Didn't Get Any Notice to Pay Income Tax

I remember last year around the month of May, I received a notice to make payment for income tax but this year, it's already June and I haven't got any notice. I just logged into mytax.iras.gov.sg and I can see that my income tax is S$0.00, which is good. Last year I paid about S$117 or S$107, can't remember. It was annoying because I already paid so much GST, transport hikes, price inflation of goods, just about the price of everything went up last year.

I wish my salary can grow as fast as our inflation but it will never happen, never ever, that's why everybody is complaining. I think the biggest inflation is at housing and cars. Now that they have changed the loan rules, cars have suddenly become unaffordable for many people, but I think it's ok because Singapore is not a big place, it's very possible to get around without a car, but note that it's not because our public transport system is awesome, it's simply because Singapore is tiny. If you put our kind of standard on a bigger place, I can tell you our system will fail without doubt, you know why? Management fail. Our style of management is "wait for problem to appear then try to solve", there is no such thing as contingency planning, everything is last minute.

Sigh, what a boring night.


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