Markings at MRT Station Won't Work


Maybe it will in other countries, but not in Singapore, and I can guarantee that. Most people here simply don't give a damn, when they want to go in, they WILL go in, and it's not like we don't already have markings, yeah maybe people will behave before the train arrives but when it does, look at those animals, hungry for seats or rushing to paradise, be it old, young, professional, blue-collar, the most disgusting are those well-dressed animals, some are even good looking women, just look at how they squeeze their asses into the train, unsightly.

But nowadays I do notice people forming queues at Raffles Place, starting to spread to City Hall and Tanjong Pagar, I have to say there are still people who are willing to do everything in an orderly manner, which is commendable, but there are always those few idiots who ruin the whole show, people queue up, these idiots walk into the middle like nobody's business.

Or look at our bus terminals, don't we have those railings to define the queue? Some people don't queue, they shamelessly cut right in. You see, the problem is not with the system, we have a system in place, but we also have idiots who don't adhere to the system, which makes everything pointless.

Well, the government did try to go the campaign route, for decades, but obviously it didn't work so well, people are still ungracious, this makes me think of Thailand, you know, people there are very automatic, you don't get people bumping into you, cutting your path, cutting the queue or refusing to give way, in fact, people there always give way to people, you can jaywalk and cars will stop for you, but here in Singapore, it's totally different, you will most likely get madly horned at, and it's such a shame that we need markings, rules, campaigns just to make people play nice and the worse thing is after so much effort, people are still so selfish.

Oh this morning I had a lady walking right into me and then glared at me, I was just standing there waiting for the green light to cross, not like I'm blocking the entire path, there's so much free space to my left and right and she had to walk right into me and gave me a GTFO look, what the fish? But it's all normal, I get this kind of nonsense on a daily basis, welcome to Singapore.

And yesterday, me and my wife were at Sheng Siong getting some groceries, I was lifting the basket and was going to place it on the counter and this guy cut right in with 2 packets of chicken, wow, f*cking awesome, sigh, but being such a nice person, I let him go first and he didn't even look at me, no thank you no nothing, sigh... I really can't remember the last time I met a nice stranger, people these days are simply too holed up in their own world. If anyone will read this, please, there's nothing wrong with our system, the problem is we have a bad culture, that's it.


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