20 April 2013

Photos from Thailand Trip

Photos! I didn't take too many though as I keep leaving it at my wife's home, but here goes...

New Tesco Lotus in Kumphawapi District

Random shot of chickens in cages

Rubber trees at my mother-in-law's house

Look at the neat formation

I heard this is the correct way to cut the tree

Cut rubber tree front view

See how the liquid used to flow down to the collection bowl

I think it takes time to fill up

Young rubber trees

Another small farm for young rubber trees

Growing healthily

Young spring onions

See how the spring onions have grown

Bamboo trees, it's a very useful tree

Lots of snail shells, I see piles like this everywhere

I wonder what these are for

This is how they manage their waste, burn.

My wife's uncle's house

This is how they store clean water

See how big the jar is

Honeycomb, this is honey fresh from the trees!

Rear shot of the honeycomb

Yummy, very sweet stuff

Fishes caught at a nearby pond

This is their kitchen

Charcoal-based cooking stove

Firewood for the stove

Lumber mill

Across the bridge is Laos

Look at those boats below the bridge

A mini market selling food, drinks, jewellery, clothes and some other stuff right under the bridge


Anonymous said...

may i know how u met your thai wife?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

I met her in Bangkok, she was working as a retail assistant selling T-shirts and we hit it off well, then exchanged numbers and maintained contact ever since.

Anonymous said...

damm sweet..still dont know if mine is genuine or not..haha