Singapore Urged Indonesia to Provide Company Names That Allow Slash-And-Burn Farming

Yesterday I read on a blog or Facebook post, can't remember where but it was saying that Indonesia was blaming Singapore and Malaysia for the haze, they were saying that it was companies from both countries which started the fires due to slash-and-burn practice in farming. The following news seems to prove what I read was right because I thought it was ridiculous to blame other countries for fires in their own country, I thought it was just another troll post because it sounds so stupid.


Singapore's worst air pollution sparks tension

2013-06-19 16:53:36

Singapore's worst air pollution in 16 years sparked diplomatic tension on Tuesday, as the city-state urged Indonesia to provide data on company names and concession maps to enable it to act against plantation firms that allow slash-and-burn farming.

Don't you think it's stupid? Even if it was companies from other countries which started the fires, they are still within Indonesia's legislation, am I right? That means, Indonesia should enforce their laws on these companies and not wait until everything blows out of proportion, which is what is happening right now. but it seems like they don't give a damn, and not as if their citizens are unaffected, in fact, they are hit harder than us, some places were reporting 400 PSI, you can just google "haze" and you'll get tons of results.

Just what is the world is their government thinking? Mind-boggling.


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