06 July 2013

Google Chrome Still Freezes On a Daily Basis

I made a post saying that it was fixed but actually it still happens every day after I applied the fix, just that I didn't really test it out thoroughly and I got so fed up that I switched to Firefox. To be honest, Firefox just isn't as fast as Chrome, the speed difference and smoothness are miles apart. The other problem with Firefox is the screen tearing, it's very obvious when scrolling long pages, not a big problem but it bugs me sometimes.

So recently I did a clean re-installation of my Windows 7 64-bit, just wanted to start anew, clear away the junk, and I thought it was a good time to go back to using Chrome,  I thought the freezing would be gone since everything is new, but to my disappointment, it still happens. I'm using Windows 7 32-bit at work, and it runs perfectly, no problem at all and it struck me that the problem could have something to do with my 64-bit OS, so I did a search based on that and found this.

Those guys were having similar problem in Windows 7 64-bit and this Mike4120 poster had a fix,

Mike4120 Mar 27, 2013 at 12:39 AM
It's been driving me mad too!

I found one fix that seems to work for me (at least so far) - try opening chrome:flags and disabling GPU-composting and Threaded composting

Just to clarify, it's GPU compositing and Threaded compositing.

I just applied the fix, I hope it works.

Update: Unfortunately, this does not work as well... that's it, bye bye Google Chrome.

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