26 May 2013

My Aircon is Not Working Again!

Oh great, it's not cold again, so it completely went down on 12 May, and then they fixed it on 21 May by topping up the gas, they did say it was an interim measure and they would arrange another visit to determine the location of the gas leak because they did not have the equipment nor spare part, and they did call the next day to arrange for a visit, which is supposed to be this coming Friday, 31 May.

Now I have to get them to come and top up the gas again. Sigh, so troublesome, why can't they just quickly fix the problem once and for all. I really hope they can eradicate the problem this coming Friday, they better bring along their whatever equipment and spare part, how can their service staff go to customer site without equipment and spare part, don't get it, I thought they have a van.

Gain City, thank you, while I appreciate you for selling me the aircon at discount price coupled with some freebies, but your support is slow, I hope you improve on this or you'll lose a lot of customers, now when I think of Gain City, I remember waiting 9 days for your staff to come and top up gas, and then it only worked for 5 nights, bad impression tends to stay for a long time you know.

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