22 July 2013

GST Voucher - Cash Should be Based on Per Capita Household Income

This would extend more help to those with children because Singaporeans under the age of 21 are not eligible for the cash component, and most Singaporeans that age are usually studying or serving national service, or even if they work part-time, there's also a limit to how much they can contribute to the family.

It will benefit families with kids, like my co-worker, he has 3 kids under the age of 21, I'm not sure whether his wife is working or whether she is eligible for the cash component but he for sure is not eligible because his assessable income is over the limit of S$24000.

If I make a wild guess, let's say his total monthly household income is S$5000 and divided by 5 would be S$1000 per capita. As for me, my total monthly household income is S$3480 and divided by me and my wife would be S$1740, so actually I'm having an easier time than him. It's ok for me to not get the cash component since we obviously still can manage but as for him, he has a tougher time because the spending on his children are also affected by GST.

This coming 8th August is a super long weekend due to Hari Raya Puasa and National Day falling on Thursday and Friday, his children are very happy, kids are always happy during holidays, but this co-worker of mine has a headache, his kids are begging him to bring them to Genting, he can't reject them, I can tell from his face he is quite stressed over it, he even called GST Voucher department to ask why he couldn't get the cash.

Our government don't have eyes and ears everywhere, but here I am making a suggestion, I hope someone will consider what I have written.

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