24 January 2013

SingPost Hits S$1.20

As mentioned in my earlier post, I had expected the price to go above S$1.20 when it is trading CD, but today, the stock is already trading at S$1.20, and it seems like the buying volume is still increasing, I think probably before it even go CD, the price would have gone over S$1.20.

If I sell now at S$1.195, I would have a slightly higher profit of S$198.04, tempting, but I wouldn't know what to buy next if I sell now because it seems like the other counters that I'm looking at are all at quite a high price, plus there is still potential for growth.

Actually SingPost is a decent 5%+ dividend stock if one wishes to hold for a long time, even if buying at S$1.20 per share, it's still a 5.09% yield, not bad at all.

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