05 January 2013

Cost of Applying or Renewal of Long-Term Visit Pass for Foreign Spouse

1. Processing Fee
After successfully submitting application or renewal of long-term visit pass online via e-VP, you need to make payment of S$30 as processing fee. Note that the processing time can take up to 6 weeks.

2. Issuance Fee
Within 6 weeks, your application should be approved in-principle, you will then have 14 days to make payment of S$60 as issuance fee.

3. Medical Check-up
Once you have made payment for the issuance fee, you will need to print out a medical check-up form, the foreign spouse is required to go for Tuberculosis X-ray and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) testing. This can be done at any General Practitioner (GP) clinic.

My wife as example, the HIV testing was done at our neighbourhood GP for S$38, the X-ray was referred by the GP to a nearby clinic with X-ray equipment, and done for S$12.80.

Note that before submitting the results to ICA, it's valid for 3 months, after submission, it's valid for 2 years, what this means is that for all new application, the applicant must go for check-up, whereas for renewal, usually the first renewal, there is no need for medical-check-up since the result is valid for 2 years, but the applicant will need to go for check-up again on the second renewal.

4. Passport Photo, Copies of Marriage Certificate and Applicant Passport
The passport photo can be taken at ICA Level 4, S$5 for 4 pieces. Or during submission of the application, you can also submit your own digital photo.

You can also make copies of your marriage certificate and passport at the same location, I'm not sure how much they charge though, let's just say S$0.10 for a copy, so S$0.20 total.

Total Cost
Processing fee 30
Issuance fee 60
HIV testing 38
X-ray 12.80
Passport photo 5
Copies of marriage certificate and passport 0.20
Total S$146


Anonymous said...

Hi may i know where did you go for the medical check up? the price is quite affordable.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi, we went to this clinic in Tampines, below is the link.


Anonymous said...

You really are a tremendous source of information. Thank you so much. My wife is the SC.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi, glad you find this site useful.

abbiebah said...

My husband's LTVP is valid for 1 year, expiring this August. Does this mean we don't have to go for medical check-up as the first one is valid for 2 years? Pls advice. Thanks!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi abbiebah,

Yep, the medical check-up form submitted to ICA is valid for 2 years, so every 2 years you will need to submit again when you renew the LTVP.

AhBee Dead And Gone said...

Hi. I will like to ask for some advice..I renewed my wife long term now is approved in principle but ICA still email back and Say fell up b14 from and medical check up.. what must I do..??

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Just follow the instructions and you should be fine. It is normal to go for medical check-up, the report is valid for 2 years so if the last one is expired, they will ask you to check-up again.