Degree Holder Earn S$1000 More, Maybe


The poly grad is saying a degree holder earns S$1000 more, at least in the financial industry. Looking at my own salary, I think it don't just apply to financial, I'm in the IT line. If I didn't have a degree, my salary now would probably be S$2300, but I'm now drawing S$3300. But it really depends on which industry, which company and the company size, and if your working in a big company, a degree is a must have, and it makes a lot of difference in terms of salary, and it also helps a lot with promotion, but of course I'm not saying it's a sure win ticket, work performance is important too, can't expect the employer to employ only the paper. For small companies, I don't think they really care much about your qualification as long as you can solve their problems, but of course, don't expect a high salary.

I think it's good to think hard before going for that degree, and if money is not a problem, no harm having it, but if you are like me, coming from a low income family, having to pay for it if I want to have a degree, you better think hard. I knew my company takes paper qualification seriously, that's why I took a loan just to get it, in the end, it paid off. Fact is, if I don't have a degree, I'll probably be able to hit S$3000 a month by the year 2019, cold hard truth. But some people I know, they are not fully utilizing their degree, or worse, their degree didn't make any difference, might as well throw that S$30,000 or so into stocks, at least they'll get dividends. What I'm trying to say is, if you are sure it will help you, then go for it, don't do a paper chase for nothing, or you could end up poorer for nothing.

I heard of all kinds of reasons for people going for a degree, most are good, some are really stupid. I heard of this guy going for a degree because his girlfriend is a degree holder, all for the sake of wanting to feel equal, it's like spending money on ego.

And this other guy, going for a business degree because he wants to start a business, in the end, no business, no job, ended up helping out at his parents place. Well, if he would invest those money he wasted on his degree, he'll probably have a small business by now.

One more guy, took a degree, can't stay on any job for long, he runs an association though, earns some membership fees but it's really not much, I think if he spent those degree money on expanding his association, he would probably earn so much more by now, probably would be running a private limited instead.

The list just goes on and on, if you want to get a degree, first ask yourself this question, can you earn back that money using your degree? If no, forget it, unless money is not a problem to you.


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