22 April 2013

One Stock I will Buy Now...

If I have money.

I bought 1 lot of Semb Corp Industries (U96) at S$5.15 on 27 Mar 2013. I was attracted to the S$150 dividend that they will payout in May, and I was expecting the price to go upwards, it did go up to S$5.23 in early April but from then on, kept going down, it's now S$4.90 as I type this.

Too bad I don't have the cash to average down.

Dividend Info
Record: 02 May 2013
Payment: 14 May 2013
Per Share: S$0.15

Let's see how it performs in late April.

And that's the good thing about trading long-term, if the price goes down, and if I have the money, I can choose to average down, if not, I'll wait since it's only paper loss. And I don't believe at S$4.9x or S$4.8x, or hell even S$4.7x nobody wants that S$150, it's just too good to pass.

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