Why Are Some People So Oblivious to Their Surroundings?

Why? Is it because they don't give a damn or they simply didn't notice or what, they are on drugs? I don't expect them to grow eyes on their back but is it that difficult to turn your head and take a glance? Just look at escalators, I thought it's a general consensus that if one is not moving, keep to the left and leave the right side free for people who wish to move on faster? Does it even make any sense when your the only one standing on the right and blocking the entire path? Or worse still, there exists some idiots who will stand right in the middle, put their hands on the handrails on both sides, what the heck?

And talking about escalators, those at MRT comes to my mind, those of you who have been to Tampines MRT station after office hours should know it's very crowded, when the train doors open, everybody will rush out to the escalators, some even sprint, now my question is, why the rush? I know maybe some of them are really in a rush to settle something, I can understand that but there are some that after rushing to the escalator, they take their own sweet time to stroll down, or worse still, they stop moving and block the way, you know, instead of keeping to the left, they stand on the right and block the entire path, you can see the whole line of people blocked by one person, what the heck, if this person would turn his/her head around and take a look at how many people he/she has blocked, maybe this person would feel ashamed.

Don't tell me that person is sick, or on medicine or whatnot, please, if this person can rush/sprint in front, I don't see why this same person cannot move down the escalator faster, or at least keep to the left. I've seen it many times, so much so that I focus on those who rush, and then I look at how they get down the escalator, I can tell you most just take their own sweet time, which tells me they actually rush just for the sake of rushing, just for the sake of getting in front, just for the sake of winning, truly f*cking pathetic.


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