03 July 2013

Mob Bullying a MacDonald's Employee Over Hello Kitty


Based on what I understand from the video, seems like those men and a girl were offered 2 soft toys instead of 4 per person, they also claimed that they queued overnight, so? Does that give them the right to talk down to another person? Furthermore, that lady is merely an employee, she's just working for the company i.e. McDonald's, if they are not happy with the offer, and if they feel that they are not getting the justice that they think they deserved, they could always bring it up to McDonald's HQ, it's just an email or phone call away, what's the point of making things difficult for the employee?

Nobody forced them to queue overnight for some stupid soft toys, these idiots don't deserve anything, they are a disgrace, they even have the cheek to threaten to bring in the media, what are they going to show? Show the nation or maybe even show the world how stupid and ugly Singaporeans are? These losers should just stay out of sight so they can stop embarrassing our nation.

And even if McDonald's decided to limit 2 soft toys per customer, it's up to them, it's their company, it's their policy, take it or leave it or bring it up, it's that simple, no use yelling and screaming at someone who was just following a directive. And I don't see McDonald's guaranteeing that every customer will get 4 per person.

I'm also very sure that our 150 policemen have better things to do than to go down there and waste their time with a bunch of losers.

One guy said this, "We are paying customers you know, you settle the issue with us before you carry on", so what else is there to settle? The lady made it clear since the beginning, 2 per person, period. He choose to queue overnight, he set his expectation at getting 4 soft toys even though McDonald's clearly meant that one person may get up to 4. So she will go when she wish, who is this guy to restrict her, a man saying that to a woman, what a loser.

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