06 May 2013

Children Fighting Over a HDB Flat After Father's Death


What a shame, if the old man know about this, he would jump out from his grave and beat some sense into these brats, ok, I'm not sure about him but I would. I know it's a 5-room HDB flat, it's worth a lot of money but that's no way to handle it, they even have to enter legal proceedings to determine who should own the flat, oh boy.

Singapore has really become a rich country, so has the people here, getting richer in the head, blinded by money, can't we just be nice and talk it out harmoniously, and by the way, their 91 years old mother is still alive, they even dragged her into the court battle, bunch of ingrates.

Why don't they just leave the house to their mother? Fight for what? It's her retirement nest, just leave it to her, and let her decide how to pass it on should she leave this world, why make her life so difficult, I seriously cannot understand what goes on in the minds of people blinded by greed.

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