10 June 2013

Appointment at SGH O&G High Risk Clinic Again

Today we went back to the HRC and wow, there seems to be more and more people attending to our case. There were 5 doctors and 2 nurses, seems like a really big deal. Anyway, they did the usual thing, ask how my wife is, so I told them she's feeling nauseous all the time and the senior doctor said it's normal due to hormonal changes and it's a good sign. I also told them about the dark red blood that stained my wife's pantyliner, at first one of the nurses looked worried when I said it happened everyday and I tried to tell them it's not really a lot of blood, it's just one thick red line. I thought it's normal because I did a research on the internet and found that it happened to many pregnant women in their first trimester but I found it difficult to say it out, I mean the pantyliner and blood, just so weird.

So they quickly put my wife on the ultrascan, I think they did the usual electronic penis thing but I'm not sure as this time round, I was sitting outside the curtain since there were so many people inside. The scan took a while and the senior doctor went in to ask if it was viable, I think he was referring to whether the pregnancy was viable, and I was really glad when someone said yes, and they can detect another heartbeat. After the scan the doctor said that no matter what, I should make sure my wife gets the injection on time, and also, he will prescribe some medication for nausea and for stabilizing the pregnancy. Phew, so far so good.

After the consultation, we went for a blood test (Anti XA Assay), it was to test whether the Heparin injection dosage is sufficient. We also have an appointment on 28 Jun.

So today I paid,
S$202.27 for repeat consultation under senior consultant (79 before gst) and Anti XA Assay (110.04 before gst).
S$60.30 for:

  • 70 tablets of Pyridoxine HCL 10MG per tablet - 8.40 before gst.
  • 63 tablets of MetoCLOPramide 10MG per tablet - 7.56 before gst.
  • 28 tablets of Dydrogesterone 10MG per tablet - 38.92 before gst.
  • 30 tablets of Folic Acid 5MG per tablet - 1.50 before gst.

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