30 July 2013

Bought Ticket for My Wife to Go Back to Thailand

She will be leaving on 01 Aug, I know it's kind of rush but no choice because she is supposed to see the Haematologist at SGH on 02 Aug for her INR test as she is now back to Warfarin. The doctor in Thailand who operated on her will only be around on Tuesdays, so I'm trying to make sure she can get back home as soon as possible so she will have enough time to settle down and go see that doctor, and I'm also looking forward to this doctor's opinion.

When my wife did her valve replacement surgery in 2010, the total cost including hospitalization in a 6-bedded room (like our B2 ward) for 12 days is more than 600,000 Thai Baht before any form of subsidy, let's just put it at 700,000 since we are going to compare with today's money.

Yesterday the Cardiologist told me that a valve replacement procedure may cost between 30,000 to 50,000 Singapore Dollars, let's just take 30,000, and as for hospitalization charges, let's just say we stay in a B2 ward, according to this link, a Resident Foreigner daily B2 ward charges in SGH is S$239.68 (inclusive of GST). If she stays for 12 days it will be 239.68 * 12 = S$2876.16. Total cost would be 30,000 + 2876.16 = S$32876.16, and I'm not sure if the 30,000 has GST included.

Resident Foreigner B2 Ward Charges in SGH

So 700,000 Thai Baht is S$28430.50 as of 30 Jul 2013, it's a S$4445.66 difference.

Due to my wife's condition, she received some sort of certificate from the King of Thailand which grants her huge subsidy for surgical procedures and hospitalization charges for the rest of her life. Her mom paid slightly over 60,000 Thai Baht, I think it's at least an 85% subsidy, which is a big deal, but in Singapore, zero subsidy, where am I going to get that kind of money, and we are only talking about 12 days of hospitalization, 90 days would be S$21571.20, oh and I just realized I put the wrong amount in my previous post, but whatever, S$1571.20 seems so small when we are talking about a 5-figure sum.


Anonymous said...

May I know what is the condition where Thai King will grant such certificate? Seems like a very compassionate country unlike Singapore

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

My wife told me that when she was in primary school, she suffered an infection to her aortic heart valve and she has been sickly ever since. She has an elder brother, their father left when they were young and times were very difficult.

Queen Sirikit of Thailand is a lady of great kindness and truly cares for the less privileged. The Queen goes around to visit and granted such certificates to the poor and sickly so that they too can afford healthcare that they needed.

Anonymous said...

How our wish our ruling government has such civic-mindedness.