14 May 2013

May is Definitely One of The Hottest Month in Singapore

I wonder when it will rain and I can't remember when was the last time it rained, I just can't take the heat anymore, and the aircon is not working, even two fans aren't solving my problem, the heat is just unbearable, even at night. How can it be so hot, I can feel the heat surrounding me, it's like the air is still, no wind at all, ok there's the occasional breeze but it dies out too fast to make any difference.

Tonight is 31 Degrees Celsius according to Google, that's like daytime temperature, what the f... I remember it can get as hot as 38 Degrees Celsius in the day when I was at my wife's house but it was freezing at night, I don't know how cold it was but I had to tuck myself into a thick blanket to stay warm. I think that's the good thing about farmlands, they don't have tall buildings to block the air flow, look at here, tall buildings everywhere, my house for example, wind can only come from one direction because it's blocked everywhere else by other buildings so if the wind doesn't come, that's it, game over, BBQ!

I really hope it rain soon... the aircon guys won't come any earlier... shiat...

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