27 March 2013

Bought SembCorp Industries (U96) at S$5.15

I have been thinking about what to buy next after selling my SingPost a week earlier, and I have been looking closely at SATS, M1 and Sheng Siong, but unfortunately, all 3 were at peak prices and that really made me rethink my decision.

Then I decided to check out some GLCs, and I saw SembCorp Industries at a 3 month low price, wow, felt like I found a piece of S$50 note on the ground. And without thinking too much, BAM, bought it at 5.15.

And the best part is, they will be paying out dividend in May, info as follow,

Record Date: 02 May 2013
Payment Date: 14 May 2013
Include Dividend: From now until 26 Apr 2013
Exclude Dividend: 29 Apr, 30 Apr, 01 May is holiday, 02 May, resume normal trading on 03 May.

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