21 July 2013

Blogger Dynamic Views Generates More Page Views

Yeah, but that doesn't mean I have more traffic, no wonder after I switched to my Simple template, I noticed a sharp drop in page views, actually it's just the way Dynamic views records page views.

According to this Blogger Help post,

If you enable Dynamic Views for your blog, you might notice an increase in pageviews. The reason for this is that Dynamic Views provides more specific information about actions on your blog. Specifically, every click to a post is recorded as a pageview. If a reader clicks on 10 posts, you’ll see those clicks recorded as 10 pageviews. In a traditional Blogger template, if a reader enters your blog once, they can scroll through ten blog posts in a single pageview. So while it may appear that traffic to your blog has increased, it's more likely that Blogger is simply recording more accurate data about your blog than was possible in the past.

That means if a visitor clicks on 10 posts, the Dynamic view records 10 page views while in a normal template like my current Simple template, it only records 1 view, that's a whole lot of difference, no wonder my page views dropped like around 80-90%, but actually the number of visitors remain the same lol...

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