Kurt Tay Spent S$4000 on Breast Enlargement... What?!?


Actually I didn't know about him until I saw that video of him singing "Nong Nong Ago" in Singapore Idol audition, and that was a few months back.

Anyway I thought he was a gutsy person, maybe with more practice he could do better, but I think the problem is his tongue, seems to be hindering his pronunciation, that aside, he's got the guts to go on TV with that standard, no serious, if it was me, I don't think I would even dare to sing to myself, not to mention in front of the nation, singing 0/5, guts 5/5.

This news of him going for the breast augmentation was shocking, I saw his YouTube videos yesterday and I thought it was all a joke, you know, like Steven Lim, he can get crazy sometimes but at the end of each video, I know it's just a show for entertainment, but this boob job, and the news, it's all real, the boob job in Bangkok, C-cup some more... It's beyond comprehension. I wonder what Steven Lim has to say about this.

According to the news report, Kurt is said to be a guy who wants to have boobs, he wants to get married eventually, so that means he is straight, now that's the mind-boggling part, why would a straight man want to have boobs??? Boobs are a feminine feature, in my whole life, other than obese guys, trannys, I have never ever seen a man-looking person with boobs, C-cup boobs, WTF.

Or maybe I'm a frog in the well, somebody enlighten me please, and I'm seriously interested to hear more from Kurt himself, I bet it takes unimaginable courage to do it.


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