Singaporean and Foreigner Couple Can Buy New Flat (BTO) from HDB with Singaporean Baby

Recently I chatted with a colleague of mine and we spoke about how HDB flat prices are getting more and more expensive. I told him I definitely won't buy resale flat because of the COV and will wait for my baby and then apply for BTO. He was aware that my wife is not a PR so he was quite surprised that I can apply for BTO. I was surprised that he was surprised, I thought everybody knew that because the eligibility conditions for new flats are put out very clearly.

New Flat Eligibility

  • You must be a Singapore Citizen - I am.
  • Your family nucleus must comprise at least another Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident - My baby will be Singaporean.
You must be at least 21 years old at the time of application - I am currently older than 21.

Family Nucleus
You must form a family nucleus under one of the following schemes:

SchemeFamily Nucleus
PublicYou, the applicant and;
- your spouse, and children (if any) - Me, my wife and baby.
- your parents, and siblings (if any)
- your children under your legal custody, care and control (for widowed/ divorced)

But to be really sure, I did some confirmation. I sent an email to HDB as follow:

I am a Singaporean and my wife is a foreigner holding a long-term visit pass.
If we have a child and the child is a Singaporean, are we able to purchase a new flat i.e. BTO?

This is their reply:

Thank you for your email of 9 May 2013.

If you have a Singapore Citizen child, you may submit an application to buy a flat from the HDB together with your non-citizen spouse. You must include your child and spouse as occupiers in the flat application. If you need information about the eligibility conditions to buy a flat from the HDB, you may visit our website: HDB InfoWEB at or click on: Eligibility Conditions.

Basically what they are saying is that I can and must apply with my foreigner wife and Singaporean baby so as to form a family nucleus, which means, WE are eligible for BTO.

More confirmation? Look at this forum thread. The thread starter is seeking housing advise and some kind people replied, refer to what this user tmfwy have posted; posts #15 and #29.

Quoted from post #15
Here's some serious advice which you should ponder.

Settle down with your GF, and assist Singapore with the Total Fertility Rate by bringing forward your plans to have a baby.

You solve alot of problems ( with reference to HDB issues )
a. You will be able to buy a BTO ( with SG baby ), thereby bypassing PR requirement
b. You make both parents happy
c. You show ICA that you and your spouse are serious in making Singapore your home...
Quoted from post #29
Speaking as a parent with a foreign wife
So from what I can deduce, he knows because he did it i.e. apply for BTO with foreigner wife and Singaporean baby, and I agree with his post #15, but not that I don't want to have a baby fast, my wife is on Warfarin so it's not as easy, takes time to assure her as well, she used to worry too much about it, but after learning more about her condition, she's ready, we are ready, and all we have to do now is wait for good news.

And while surfing on the internet, I came across this on PropertyGuru, there's this guy asking whether he can buy a new HDB flat with his foreigner wife and Singaporean baby and then this so-called Real Estate Professional says he can't and instead recommend him to buy a resale flat under Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme.

Buy from HDB, agent cannot earn, buy resale through the agent, the agent can earn, think about it. But no matter what, don't use this agent because he's either clueless, don't bother to research before answering or he's simply lying through his teeth just to earn more money.


Anonymous said…
Bro, saw your post, I am facing the same issue.. just wondering must my baby be born first than only I can apply for BTO?

I didn't ask that detail but I think most likely yeah, because only when you register the baby birth cert here then he/she is considered Singaporean.
Anonymous said…
I'm a female Singaporean, married to a non citizen and we recently welcomed our Singaporean baby son.

After applying for BTO, I received my queue number.. 4!!

Just to add to your post above, there are several priorities given to married couples with children so look out for that. :)
Anonymous said…
even with the singaporean child, would HDB still loan to the non citizen based on combined income ? (my spouse is currently on EP)

You can check out this link:

That is the resale financial plan page, you select "Have Not Obtained an HLE Letter*", then key in you and your family details but note that if your wife have PR, then put her under Flat Owner or else you have to put her under Occupier. For the Singaporean child, if he/she is below 21 years old, you have to put as Occupier.

After that you should see the loan amount from HDB, but just for your info, only if your wife is PR and you put her as Flat Owner then HDB will allow you to loan more, if she does not have PR, then HDB will only grant the loan based on your income only. You play around with the link I gave you and you will have a very good idea.

Hope it helps.
Anonymous said…
Many thanks for your prompt reply. I have just obtain my HLE result 3 hours ago and i submitted previously based on single citizen. Based on the loan amount, dun think open market i can get much at the most a 3rm at some ulu location. That amount , if based on my fellow collegues home purchase ,can get a BTO 4rm. I may just hv to wait for her PR application result
Or you can wait and see how it goes since your HLE is valid for 6 months because on 10 Mar 2014, HDB changed the resale procedure, some people say housing price might go down.
Anonymous said…
Hi I am a female Singaporean married with a non citizen, will we able to BTO without a child yet?

Yes if you are at least 35 years old, you can buy under Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme, can check out following link for more details:
Anonymous said…

I'm a Singaporean, my husband is a foreigner and we've a baby (we'll apply Singapore citizenship for her soon). I'm not working at the moment. My hb is. We're living overseas now but plan to move to Singapore in a couple of years. Am I still able to apply for BTO?

Many thanks!

Yep, as long as your baby is a Singapore citizen (or Permanent Resident), the 3 of you can apply for a BTO flat.
Anonymous said…
Does the foreign spouse need to apply for long term visit pass in order to apply for BTO? Is short term visit pass of 90 days sufficient?


The foreign spouse need to be PR in order to apply for BTO. Alternatively, you can consider resale flat or renting from market.
Dominic Berlin said…
Hi i am singaporean citizen married to my wife non citizen and she holding a LTVP.are we able to rent houses from HDB??...thanks
Hi Dominic,

You can't because it's like buying BTO, your spouse need to be either citizen or PR.
Dominic Berlin said…
Hi marrythai,

Is there anyway that i could get rent in these or other developtment board...its been 3 yrs now we been running in life without home...and my savings keep on running low due to rent a room for 600 to 700+ a mth...thought of going to MEET PEOPLE SESSION MP to seek help...really helpless here.
Hi Dominic,

No harm trying, maybe the MP can refer you to somebody who can help you.

By the way, are both of you working? I think if both of you are working, 600-700 a month shouldn't be too difficult to manage.

And also, try to apply PR for your spouse, with PR, it will be a lot better.
Dominic Berlin said…
Hi i am so happy to check with my wife pregnancy test kit...ITS POSITIVE..i am so happy guys(crying right now!!)..back to the how guys for me to prepare along my pathway now...with pregnant wife possible to get rent flat..or needthe baby to born first?....God answer my prayer finally....need help guys.
Hi Dominic,


I think the baby needs to be born first.. anyway you can always check with your MP or HDB first, maybe they help you in some way, I'm sure of the many channels and schemes that we have, there must be one that can help you.
Kristin said…
Hi! Im Singaporean and my bf is a foreigner. He is trying to apply for PR. Can we apply for BTO when he get his PR? The hbd website is abit confusing to read. Is it that I still have to wait till 35 yrs old if my spouse is not a citizen?
Hi Kristin,

Yes, you can apply for BTO together with him once he gets his PR.

If he doesn't have PR, you can still purchase from the resale market or apply for a 2-room BTO in a non-mature estate if you are at least 35 years old.

Hope it clarifies!
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deezay said…
Hi there, your blog has been very informative. I would like to ask a question. I am a Singaporean married to a foreign spouse and we have a baby boy on the way, which is coming soon in about a month's time. Do I have to wait for the baby to be born before I am eligible to sign up for a BTO? Can I know what you did in your case? Thanks in advance.
Hi deezay,

Yes, need to be born first, and congratulations!

I didn't get BTO, I bought resale flat.
abbiebah said…
Hi.. I am a Singaporean married to a foreigner holding LTVP. How are we able to get a flat if Im above 21 but below 35? Thanks!
Hi abbiebah,

You can buy resale flat, happy house hunting!
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Hi.. im a singaporean. Married to a malaysian holding a short term visit pass. Im pregnant n my baby will b due on 31st oct. After d baby is born can I apply a hse under hdb?
Hi Suraya,

Yes, once your baby is born, you can apply for BTO under the Public Scheme.

You can check out this link for details:
Dominic Berlin said…
Hi..would like to much does cpf $$ to be in cpf account in order to buy resale flat?or any hardcash involve?...heard deom someone in order to purchase resale flat must have hard cash?little confusin here..if really need 20..30k of hard way for us here to really have a so called dream house in future..������
Hi Dominic,

If the resale price ends up higher than the market valuation then you need to top-up with cash.

But should be ok, don't pay so much for the OTP, if end up higher and you don't want then won't lose much.

As to how much CPF you need, it's more of a matter how much you can loan from HDB, but would be good to have 10% of the resale price in CPF so you don't have to top-up with cash.
Anonymous said…
Hi, my spouse is not PR or SC. Can I apply BTO/EC with my parent? My current flat is under my name and my parent name. My parent is the occupant.


If you are SC, and your parent is also SC/PR, you can apply BTO/EC together with your parent, your wife can be occupant.
Anonymous said…
Hi, thanks for the reply.
Yes my parent is a SC. oh so I able to use my name and my parent name.... That is a good piece of news. Cos one agent told me if I am already married I have to use my name and my spouse's. If so, then I will not be able to purchase BTO/EC. As my spouse s not aPR or a SC. If able to use my parent's name then it will be good.
Anonymous said…
For LTVP holder, when return to home country for short stay, is there a maximum period of time of stay and need to return to spore?

There is no such rule, the only limitation is the validity of your LTVP, just remember to renew your LTVP before you leave SG.
Anonymous said…
Im married to SC last 2015 ROM. now i discovered he already have a keys of his bto last nov 2015 with a sc gf. What will happened to his bto.
SK said…
Hi Anonymous,
Depends on which scheme did your husband subscribe to during the purchase of his BTO.
is it under "Single SC age abv 35 year old 3room bto or fiance/fiancee scheme"
if its Single SC abv 35yrs old, don't think its a problem.

But if it's under the fiance/fiancee scheme, which registered occupiers are himself and his ex-gf, by right he needs to submit proof of marriage within 6 mths upon collection of keys. If unable to, HDB will recall the flat as he did not/will not be able to fulfil the pre-requisites.

Anonymous said…
Im a foreigner married to singaporean. he told me his family dont like me and he never introduce me to them in almost 4yrs of our relationship until we got married. I pressure my 32yr.old husband to have a meet up with his mother to be sure that he is telling the truth that his family really dont like me. Then he brought me to a coffeeshop where i met his mother. She just looked at me. No words came fr. Her. She just listen. To me.also my husband bto will be delivered to him this dec. But her mother told him that they will live there and they dont want me to see the flat. I dont care about the bto.i rent a flat where we my husband and i stay. My husband stayed with me only 2 a week the most is 3x a week. He reasoned out that her mother wants him to still go home to them. What can you advise me to do. Thanks.
I think it's better for you to talk to your husband on your concerns, because nobody else will be able to give you a better answer.
chrono said…
Hi, you say that as long you have baby who is Singaporean can apply bto with your foreign spouse, so am I able to apply a 4 room flat or is limited to 2 rm flat only?
Hi chrono,

You can apply with your Singaporean baby, not limit to 2-room, can apply 3-room or larger.
Anonymous said…
Hi, im tring to get a 3 rooms sales of balance flats under HDB wife and child is a foreigner. I also taking my parents along. My mother is sc but my father is foreigner. Am i eligible for the 3 room flats under sales of balance excercise. Pls kindly help and advice me on the outcome. Thanks

If you buy with your mother then should be eligible, can call HDB to confirm.
Anonymous said…

Would my SC child be able to apply for BTO in the future if I were to him in my BTO application now?
Thank you so much in advance.

Yes, he would be able to, now if you add him he is occupier if he is not yet 21 years old. But you can still form a family nucleus with him and buy BTO, provided you and him are Singaporean.
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Anonymous said… husband are foreign n still haven't get Singaporean a full time housewife with one kid born in Singapore.Am I be able to apply Bto if I'm not working?Only my spouse working.Advise plz..appreciate.

You can apply with your Singaporean child. All the best!
Unknown said…
Hi marrythai,..

I am married to my wife foreign,i am not working but got la work abit as uber eats rider,after my cpf stop now for 2 mth and previous work with my company as window cleaner for 4yrs with salary of 2.7k permth but been terminated..sad.(i know hdb reject me becoz of the pay right?).currently both of us is 33 this year..go to mp's countless times and hdb pleading hoping they will rent us L shape rental flat but being rejected as always last being kick out of rent room..and hv no place to stay as jobless now...u think i can applyfor rental L flat?as my wife now is under LTVP pass +...and her salary is 1300$
Hi Unknown,

According to HDB website rental flat only available to SC/SC or SC/SPR so you and your wife don't qualify because she is holding LTVP+.

Do you have SC child? If have then should be able to get.

Anyway now staying where? Can consider renting room in open market.
Hi Unknown,

By the way have you tried to contact MSF Comcare? Can call this number: 1800-222-0000

Try and see what they offer first. No home very difficult.
Adilnayod said…
Can i check eg. if the bto is 300k. hdb loan 150k for single person,100k cpf and balance 50k is cash. That 50k balance can i use bank loan? I just got confuse with this two loans and if its possible to use together. Any suggestion of banks to loans with low interest rates?
Unknown said…
my wife is pr now and we r waiting for our key this coming dec.and thing turn sour might be divorce. can i use my daughter name to slot in for my bto?
Hi Unknown,

Sorry to hear about your situation. I hope there is still a way to recover, after you have a child so it is not good for the child in the long run.

By the way recently I went for my BTO flat selection, one of the criteria is I cannot change the applicant info. I believe you and your wife are the applicants, so if there is a change, I think very likely will not be able to get the BTO flat. But best is to confirm with HDB.

Take care.

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