11 February 2013

SingHealth Polyclinics Non-Resident Consultation Fees Up Again!

Following is the list of all my wife's consultation at our polyclinic.

Please note that the amounts are after GST.
  1. 16 Oct 2010 = S$22.00
  2. 30 Oct 2010 = S$22.00
  3. 22 Dec 2010 = S$22.00 
  4. 16 Feb 2011 = S$22.00
  5. 02 Jul 2011 = S$22.00
  6. 23 Jul 2011 = S$22.00
  7. 30 Jul 2011 = S$22.00
  8. 06 Aug 2011 = S$22.00
  9. 13 Aug 2011 = S$22.00
  10. 24 Sep 2011 = S$22.00
  11. 19 Nov 2011 = S$22.00
  12. 04 Feb 2012 = S$37.50
  13. 31 Mar 2012 = S$37.50
  14. 14 Apr 2012 = S$37.50
  15. 28 Apr 2012 = S$37.50
  16. 12 May 2012 = S$37.50
  17. 24 May 2012 = S$37.50
  18. 19 Jul 2012 = S$37.50
  19. 08 Feb 2013 = S$39.40
Some rants, to be honest, we hate going to our polyclinics, most of the doctors really have no patience, they just want to get it over and done with. Just one example, on that 08 Feb 2013 visit, we met this doctor who kept sighing in frustration, yes there are some things that we are not sure of, but why not communicate nicely and help each other understand the situation rather than display such unprofessional behaviour, made us feel like we are wasting her time, but it's not as if we are seeing her for free, and furthermore, she's the medical professional, not us, she should be advising us if we are not sure!

My wife frequently comments that the doctors in Thailand are way different, caring, friendly and very professional. Oh, if you look at the list of dates, you'll see some gaps, that's because she visits her parents sometimes and she will see the doctor in her country. And by the way, she doesn't need to pay for consultation and medication in Thailand, and the doctors are way nicer, now that's something worth thinking about, what's wrong with our doctors in polyclinic? I'm not saying that all polyclinic doctors are not nice, just happen that more than half the doctors we've seen are really impatient, some are very rude as well.

I'm not the type who like to complain or argue, so you won't see me saying oh which clinic which doctor did what and etc, I only hope they will read this article and then spend some time to think about how they can provide better services, I don't mind that they raise the fees, but my thinking is, higher fees, better services, but apparently that is not the case.

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