22 June 2013

Got a Great Bonus and Increment

I was expecting at most 2 months of bonus and 3% salary increment, and I got 3.2 months of bonus and 5.4% increment instead. Our company had a good financial year, and I think it's really nice of them to give back to employees. I also think it's nice of them to answer the government's call to increase employees salary, although I don't really fall under the low-income bracket, but I have my wife dependent on me, furthermore she's now pregnant, and she's a foreigner so everything is going to be very costly. I was still worrying about the coming medical bills so this big "ang pao" is really going to help. Finally a load off my mind, I think I can focus more on my job, it's not easy having to worry about things at work and at home.

And since I have 1.2 months extra, probably see what stock I can get with it, always invest the extra cash!


Anonymous said...

Hi, came across your blog by chance. I have a Thai girlfriend too, going strong for 3 years now. I was wondering did you have your wedding in Singapore or Thailand? And how much roughly did it cost you?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi, we didn't do the ceremony, or dinner or anything spectacular, we ROM at home, held a humble reception, that's it. So it didn't really cost much, oh, the only costly thing was the interpreter's fees, $200 for declaration at ROM, and a $100 or S150 ang pao when the interpreter came to my home.

Anonymous said...

my friend earn 3500 per month and roughly do the same s u ( give wife n mum $ etc), but he got sent back $ to his wife family monthly......u no need ma? no offend just curious n he say he struggling and is a culture thing.

i thought of getting a thai wife, but after hearing of needing to give monthly to wife side i faint, how to give me only 3200...really culture ma?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Before me and my wife got married, we already talked about this, she doesn't expect me to take care of her family, anyway they don't need me, they are farmers, have their own land, they can well survive by themselves, anyway, I was only earning S$2200 at that time, don't have much to give even if they wanted me to. So, I haven't send a single cent to them. The only thing that I paid was the sinsod, and when I visited, I pay for mostly everything at first, but as time goes by, they treated me like family, so they also started to pay for things. They know I'm not a rich guy, but trust me, they expect all foreign guys to be rich, but as time goes by, you bond with them, they know you well, they don't really care anymore.

Culture thing, maybe, I heard from my wife that in her village, there are foreign guys who send money back for maintenance, for building house, buying land, car and etc, and there's this Malaysian guy working in Singapore but his wife is living in my wife's hometown, he sends back about 40,000 baht a month to his wife and her child, by the way, the child is from her previous relationship. But take note that this guy is earning close to S$7000, and his wife knows that, so maybe telling her wife exactly how much he earns isn't such a good idea, know what I'm saying.

Sinsod is a tradition, like our dowry, I have no issue with that as long as it's within my limits, but monthly maintenance to her family, I can't really say, maybe most foreign guys do that so it becomes a culture. If you are wondering, I promised a 300,000 baht sinsod, by the way, I still owe 135,000, her mom is okay with installments, and I only pay when I visit, which is about once a year, and it's been almost 3 years since our marriage.

Find a Thai wife who doesn't need you to take care of her family, I'm a living example.