28 May 2013

Triple Confirmed, My Wife is Pregnant

So she took a test on 25 May, the test line on the test kit was vaguely pink so we weren't very sure. This morning, she did the test again, the line was clearer and to be even more sure, we went to Tampines Polyclinic, and when we reached there, I saw the renovation works and suddenly I remember it's closed until June, damn, so we went to a nearby GP instead.

Test result for this morning

We ran the test again at the GP, I thought he was going to use something different, actually it's the same kind of technology, just different brand, and same result, positive, so he wrote a letter for us to go back to polyclinic because they have my wife's prescription and medical records and he also mentioned that since my wife is on Warfarin, her case is much more complexed and it's beyond what he can do, that we can understand; we've seen doctors in polyclinic who scratched their heads when dealing with my wife's case.

I think he is a very nice guy, at first he said no consulation fee will be collected since there's nothing he can do for us, but we were there for the pregnancy test so at least there's something he can do for us. We paid S$15 for consultation and S$15 for the pregnancy test, total S$30, well, at least we are sure now.

And then we went to the polyclinic in Outram, the doctor also said she can't do anything for us, she refunded our consultation fee of S$39.40 and she told us to book an appointment at any of the Gynae in Singapore, oh well, appointment confirmed on 31 May at SGH, let's see.

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