Appointment at SGH High Risk Clinic

We saw the doctor today at the High Risk Clinic, it's at level 2, right above the O&G centre. We were there early at 9.15am, on time for our appointment, luckily there wasn't any waiting. There was one doctor and two other personnel offering input, I'm not really sure who they are though, but I think they are doctors too, maybe different specialisation. Anyway, it all came down to understanding more about my wife's heart surgery which was done in Thailand and they really don't have any info on it. They needed to know exactly which valve was replaced because it makes a difference. So the doctor arranged for a Echocardiography session, also to be done in SGH but at Block 4.

After lunch, we went for the "echo" session (short for Echocardiography), it took almost an hour and I was instructed to wait outside, so I have no idea about the process. After that, we were told that the heart doctor wanted to speak to us. She told us that my it was my wife's aortic valve that was replaced, and it is a metal valve. She also said that my wife's heartbeat seems irregular, probably due to the Digoxin, and also that my wife do not need to take diuretics, so she will inform the gynae to take those two out of her medication. She also said that my wife's replaced valve seems narrow, putting her at high risk pregnancy at best, worse case could be severely high risk, all depending on the narrowness of the valve. But she can't advise further as she needed to know exactly what kind of valve was put in, the size and etc.

Finally, we were told to bring along whatever documentation that we have on that surgery and come back to O&G to see the gynae again, and she will advise again. The next appointment is on 05 Jun at SGH O&G.

So today I paid,
S$84.53 for repeat consultation under senior consultant.
S$478.00 for the "echo". (yes you read that correctly, four hundred and seventy eight Singapore dollars)

I feel quite overwhelmed though, the amount seems to get higher and higher, not sure if I can manage, got to be thriftier than ever but it's not all about the money, the session with the heart doctor really dampened my mood, all the risk talk really makes me worried, but we'll see how it goes...


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