This Gain City Really Cannot Make it

Yesterday they came to fix my aircon gas leak problem, we waited one month just for that, their customer service staff and their technician promised it'll all be fixed once and for all, guess what, yeah we did enjoy ONE night of cooling and tonight, it's not cold again. WOW.

So what are they going to say now, they came up with all sorts of excuse to delay the servicing and when the time comes, they didn't really fix it, I thought they said they will order spare part, yesterday they only did welding, what the heck?

If anyone reading this is thinking of buying from Gain City, well, we did enjoy coolness for almost two years, but unfortunately it had to break down, and when it breaks down, the after sales support felt like non-existent, yeah they do answer your calls, respond to your mail, but they just cannot fix the problem. So if you want to buy, you better pray hard it doesn't break down.

Now I'm going to look at the servicing agreement and see what I can use to file a complaint.


After checking on the warranty, we have a 5 years warranty on electrical and mechanical parts, labor and transport, exclude servicing and remote control, and also a 3 year full warranty on installation which covers against poor worksmanship, so that means we are still covered.

Now the question is, let's say if everything was installed properly, how would there be a gas leak? My aircon was installed on 26 Jul 2011 and it failed on 11 May 2013, that's about 1 year and 9 months. As mentioned in my earlier aircon post, my colleague has been using Daikin (also installed by them) for 3 years, he never did any cleaning or whatnot and it runs fine.

Source 1
What causes Aircon Gas Leak?
Your aircon shouldn't leak gas at all; if it was properly set up, gas will not leak even after 10-20 years!
Source 2
Unknown to many people, air conditioners do not take up refrigerant (commonly known as Freon), as a car would take up oil. The truth is, under ideal conditions, changing or filling up of refrigerant is really not necessary. A low gas level means that in all likelihood, there is a small leakage somewhere in the system, which should be first repaired before re-topping with gas. Almost all recently produced air conditioners have connections that are welded to prevent leaks. Older units, on the other hand, have mechanically connected fittings which over the years, tend to be loosened by vibrations that then results in leakages, followed by air conditioning system failure.
Source 3
Which air conditioner brand is better and causes fewer problems?
Although there are many brands of air conditioner in the market right now, they have similar function. Every brand has a few air conditioner models that they are good in. There is no particular brand that we can recommend which is better than the rest. One very important point to note is that the installation of the air condition plays an important role when it comes to having problem like water and gas leaking. With good installation, the occurrence of these problems can be kept at a minimal level.

Oh, and I just logged a case using their online booking system, and boy were they fast to call, bet when they saw it failed after just one night they panicked a bit, and they were really apologetic, and they said they will come down again on this Thursday, I'll see what they can do. One last chance for them, no more waiting, I didn't pay a few thousand dollars to use the aircon for 1 year and 9 months and then wait one full month for a servicing which didn't solve my problem.


Unknown said…
A month of waiting for AC repairs? How did you manage to cool yourselves during those days? Hmm. Four months passed already, and I hope your repairmen finished the job already. It's hard to survive the scourging heat, you know. :)

Clarence Corlett @

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