Hello Kitty Craze? More Like Herd Mentality


The article mentions the S$126,000 black Hello Kitty bid on ebay. I don't think anybody with a functioning brain would pay for that, more like the seller was a victim of fake bidding. I did a search on ebay sorted by highest price first, I laughed at what was presented in front of me...

Now let's sort by lowest price first...

Still ridiculous
The lowest price is S$12.50, the toy was originally priced at S$4.60 by McDonald's, it is now 171% more expensive, ultra-inflated pricing, but still, there are 9 bidders, it might even go higher since there's still about 2 days before the bid ends.

Look at this, S$155.50 with 3 bids...

Would you pay S$155.50 for a soft toy?
I wonder if the bidder will honor the deal since there are cheaper deals available.

Let's be realistic, there's really nothing attractive about this soft toy, obviously profiteers have a good reason, but why the heck then would everyone else queue for it? Ever notice when people starts queuing at a particular food stall, more people will follow, but you know the food there isn't really that awesome, I bet most people experienced this.

And when your at the pedestrian crossing, it's not green man, but when one person started crossing, everybody else follow, in some cases, they don't even look out for incoming traffic, they simply follow blindly.

Or when your at the train station, nobody is taking the lift for handicap people, but when one person moves towards there, everybody else follow.

Or when somebody did something not nice but nobody wants to speak up, but when one person speaks up, suddenly everybody started speaking up.

Very strange huh.


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