25 January 2013

Eligibility to Purchase Public Housing in Singapore for Married Couples

Residency Status

There are 3 main types of residency status in Singapore:
  1. Singapore Citizen (SC)
  2. Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)
  3. Foreigner (F)
Based on the 3 main types, there are 6 possible groups of couples:
  1. SC/SC
  2. SC/SPR
  3. SC/F
  4. SPR/SPR
  5. SPR/F
  6. F/F
For clarity purpose, SC/SC is a couple who are both Singaporeans, and SPR/F is a couple made up of a Singapore Permanent Resident and a Foreigner.

Public Housing Eligibility

Out of the 6 groups of couples, only 4 are eligible for public housing as illustrated in the following table:

New Flat Yes Yes No No No No
Resale Flat Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

SPR/F and F/F couples can only purchase private properties in Singapore.

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