. Hope you have held on to the shares. Good job!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yeah, too bad I didn't lol.