22 May 2013

My Thoughts on Investing in Lottery (TOTO)

Recently I have been reading quite a lot on lottery winners, about how lady luck smiled on them and about how some of them lost all the money so quickly. Then I thought, if I had that kind of money, I would probably not tell anyone, and I would invest all of it in stocks and just collect dividends. I would keep my job though, a person simply cannot sit around and do nothing all day, you could say if I had that kind of money, I could start a business or tour the world to keep myself busy but those are not what I like to do.

Then it struck me, if I never buy, chance of winning is zero, then what's the point of daydreaming about it. So acting on my justification, I bought a number for 4D and 2 sets of quick pick numbers for TOTO, all for S$2. Just checked and my 4D number didn't win, now waiting for tomorrow to check my TOTO numbers.

I think I would probably try my luck every week, buy S$1 at a time, so I would end up spending S$4 a month, which is really not much. I feel like I'm paying money to buy hope, but I think everybody wants to have something to hope for, me too, so S$4 a month to buy some hope seems very affordable to me :)

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