28 June 2013

Interesting IQ Test

IQ Test
QuickIQTest.net - IQ Test

You have reached 10 points and your IQ is: 117 
IQ Score Table
PointsLevelIQ RangeDescription
20Genius140+You are probably a genius.
16 - 19Gifted130 - 139You have a unique imagination and logical mind.
10 - 15Above average115 - 129You have a good imagination and logical mind.
6 - 9Higher average102 - 114You have an average imagination and logical mind.
3 - 5Lower average90 - 101
0 - 2Below average70 - 89You have a below average imagination and logical mind.

I got 117 according to the website, guess I'm not as stupid as I think I am haha... Go ahead and try, but don't take it too seriously, if you get a low score it doesn't mean the end of the world, the website says that IQ can be improved, I think maybe lazy people would get low points, but it doesn't mean that they are stupid, some smart people are just lazy to think, and I know such people.

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