20 April 2013

Just Came Back From Thailand Trip

Went to my wife's hometown in North Eastern Thailand (Udon Thani) with my parents and then had a short stay in Bangkok. I have some pictures to share but I will post my spending, get some sleep and then upload tomorrow.

Air tickets to Bangkok (4 adults)
Fare Price S$200
Tax S$136
Checkin Baggage S$18 (1x 20KG)
Booking Fee S$36 (online booking charge)
Seat Fee S$20 (seat selection)
Total S$410

Air tickets back to Singapore (4 adults)
Fare Price 5160 THB
Tax 2800 THB
Checkin Baggage 900 THB (2x 20KG)
Booking Fee 900 THB (online booking charge)
Seat Fee 500 THB (seat selection)
Total 10260 THB (S$428.06)

My spending for the trip (11 days)
Taxi to Changi Airport S$10
Bought a 10 pack Sampoerna S$32
Changed S$3450 at Suvarnabhumi Airport @ 22.63 for 78073 THB
  • 12000 THB for my wife to return to her mom.
  • 15000 THB as payment for sinsod (by installment).
  • 2104 THB for bus ticket to her home in Udon Thani (526 THB per pax).
  • 2400 THB for bus ticket back to Bangkok (600 THB per pax, so-called VIP bus).
  • 1550 THB for hotel on the last 3 days of the trip in Bangkok (700 per night for 2 nights, 150 was late check-out charge on the last day)
  • Spent the rest (45019 THB) on food, fuel as my wife's relative was driving us around, liquor, shopping, I think we spent the most on food as there was always food to eat, in fact too much food.
Taxi from Changi Airport back to home S$20
Total S$3512

Grand total S$4350.06

Phew. Back to work again, work earn spend ;)


makz said...

hi admin, its been awhile since i come to your blog. great to know that everything is fine with you and your wife.

i just want to comment that if you are changing baht from SGD, i would recommend you either go to Change Alley at Raffles Place or Superrich1965 in bangkok.

Just my two cents worth =)

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi makz,

Hey thanks for the tips, noted ;)