20 May 2013

New Free to Play MMORPG Neverwinter!



Found out about this game last week and have been playing for a while, I'm a level 10 Control Wizard! Very cool game, feels like World of Warcraft (WOW) but the gameplay is much different, it's got a First Person Shooter (FPS) feel to it because you need to aim to attack, not like in WOW where you select a target and your character will auto-attack.

It's also got tons of quest, there's even player-made quests and the graphics is good, but I think they are still working on it as it gets a little choppy sometimes but it's not that bad.

Must try, and it's free!

Oh and don't create an account first, download the game and create through the game's login screen so you won't see those silly errors that I encountered, what a waste of time!

See, isn't it pretty!

My Level 10 Control Wizard

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