Be Careful with Starhub *138# Connecting Tone Service

Today I noticed an additional S$2.00 charged to my wife's mobile line and we have no idea what it is for, but I remember several months back they charged the same thing, I called them up and they waived and cancelled the charge for me. I also told them not to sign me up for it again.

G Premium Services
       Connecting Tones Basic      1Dwlds      $2.0000

I called Starhub customer service again and they told me it's a service whereby all callers to the number will get to listen to some music, I asked the staff why my wife's number was signed up again when she didn't do anything, the staff said maybe we re-contracted but I told him that was quite a while back (about 8 months back), but anyway he waived and cancelled the charge for me.

Then I wondered why I don't get auto-subscribed since I'm also using a Starhub mobile line, so I checked up on the service and found some information here, there are actually 4 ways to subscribe to the service,

How do I subscribe to Connecting Tones service?
If you are already a Prepaid/Postpaid StarHub Mobile customer, you can subscribe to Connecting Tones service via any of the following methods:

  1. Dial the Connecting Tones Hotline number at 9380 0000^;
  2. Dial *138# and press SEND; or
  3. Contact our Customer Service Consultants at 1633.
  4. If you are not a StarHub Mobile customer yet, when applying for your new mobile line, you can subscribe to the Connecting Tones service at any StarHub Shop or StarHub Exclusive Partner outlet.
Number 2 is the most suspicious, and according to this page, after dialing *138#, I should receive a confirmation SMS, so I checked my wife's call history and SMS log but I couldn't find anything. Then I checked her phone book and to my surprise I found a SH Call Tones entry with the number *138#, it's saved in the SIM, then I checked my phone and found the same entry, I think it comes with the SIM card.

Could my wife have accidentally dialed the number? But what about the confirmation SMS? Shouldn't it let us confirm whether to sign up or not, then why else would it be called a "confirmation"? Anyway I have deleted that entry from her phone book, that's why I don't like touch screen phone, sometimes accidental dialing does happen, we'll see if it will happen again.


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